What keeps you up at night???

A loan that will add a critical value to my business is in processing…

My current in-house financial resources are not capable of supporting new technology

My in-house financial team is not updated

My business growth is just a step away —- All you need is an aid from professional financial services that gives you VALUE FOR EMOTIONS..

Account Outsourcing Services

Do you want your entire Bookkeeping, Tax filing, Maintenance of bills and vouchers to be managed and organized by experts?

Do try outsourcing your accounting services, which could prove to be not only productive but cheaper for your organization.

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Business Plan Writing Services

Plan the future of your business by writing it on paper. Show the future to an investor by a detailed plan which makes him believe you dreams. Your business plan is your vision and execution on document and milestones that you need to achieve.

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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Service provides businesses which have a finance and accounts team but do not have an in-house CFO, a Finance Partner in their growth journey. There are many challenges facing a growing business and a Virtual CFO service helps you navigate those challenges effectively by providing professional advice, analysis and support to management.

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Valuation Services

Valuation Services are important to understand the worth of your business. Based on your business line , industry and financial figures professional agencies can estimate worth of your business . The costs ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 2,00,000 depending on the complexity and age of your business.

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Debt Funding

Is your business looking for Working Capital finance or a Term Loan. Not only is it cheaper than raising equity, it also helps you preserve your ownership stake at the cost of only paying interest on amounts borrowed.

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Equity Funding

Ever heard of Angels, VCs, Private Equity investors?

They are your resort to raising funds for your venture by offering equity stake in your company. If you have started your venture and have some paying customers, might make sense to approach these investors to scale up your venture exponentially.

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How can we help you?

At SMEJOINUP.com our job is to understand your service requirements in detail with the budget,location preference of vendor and time convenience for you to connect with the shortlisted vendors.

You will not have to discuss the same thing with multiple vendors . Instead you only explain your requirements to the Relationship Manager @ SMEJOINUP and get connected at your convenient time to relevant vendors.

Please fill in as much details as possible to get the right matching vendor

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Step 2: Our Relationship Manager understands the requirements in detail over a call

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Step 4: If you are not satisfied with the vendor , we connect you to more vendors