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Email, SMS and Whatsapp Marketing

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Introduction of the service

Your marketing campaign sucks because you have difficulty in……

  • Understanding your target market and consumers
  • Do not know where and how to target your prospects
  • No idea of optimizing and testing your messaging and positioning
  • Generating and pipeline filled with quality leads
  • Creating marketing ROI by closing more deals on the leads being generated

Jump start your marketing…Want to generate more leads? Build market awareness? Don’t know where to start?

Your business needs fresh ideas……….Grow and segment your audience without limits, optimize your campaigns with easily and beautiful result driven outcomes.

Consumers are not simply exposed to new products or services as they enter a store or browse the internet any more. Multiple devices, platforms and social media channels surround them daily, or if I must be 100% correct, hourly; even every minute. We are exposed to a digital world filled with exciting new products, services and digital innovations.

Features of Email, SMS and Whatsapp Marketing

  • Instant deliverability
  • Flexible platform
  • Easily segment your list to send targeted follow-ups
  • Used in conjunction with web forms to grow your list
  • Instant opt-in, opt-out
  • Sending SMS for promotions, product launch, offers etc.
  • Sending marketing campaigns and SMS to boost your business
  • Make your message understandable and sufficient with 480 numbers of characters.
  • Seamlessly integrated with your contact management / CRM database
  • A video is worth a thousand words. Clarify your message by attaching a video or a photo through WhatsApp marketing.
  • Up-to-the minute campaign effectiveness reports
  • Easy-to-use tools to create, preview and send a message
  • Reach worldwide customers

  • The best way to build your database is to promote your mobile campaign through your existing promotional channels such as print, radio, television, internet, in-venue, packaged goods, and more.
  • Utilizing your existing marketing efforts is the best way to encourage customers to join your mobile campaign.
  • Your campaign message to consumers should be simple and can be added to the promotional material you are currently using.

For instance: Join Hollywood VIP Mobile Club to find out about hot upcoming events. Send the Word VIP to 70734 Now! *This is a free service; however standard text messaging charges by your wireless carrier may apply.

Additionally, you can create incentives such as free gifts, discounts, and special invites to encourage your customers to join your mobile campaign.

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SMS should be used in a communications mix as well as looking at how it can be used as part of a multi-channel strategy for engaging with customers across the customer lifecycle.

  • It is a direct immediate channel
  • It can support and integrated with other channels
  • You can learn more about your customers
  • You can use short codes to simplify the responses and build database
  • You can increase customer engagement
  • Response data enables to monitor, track and improve
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Rates vary by destination; and pricing varies for the country you're sending to. There is also a monthly cost for each SMS-enabled number. If you elect to use a short code, there are additional costs.

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  • Make sure it's Opt In. If the recipient didn't ask for it in the first place, the rest of the list management processes are irrelevant
  • Truth in advertising - State your policies and the nature of the bulk e-mail at the point of subscription. Tell the subscriber what to expect: how often, how big, what kind, what topics and content, etc.
  • Identify your company properly in the message itself and in Internet records. Use properly registered domains with working mail and web addresses
  • Keep your list current! Remove un-subscription requests and bounces promptly, as close to real-time as possible, no later than the same day
  • Respect what the recipient's server tells you. SMTP "5xy" codes mean "No!" Bouncing your mail off the filters but showing up in the logs, or resuming spamming after filter rules come down, is a sure-fire way to really annoy server operators and mailbox owners alike.
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Statistics show that if you’re sending your Email Marketing to business customers, the most effective time is at lunchtime in the middle of the week. For domestic and private recipients (customers) then the time will determine on the product and the service being advertised. Market research will help identify this.

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The prices of email marketing can fluctuate depending upon the features of the software. Many of the largest providers have plans which are completely free to use, but are limiting to a few small restrictions. With a well-designed campaign, the ROI (return on Investment) can make email marketing an incredibly economic and profitable exercise.

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Provided that your email list is built upon permission and opt-in activities, the average percentage of people who will visit your website from your email marketing is 7%. The average amount of people who will open your newsletter and read the contents is higher, at around 30%. This means that sending your emails out to 5,000 people, 1500 will read your message and 350 people will visit your website.

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  • 49% of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use messaging apps
  • 85% of adults are internet users and 67% are smartphone users
  • 59% of Instagram users, 27% of Pinterest users and 22% of LinkedIn users visit these platforms daily
  • 72% of online adults are Facebook users amounting to 62% of all adults

This clearly shows that not just today, text messaging has been a crucial part of all successful marketing campaigns. For these years, businessmen have already been convinced of the situation that messaging really helps in getting connected to the users more effectively.

Almost 50 billion messages are exchanged on a single day through WhatsApp every day offering an extensive user engaging experience much required for a sustainable sales process.

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  • WhatsApp Bulk Sender – It is desktop based WhatsApp software specifically devised for bulk marketing. It comprehends features identical to the original application that helps in sending bulk messages initiating a quick marketing. You can easily send texts, pictures, audio, video and vCard files using this tool. This software also helps you in filtering the contacts to sort out the active WhatsApp users out of them all.
  • WhatsApp Bulk Suite – This is a web-based WhatsApp marketing tool which is used to send WhatsApp messages in multiple formats like audio, video, text, GPS Hotspot, Contact card to an infinite number of WhatsApp users.
  • WhatsApp Marketing Services – It is designed specifically to manage different strategies of WhatsApp marketing for small and medium level businesses.
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