Website Design Companies Pune Offers Top Page Ranking On Google

February 02, 2017

Website Design Companies Pune Offers Top Page Ranking On Google

Bill Clinton once said, ‘When I took office, only high energy physicist had ever heard of Worldwide Web… now even my dog has its own page.’


In the four seconds that one takes to read the above quote, at least four websites would have been registered. Web sites in early days had only one goal in mind – providing information. But now, the game is about getting customer traction. Companies today aim to gain more business through their websites.

Nowadays, business websites play a role of virtual offices for organizations that either build awareness for their customers, sell their products or services or provide post-purchase customer care. Websites which have lower traction or conversion rates are essentially not good websites.

At the same time, it is also surprising that even in this technologically connected world of today there are various companies who do not have their websites yet. Companies without websites are losing out on opportunities for their businesses.

For those companies who do have their websites, it is crucial to update and maintain great content, make the design intuitive and easy to use, and maintain a good visitor-customer conversion rate at the same time. Moreover, branding the business website right, where it can depict an accurate picture of what the company markets, is of prime importance. Some of the elements that distinguish a good website from the great ones are mentioned below.

  1. Clarity of Hosting a Website

The main objective as to what the purpose of hosting a website is should be laid down by the management. This will include details like who is the target audience for the website, does the website have to be static or dynamic and a well-defined plan for the right information to be displayed at the right places. Laying these objectives in advance will help in engaging with the target audience and getting good results.

  1. 2. Branding

Marketing managers often focus only on the sales aspect of their business websites. However, nobody likes hard selling tactics. So why scare a potential prospect with them? Branding largely separates a good website from a great one. Business websites should ensure that they utilize all the brand elements to sync with the company’s brand values. Maintain the brand essence by identifying the overall theme of the website, brand style, typography and color pallets to be used etc.

  1. Focus on Ideal Customers

Great companies build a customer-centric website by keeping the users in mind. It is important to put oneself in the customer’s shoes and answer every question they could possibly have about the company’s products or services. This will ensure putting the customers at ease, build their trust and display the company as an expert in its industry. It will further lead to an increase in conversion rates and win their trustworthiness.


More than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day and 90% of those have purchased something, contacted a company in the last 12 months: Ref.: Internet Live Stats.

  1. User Interface and Experience

A great business website appears to have an appealing layout with well-structured content. The design of the website should be in-sync with the branding of the company and should facilitate easy access to content within and outside the website. External content can refer to social media pages of a company or links to other relevant sites or content. Keeping the design simple and intuitive works for all types of companies.


  1. Communicate Great Stories

One of the most important aspects for the success of any website is its content. Not only does good content communicate the positioning in a right way to the customer, it also helps in building the trust of the customer. Content on the website refers to textual content, images, graphics, infographics, videos and various other elements that keep the website fresh. Great content also helps in optimizing the business website for search engines. This boosts the organic traffic on the website and leads to better sales.


  1. Pull Factor by Conducting Inbound Marketing Activities

It is the most effective marketing form for doing business online. It focuses on generating quality content that pulls ideal prospects and customers towards a company’s products or services and where they naturally want to be. This involves creating and sharing quality content with the world which will attract qualified prospects to the business and keep them coming back for more. Web sites should build in functionalities to capture leads when target audience visits their specific pages and thus, increase the conversion rate.


  1. Website Responsiveness

Most of the users are now accessing the internet via their mobile phones. Mobile devices have taken over the desktops and business websites are now going mobile first or mobile only. It is important to have a responsive website which is mobile friendly and allows access the from devices with various screen sizes. The following smart insights graph shows how important mobile marketing has become for websites.

number of global users


  1. Faster Load Time

According to KissMetric, a one-second delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. A great website should load content faster and ensure that traffic doesn’t drop off due to slow page load time. There are various tools to check the load time and trim the existing content on the website for faster responsiveness. This is important before a company starts working on optimizing its site.


  1. Maintenance

Periodic upkeep of the website is important so that the content doesn’t look stale. Usually, from the websites that are not maintained well enough, customers start to draw a negative perception which also affects the company’s brand image. In certain cases, it may also signal that the company has gone out of business and visitors start switching to their competitors’ websites. It is important to hire a resource internally or externally, like small business website development companies, whose sole responsibility should be keeping the site updated. (Read more here on content outsourcing)


  1. Optimizing Websites for Search Engines

A website is of no use if it cannot be found by anyone. SEO is the process via which the website is reflected in the search results of search engines. The better optimized a website is, the higher up a company’s website result will be. This requires a long process of using relevant keywords, building links to the website and generating relevant content.

There are various web development services for startup businesses. However, website building can seem to be an expensive and time-consuming affair for a lot of companies and thus, they keep adopting certain shortcut processes. But, they fail to see that business website building is an investment that helps the company to build its brand online. Thus, one has to ensure that their website developer is not selected only on the basis of commercial aspects, but also how well they understand and fulfill the company’s objective of having an online presence.

Organizations have to be careful about selecting outsourced corporate web development services since they can make or break a company’s business. There are billions of websites on the internet today but not all of them serve the purpose of either generating awareness among its customers and neither traction for the company.


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February 02, 2017

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