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Introduction of the service

How do I get my small business finance?

Is getting loan from a bank a good idea or should I get investors on-board?

How shall I approach investors to raise funds for my small business?

Where can I learn more about funding so that I can have a hassle free funding for my small business?

Which funding method shall I choose?

As an entrepreneur who is just starting out, you might not have the capacity to bank roll the take- off your business idea. But like it has being said, “Where there is a will there is a way” – there are avenues to raise funds and one of the most known ones is – EQUITY FUNDING.

Features of Equity Funding

  • Profiling of business and cash flow risks.
  • Defining alternative sources of funding
  • Assists in preparing a sound business plan
  • Vision of the business for the investor and entrepreneur is shared
  • Advantage of investors’ network in the business
  • Expertise help in the business through the investor

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Having an investor write you a check may seem like the perfect answer if you want to expand your business. After all, it's money without the hassle of repayment or interest. But the money come with huge strings attached. You must share your equity with the venture capitalist or angel investor.

An equity fund is an open or closed-end fund that invests primarily in stocks, allowing investors to buy into the fund and thus buy a basket of stocks more easily than they could purchase the individual securities.

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It has been witnessed that majority of the small businesses opt for EQUITY FUNDING to meet their business needs when it’s all set to take-off the business.

  • You do not have to pay back your investors even if your company goes bankrupt
  • Business assets do not have to be pledged as collateral to obtain equity
  • Businesses with sufficient equity will look better to lenders, investors, etc.
  • Your business will have more cash available because it will not have to make debt payments
  • You tap into the investor's network, which may add more credibility to your business.
  • Investors take a long-term view, and most don't expect a return on their investment immediately.
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High powered investors and partners. These investors are serial entrepreneurs, angel investors who have been into varied range of investing styles.

These professionals that you meet for equity funding can be from different segment such as Investment bankers, Stock traders, VCs, CXOs, Angel investors, Real estate developers etc.

They have a detailed knowledge about the in and out of investing in a business plus they can help you execute a profitable investment strategy for your business. They like to actively participate in the planning and management of the businesses they finance and have very large capital bases to invest at all stages.

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You are seeking various options when it comes to funding your business. Apart from investors you are approaching different financial institutions as well. Well, it’s a good idea, but they are going to want a lot before they give it to you.

The basic eligibility criteria that you have compulsorily to provide while approaching financial institutions are:

  • All of your business’s financial details
  • The business plan of your small business seeking funding
  • Collateral
  • Complete details on accounts receivables and payables
  • Complete financial statements, preferably audited
  • All of your personal financial details
  • Insurance information
  • Copies of past tax returns
  • Agreements of relevant business’s
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Absolutely, it's good to always deal with multiple financial institutions. The exception is if you have some reason to think that one particular financial institution is both 1) especially strategic to your business, and 2) highly likely to invest.

While each business is unique, most companies face the same fundamental obstacles on their path to success. Our mission is to help owners interested in transforming their business by using our experience and expertise to identify and implement solutions that allow them to go further faster.

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