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Introduction of the service

Million things to attend and my HR dept. is the messiest one to handle…

My business productivity has affected and with that revenue has taken a steep troll…tried correcting end number of times but there is one or the other problems coming up taking my most of the time.

Some suggest outsourcing HR, some suggest to upgrade my HR department by recruiting more professionals …the list of suggestion is endless. I am not so keen to hire manpower; thinking to get an automated system.

The additional expenditure incurred for establishing and running HR department has haywire my balanced company expenditures. And it seems implementing HRMS is the most sensible idea.

In this competitive business world, achieving the business goals for a business organization is becoming quite difficult, but it is easy when it uses HRMS solutions that help them take control of HR data and automate key processes.

Features of HRMS

HRMS modules can assist with:

  • Managing payroll
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information
  • Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism
  • Performance evaluation
  • Benefits administration
  • Learning management
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee scheduling
  • Analytics and informed decision making

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It is a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

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Any organization that needs to keep track of a larger number of employees than they can handle with paper records or spreadsheets may be in need of a HR software application. Typically say, companies with greater than 30 active employees probably need to at least start looking into what is available within the HR software market.

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  • HRIS as a system used by human resources departments to track employees and information about them
  • An HRIS is often a database system or a series of inter-related databases
  • HRMS as a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package
  • HRMS software is more comprehensive than HRIS software.
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  • Manage Employees effectively
  • Fast payroll processing
  • Improved access to information
  • Accurate statutory reports
  • Helps in Appraisal
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  • Establish uniform processes that are based on recognized best business practices
  • Improved employee satisfaction
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Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, HRMS service provider provides training to your employees.

  • If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, they even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives.
  • They also have developed training videos where functionality and modules are explained in details; such videos are very well accepted and appreciated.
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  • It is helps to provide on-time, on target support to our all customers irrespective of where their branches or offices are located.
  • HRMS Service provider’s professionals can connect on your server on real time for any kind of support required or maintenance.
  • They offer annual maintenance programs that include technical support for your HRMS system
  • They also provide technical support on an individual incident basis.
  • HRMS service provider’s technical support staff is available to assist you with questions throughout the day, either by telephone or electronically.
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Depending on the type of HRMS software you choose for your organization, the cost varies. The software cost anything ranging from INR.15000/- . The type of HRMS also depends on the vendor you choose to buy from. If it is from “Big name” it is naturally to be costly.

However, there are outsourcing HRMS software service providers who can tailor made software for you.

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