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Get 360° view of a lead and decide the next action

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Introduction of the service

69% of the customers saw a return on the investment when implemented CRM Software. Are you yet to implement???

The software connects with your customers in a whole new way. With a single view of every customer interaction you can sell, service and market like never before.

If offers:

  • Actively tracks and manages customer information
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on leads
  • Delivers instant insights and recommendations
  • Extends and customises as your business grows
  • Intelligently captures customer emails

It Offers Customized Modules To Multiply Your Business

Sales Automation
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Real-time sales forecasting
  • Accurately track all business opportunities
  • Close more deals
Marketing Automation
  • Generate more leads by increasing traffic to my website
  • Run multi-channel campaigns
  • Supply data your business leaders needs
  • Target your audience more efficiently and spend your marketing dollars wisely
  • Find customers that exhibit specific interests and behaviors without ever speaking to them and build a lasting relationship
Email Automation
  • Capture emails to and from contacts
  • Record email in account timelines
  • Synchronizes in real-time
  • Works with the email client of your choice
Social CRM
  • Optimum customer engagement
  • Manage all your social conversations
  • Make real-time responses to posts
  • Move from sharing content to having conversations to closing deals
Mobile CRM
  • Take business decisions based on real-time reports
  • Access critical customer data on the GO
  • Accomplish more on any device
  • Anytime anywhere
Workflow Automation
  • Create a new process, where you’ll choose the record type to watch and how often to evaluate records.
  • Choose when evaluation criteria will be used.
  • Specify the order of operations in evaluation criteria
Lead Management
  • Streamline your new leads process
  • Create custom fields to fit your business
  • Capture leads from your website
  • Record interactions and notes in activities
Contact Management
  • Quickly categorize your contacts with tags
  • Centralized communication
  • Automatic social network integration
  • Organize your contacts exactly as you see fit

Benefits Of Choosing CRM Experts

Get more leads, close more deals & be quicker

Track your customer behavior and get repeat customers/clients

You can monitor and manage your business Anytime, from anywhere

Get connected to your customers seamlessly

Increases your customer loyalty and satisfaction

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The team is amazing. I would go as far as saying they provide the best service I have had from a company, ever

Mr. Agarwal, Business Owner

In the past, I would have to go check every email and try to remember everything about the deal. CRM Software brings that all in one spot.

Ms. Noori, HR Head

More Reasons To Choose Us?

Smart Contacts
Smart Insights
Smart Results


The software uses an integrated approach to store customer information. An all-in-one CRM has sales, marketing and service automation rolled into one. It automates interactions, provides business intelligence, and empowers sales reps to make the sales process smoother.

CRM Software helps startups and SMEs to take a swift start by stopping them to spend unnecessarily on installing and maintaining IT within the organization. Organization can efficiently take a note of its revenue growth without much expense.

t help increase sales team productivity, Build stronger customer relationships, Reduce costs, Enhanced communication, Easy access to lead intelligence, Get organized, Complete view of your customers, Improved sales reporting.

Every business has different needs and they have to set clear, achievable goals. Before you initiate a purchase, have a clear understanding of the objectives of your business and align your employees to your vision.

We believe that scaled pricing for limited features is contrary to a philosophy of customer service. Therefore, pricing is a competitive per user rate with no surprises. To know the pricing, get in touch with your relationship manager.

How can we help you?

At our job is to understand your service requirements in detail with the budget,location preference of vendor and time convenience for you to connect with the shortlisted vendors.

You will not have to discuss the same thing with multiple vendors . Instead you only explain your requirements to the Relationship Manager @ SMEJOINUP and get connected at your convenient time to relevant vendors.

Please fill in as much details as possible to get the right matching vendor

Step 1: Fill in your requirements

Step 2: Our Relationship Manager understands the requirements in detail over a call

Step 3: We connect you to the most relevant vendor at your convenient time

Step 4: If you are not satisfied with the vendor , we connect you to more vendors