10 SEO Tips To Rank Your Blogs On The First Page Of Google

March 29, 2018

10 SEO Tips To Rank Your Blogs On The First Page Of Google

You are consistently writing blogs but; not able to rank them in Google. Why? That’s the most frustrating thing for which you are searching answers on Google. Could it be that simple that they are not SEO optimized? You might have tried all sorts of techniques but;  implementing simple SEO tips can let your blogs perform well on Google.

There are over million blog posts that are thrown up on Google yearly; most of them are mediocre offering little or no value. But SEO optimized blogs can generate consistent traffic along with good amount of leads for your business. If you are writing great blogs post which are optimized with SEO tips chances are Google considers your blogs to make them visible on the first page.

Understanding SEO is important to make your blog presence stand out on Google. To accomplish that, you need to implement some proven SEO tactics to boost your ranking in Google.


Let’s get started With Top SEO Tips For Blogs 


1.Optimize Your Keywords

The first and perhaps most important part of your SEO strategy is optimizing for the right keywords. SEO Keywords are so important that you should consider them one of the keys to on-page SEO. However; to do this right, you need to understand what keywords are best for your blog articles.  You’ll need to conduct some research before writing and use the results as the basis for your content.

To do the keyword search for your blogs; use a tool like Google trends to make sure you’re targeting effective keywords that match your potential customer’s search intent. Basically, you want to make sure you’re picking the best possible keyword to write about.

2.Include Focus SEO Keyword In The Title

The first and most basic way to optimize for your keyword is to include it in the title. The closer you place it to the beginning of the heading, the more likely it is to rank high in Google’s results.

For example, if you are searching for “HRMS Software” on the Google, the below mentioned image just shows how important it is to have a focus keyword (primary keyword) to have in the starting of the blog title.

3.Include SEO Keywords Few Times In The Blog

Stuffing SEO keywords is an old technique. We don’t have to do that but; get them naturally included in the flow of the blog so that they automatically starts ranking organically on the Google. Keep in mind that you should be writing for your readers and not computers. You should take a look at the article at http://entrepreneur.com to stay informed about the latest changes in search engine optimization in 2022. The SEO tip is to include when there is a need and it should make sense.

In the below mentioned blog example; you can see that ” Top reasons to choose Digital Marketing Agency”, the word “Digital Marketing” is used throughout the body of the blog.


SEO tips to rank


The number of times you include the SEO keyword is up to you. Just make sure that it sounds natural and occurs at least once near the beginning of your blog piece.

4.Don’t Forget To Include LSI Keywords In Your Blog

LSI keywords are the related keywords that tells Google that your content is related to the topic at hand and helps increase your rankings.  It is more advanced SEO tips for getting your articles to rank well in Google is using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

These are related terms that Google uses to determine the quality and breadth of the content you’ve written. To find these LSI keywords, look at the bottom of the search results.

In the below mentioned blog example “Save Time & Money Implementing Payroll Software” includes a variety of related keywords (LSI Keywords) such as HR Payroll, payroll mangement, payroll solutions, cloud based payroll and so on.


seo tips

5.Include SEO Keyword In H2 & H3 Headings

The best articles are divided up into different sections under specific headings. These are known as H2 or H3 headings. H1 headings are reserved for the title of your blog. It is one of the oldest perhaps a result oriented SEO tips to show  Google that your article covers the keyword you’ve included, make sure to list this phrase in your subheadings.

6.Your Blog URL Should Include SEO Keyword

It is an often forgotten or say overlooked part of your blog content – your blog URL. The majority of the blog writers doesn’t give importance to it hence; fail to reap the advantage of blog writing. Mentioning the focus keyword in the URL is the must thing that you can take advantage of how Google and its users view your URL.

Below is the example where people have search “Best HRMS Software“, and it shows how Google had listed it.


This serves two kinds of SEO benefits. First is Google is able to see the seo keyword used in the URL which eventually helps in ranking the blog on the leading search engines. Second, the users are more likely to click on relevant links. And the more users click on your links, the higher your blog starts rankin on the Google.

7.Include SEO Keyword In Meta Description

If you don’t provide a description for Google, it will have a hard time to rank your blog on the first page. It is a brief summary that highlights what’s the blog all about. The more it has rich SEO keywords the better it has its visibility on the Google.

Below mentioned is the backend example of meta description:

This is how it appear on Google

8. Optimizing Your Blog Images

An often-overlooked way to boost your article’s ranking in Google search is by optimizing the images you’ve used.

Even if you only have one or two images, you can easily optimize them for even better SEO results.Before you upload an image, change the filename to a keyword that’s relevant to your content.

For alt text, just write a brief description that explains what the image is in relation to your article. This is easy to add in the WordPress image upload tool.

These two small tweaks will give you a small advantage over your competitors when it comes to ranking for your keyword.

9. Blog Interlinking

The easiest and simplest way to improve the links to your blog is to do it internally. While it’s difficult to convince others to link to your content, you can do it for free on your own website. By doing this, Google can easily crawl your site and find the best content you have to offer. Furthermore; you can use your keywords in the anchor text and tell Google what those articles are about

Below is the example of how important it is to link your blog keywords with other relevant web pages; the keywords linked are highlighted in bold and red.

10. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

Understand mobiles/smartphones are here to stay. Google is starting to make the mobile version of your site the primary ranking factor.In other words, a poor mobile experience will hurt you, even if your desktop version works flawlessly.

If you’re interested in expanding the reach of your mobile site, consider using Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP.It’s a good idea to make sure your mobile site is at peak performance to get the best rankings for your blogs.



If you want your blog to rank on Google, you will need to put an extra effort to make it happen.  need to put in some work to make it happen. By using the above mentioned SEO strategies and tactics , your blogs can make massive progress. These SEO tips and techniques are sure to skyrocket your rankings and increase the amount of traffic you see coming your website.


March 29, 2018

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