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Introduction of the service

Civil lawsuits and litigation procedure arise out of disputes between people, businesses, or other entities, including government entities.

Civil lawsuits generally proceed through distinct steps: pleadings, discovery, trial, and possibly an appeal. However, parties can halt this process by voluntarily settling at any time. Most cases settle before reaching trial. Arbitration is sometimes another alternative to a trial.

Features of Litigation and Arbitration

  • The civil suits & litigation service provides assistance in small claim assistance, administrative hearings, corporate litigation, medical malpractices, wrongful death, personal injury, worker’s compensation, insurance defense, and construction litigation
  • To ensure complete client satisfaction, outsourcing partners work very closely with their clients.
  • Identify cost saving opportunities for clients thereby improving bottom lines.
  • Through the effective implementation of process migration and data conversion, these partners provide state of the art services and solutions.
  • By capturing the right data, these support service enhance the quality of service that litigation experts can give their clients.

The best way to determine if you need assistance is to ask critical questions about your case.

  • Are you qualified to interpret the evidence?
  • Is it possible to depose all deponents and still have time to prepare a legal strategy?
  • Do you have time to perform early case assessment considering the number of documents that need review?
  • Can you retrieve all forms of computerized information on your own?
  • If you answer "no" to these or other critical questions, then you could benefit from receiving help.
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The easiest way to determine whether you have a viable claim(s) is to consult an attorney who is experienced in that area. He or she will be in a better position to evaluate your situation and make a determination of your claim(s).

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Generally, the civil litigation process can be narrowed down to a set of 7 stages. These stages include:

  • Investigation
  • Pleadings
  • The discovery phase
  • The pre-trial
  • The trial
  • The settlement
  • The appeal

Of course not all civil lawsuits make their way through all 7 stages. In fact, the majority of civil litigation cases ultimately end up being settled before ever making it to the trial stage.

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Many alternatives to starting a lawsuit exist where the plaintiff party is seeking compensation. These alternatives to litigation are often referred to as ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes and include:

  • Non-court proceedings such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation
  • Mediation and negotiation can often help the parties to a dispute achieve a mutually acceptable, “win-win” settlement rather than being labeled by the court as either the winner or the loser at trial.
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Services that bolster complex cases are priced in two ways: individually or as a package designed for certain needs. Because the point of legal assistance is to accommodate the client, services are offered with the interest of the client placed first, and the service provider's second.

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