5 Things SEO Professionals Should Know Before Using Google AdWords

May 05, 2018

5 Things SEO Professionals Should Know Before Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords Campaigns are campaigns which lead you to a website or specific landing page where the advertiser wants you to make some sort of an actions. The action could be filling out a form, downloading a game, registering an account, subscribing for updates and such. Things that SEO professionals should know before you start advertising and spending money on Google AdWords.


1.Put Your Thinking Cap On While Doing Keyword Research

When determining keywords, it’s important to consider your products and/or services, but consider them from the perspective of your potential customer. Using internal jargon or acronyms not known to your core audience will leave you behind because you’ll be bidding on words they don’t understand and not using in their searches.


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If your audience wants a mobile-friendly website and does not know what “responsive design” is, it’s best to consider other long-tail keywords like “mobile-friendly web design” or “websites that adjust to mobile” as well as “responsive design.”

2.Comparing Your Cost With The Budget

The first question to ask yourself is, “Can I afford this keyword?” Take a look at the following example to help you find the answer:

First of all, set a maximum cost-per-click you think you can afford for e.g. say 5/- . Now, use the Keyword Tool to compare your maximum CPC with the estimated CPC you get in the tool. Suppose the Keyword Tool places the cost of the keyword at 4/- , so you know you have a window of 1/-. That sounds like a good deal, so let’s look at the next step.

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Your maximum cost-per-click depends on the conversion rate of your website, profit per customer, and your profit margin. If you don’t know the precise figures yet, you need to come up with ballpark figures for each and do a little guess work. You’ll be tracking your campaign, so you’ll have more accurate figures soon to make better calculations.

In the meantime, here’s the formula you should use:

  • Max CPC = [(profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)]/100
  • Suppose your profit per customer is 200/-, with a profit margin of 50 percent and a conversion rate of 10 percent. By using the above formula, you can easily calculate the Max CPC:
  • Max CPC = [200/- x (1 – 0.5) x 10]/100 = 10/-

The maximum cost-per-click you’ve set should be close to the estimated CPC that is shown in the Keyword Tool. However, if your max CPC is way less than the estimated CPC, you’ll need to either decrease your profit margin or increase either the profit per customer or your website’s conversion rate.

3.SEO Professionals Should Optimize Their Campaigns 

Nothing is perfect from the very beginning, and your AdWords campaigns will likely be no exception—even with careful planning.


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SEO professionals should make sure that their campaigns are proving to be beneficial, you should monitor three important factors:

Keyword Bids: The moment your website starts generating clicks and sales for you, you should think about optimizing your bids. You may want to raise your bids if your keywords are bringing you good sales but not a higher ranking. On the other hand, if the keywords are not generating profits, you’ll need to lower the bids or use other keywords altogether.

Click Through Rate (CTR): Your website’s quality score, which is determined by Google, depends directly on your ad’s CTR. You need to test different ad campaigns to know which ones bring you the most clicks.

Landing Page Conversion Rate: While designing LP, SEO professionals should remember, what they have promised in the ad, or the customer is likely to leave your website. A landing page that keeps the promise you made in your ad helps ensure higher conversion rates and, as a result, more profit. Test different versions of landing pages to know which version suits your campaign the best.


4.Strong Unique Selling Proposition To Your Customers

For any SEO professionals, it is important to have a unique selling proposition that makes you stand apart from your competition. Customers consider why they should choose you and not your competitor. The key to your success lies in how you answer this for them.

Every marketing strategy is backed by a strong USP, and AdWords is no exception. There are three reasons why you need a powerful USP:

  • It will generate more traffic while keeping unwanted leads at bay.
  • It will boost your conversion rates.
  • It’s a potential game changer that can eliminate price comparison shopping. If you’re offering something nobody else does, customers won’t think of you as a commodity, but as an opportunity.

The best way to create a powerful USP is to pay heed to your customers. Analyze their shopping patterns, see what they like, and find out what they don’t like about your industry. After that, take a look at your competitors’ ads, websites, keywords, and everything else, then come up with a unique selling proposition that nobody else offers.


5.Advertise Meritoriously

When SEO professional uses Googe adwords search advertising, they pay only when the advertisements get clicks.


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With this in mind, make sure that your ads need to perform two important jobs for you:

  • Attract relevant customers to your ads.
    Keep irrelevant customers at bay.
    A successful campaign doesn’t simply bring in more traffic; it means more relevant traffic that brings in more sales, and less unqualified traffic eating into your advertising budget.


6.Make Such Offer That Your Audience Can’t Refuse 

SEO professionals should offer something so amazing in their Google AdWords campaign that a potential buyer feels compelled to use your services, without even realizing it.

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This is called an irresistible offer and it has the following four components:

Value: Your potential buyers should feel they’re getting more for their money. Your offer should sound like a great deal.
Believable: The price should look reasonable, and not drastically less, or they’ll feel like something fishy is going on behind the scenes.
Reduce Risk: Consumers are afraid of losing money to some cheap product or poor service, especially on the internet. Offering a money-back guarantee can reduce this risk to help new customers feel more comfortable shopping or doing business with you.
Call to Action (CTA): Create a clear and simple CTA—the next step you want people to take. If you want your customers to call you, don’t make them dig around your website for your number. If you want them to fill out a form, put it front and center. It’s as simple as that.





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May 05, 2018

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