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Introduction of the service

I’m the manager, I can hire anyone, anytime I want,” is the phrase people have heard human resource professionals bragging all the time.

Majority of the corporates, whether small or big are struggling to keep their employees intact let alone getting new ones on board. Employees thrive when there is a professional work environment, where they “feel happy” working – feel VALUED.

Employers do have every right to choose the employees that they want, but outsourcing recruitment service providers can help guide you through some of the most stressed recruitment phases, regarding your obligations to applicants and throughout the recruitment process.

Features of Recruitment Services

  • End to end recruitment management
  • Backend process management
  • Temp hiring
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership solutions
  • Employee benefits
  • Skill assessments
  • Compliance
  • Training, learning and developments

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These days absolutely not. Smaller companies can benefit enormously; because:

  • You’re working with a broad team and not just one individual
  • An outsourcing recruitment service provider will bring skills, knowledge, and experience that a single in-house recruiter won’t have.
  • Recruitment when outsourced as applied to business improvement, as distinct from agencies trading CVs, is a strategic skill and the result impacts in the every aspect of a business.
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A really good recruitment agency should conduct a variety of methods to find potential talent including:

  • Social Media
  • Open end job postings
  • Networking events
  • Employee referral programs
  • Campus recruitments
  • Direct advertising (both formal and informal approaches)

This will ensure that they can attract enough candidates with the right skill set to offer you a good fit.

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Outsourcing recruitment is gaining international popularity. Companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing recruitment service providers to help them rise to the recruitment challenge and remove the headaches traditionally associated with finding new talent. Outsourcing recruitment you get:

  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Quality of hire
  • More transparency around recruitment via enhanced reporting
  • Cost reduction
  • Reduced time to hire
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Each client’s recruitment requirements are different and each client engagement is a bespoke RPO program tailored to their recruitment objectives and timelines. Some factors that influence pricing include:

  • Volume and variety of openings
  • Hiring cycle time
  • Rate of attrition
  • Recruitment process
  • Target candidate profile
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It basically has 3 models:

  • Annual management fee, charged monthly, which is tied to the number and cost of recruiters allocated to your business
  • Fee per placement (fixed fee or % of salary) payable on successful placement of the candidate
  • Combined management fee, plus reduced placement fee

However, no matter which HR Outsourcing model you choose suiting your business requirements, one thing is for sure; you are surely going to save a lot of money, hassles of getting quality candidates and most importantly your time which you can use to focus on core matters.

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