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Introduction of the service

Modern business depends upon correctly worded business documents to function. The saying that 'the Devil's in the detail' is particularly relevant today, as legal documentations/contracts become more complex and are required to transcend international boundaries and borders, thanks to the Internet. So what can you do to make sure your business legal documents are up to date, accurate and, more importantly, legally binding? TALK TO EXPERTS

This is where outsourcing legal documentation service can make a huge a difference to your company.

Features of Legal Documentation Services

  • Drafting legal pleadings, discovery documents and other documents related to litigation
  • Preparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys
  • Analyzing and organizing legal information
  • Reviewing, organizing and indexing legal documents
  • Analyzing responses to discovery requests
  • Preparing responses
  • Drafting discovery documents
  • Drafting briefs and legal memoranda
  • Performing legal research, non-legal research and medical research
  • Legal work involved with investigations, outside vendors etc.
  • Developing a computerized information retrieval system

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The experienced lawyers at any professional outsourcing legal documentation service provider understand the legal system. They are:

  • Skilled at handling any type of legal analysis, legal drafting or legal documentation.
  • The lawyers can provide you with analytical and reliable legal analysis or drafting services.
  • Whether you require in-depth legal analysis, legal articles, legal research or drafts of memoranda, you can be sure that your outsourced legal documentation service provider will be completed within a low turnaround time and with few or no errors.
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  • Experienced team of lawyers with analytical skills
  • The lawyers are well-versed in the laws of different jurisdictions
  • The lawyers have a thorough knowledge of legal drafting rules
  • Minimized errors and more attention to detail
  • Through understanding of the legal system with knowledge about new changes
  • Complete security and privacy of your confidential data
  • Access to legal libraries, resources and databases
  • Save on the cost of hiring and training new resources
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By using outsource legal documentation service provider, you will have

  • Access to numerous legal and commercial documents services so you’ll never have to wait to hear back from your lawyer
  • 100+ network of expert lawyers
  • Full transparency around pricing, with no hidden fees and worrying of going over budget
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With the advancement in the technology, legal documents and agreements are stored securely in the cloud. This way, if you lose a document or need to look up an agreement in the future, it’ll be there.

  • The legal documentation service will always send you PDF copies too, so you can save and archive your files however you like.
  • They never share your agreements with anyone other than the other party you specify.
  • They lay this out in more detail in their terms and services and privacy policy which they encourage you to read.
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Legal advices can only be provided by lawyers with current practicing certificates. There are possibilities that your legal documentation service provider might be offering legal advice but their fees will not be inclusive of the documentation you are rendering.

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