Selecting The Best Brand Promotion Agency In India

October 20, 2015

Selecting The Best Brand Promotion Agency In India

Like most of the small business entrepreneurs you are tasked with million things a day.  Payroll you have got to make, the person you have to fire, you’ve got to make new marketing strategies, then there is a new person you have to hire, the server replacement, the sales team meeting at 4, review the new product design project plan plus you got to make the plan for this weekend’s hunt etc. etc. etc. – the work is endless and there is a frustration building up that the you are losing the control over many such situations. It is getting bad to worse.

Especially, when it comes to marketing and branding  your thoughts immediately go into overdrive when you remember that one of your customers commented that your website did not pull up for them on their iPhone because your company’s home page is not mobile-friendly.

You have also seen a steady decline in online sales, most likely due to that old 4 step shopping cart you’re running. Your sales team needs new collateral that showcases the new product line and the packaging needs updating.

But where to start? The brand designer you used last time missed the mark. The brand promotion agency in India you called doesn’t work with start-ups and there is no way you’re using your friend’s son again for the catalog. Choosing a marketing and branding firm can be a daunting and time-consuming process.

You need someone you can trust. A brand promotion agency in India that is responsive, trustworthy, reliable and knows what they’re doing. The problem is finding those people—the diamond in the rough, someone who meets your expectations and will get the job done right and prove that your investment was worth it.

If you’re looking for a new brand promotion agency in India for your startup—here are 8 things that will help you choose the best brand promotion agency in India that solves your toughest business challenges.

1.Start by talking the problem – clearly define what is hindering

It is simple enough. We often times don’t get deep into an understanding to what the problem actually is. A good branding agency will get to the heart of your challenges and pain points to help you make the right decisions—not through a hard sell like a haggling car salesman—but someone who truly takes an interest in your business and cares about your success. Is it really just a website redesign or is it really that the website isn’t converting leads. Is it really just a logo redesign, or has the entire organization changed as such that what really is required is brand development.

2.Always remember, biggest brand promotion agencies are not the best

One might assume that the biggest agencies, or those with the flashiest client list, are the best. That’s fundamentally not true. Many of the biggest brand promotion agency in India have only a handful of top digital marketers working for them, and then tens or hundreds of junior online marketers managing the client load. Unless you are going to be one of their top paying clients, you’re unlikely to receive the senior expertise you had hoped for.

3.If possible, find a brand promotion agency in India that is specialized in your niche

The reason for this is simple. What takes un-specialized agencies 8 days to do, we can get done in two days, because we have the pre-established relationships, understanding of the industry, and reams of data on what’s working and what isn’t. While we may be inefficient working for a pharma company, we’re incredibly efficient and effective when working with music, film, and game companies.

Unless your niche is really weird (think: ship galvanizing, or pilot software) then it’s likely that there will be an Internet marketing company who is passionate and knowledgeable about your industry. Those qualities are massively under looked when hiring an online marketing supplier.

4.Set your goal with brand promotion agency in India

Be specific about your goals. The better your goals are the better the marketing agency will be able to suggest strategies and approaches to solve your problem. Use the SMART goal method to set specific benchmarks that will move your business forward.


5.Do they have a process?

Processes are important because they define a linear way of solving a problem. Most marketing and brand development companies will follow some type of process. Make sure it is clearly defined so you know what to expect as you move forward through the project. The process should be easily found on the agency’s website or be communicated on the initial call.

6.What are their capabilities?

Today, best of the brand management agency in India are offering traditional and digital services to meet your needs and know how outbound and inbound marketing methods fit together to offer you a range of solutions to achieve your goals. They want and desire to earn trusted advisor status shedding the horrid vendor designation. The most successful brand promotion agencies desire and thrive on their client’s successes.

7.Are the brand promotion agency in India you are shortlisting a problem solver?

What is their principal’s experience? Do they have a good track record in the industry and the business acumen required? There are a number of firms out there who lack true experience in solving business problems. Ask for past examples or how they might approach your current branding, marketing or design challenges.

8.Do they practice what they preach?


Does the brand promotion agency have a strong and identified brand? Do they utilize a business-first approach? Is their style unique? Are they themselves implementing the programs they are suggesting to you? It’s important that they specifically focus in the hunting, outdoor and firearms industry—but you may want to consider a firm who also works in other industries so you don’t get ideas that are only generated in an echo chamber.  Other industries are far more advanced in marketing and branding tactics than the hunting and firearms category, so knowing how your customers are reacting to other industry tactics and strategies is just as important—because they will expect the same from you.

In conclusion…..a good brand promotion agency in India will know how to get to the heart of the problem, help you set smarter goals, and have clearly defined process.

Your search ends here, below are some of the best brand promotion agency in India for you to choose:

Promozsquare is an idea house otherwise, with a team of young professionals. This Marketing and Communications team is crazy on Newer Marketing Ideas, Fresh Creative and Unique selling Key Points to Drive more attention and provide quality solution to our clients. The company loves to explore and experiment new ideas.

What their clients have to say:

We were wondering how the concept of working remotely with a bunch of youngsters would work out and we concluded that it can be complicated. But Promozsquare proved us wrong! The whole communication process was completely simplified and by the end of the project we were conversing like “good ol’ friends”. Everyone are extremely talented, productive and extremely professional. I would recommend Promozsquare when you are looking for attractive and effective websites to be done. -Mr. Raghunathan, Director Orson Automation Pte, Singapore.

We approached Promoz square to increase our sales from 15% to 25% which we thought would be a impossible target. But with the team came up with unique marketing concept and the our product sales shot up and now reached a whooping 25%. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the team. Kudos to them. -Mr. Prabhakaran, Founder, Bioclin, Tanjavur

Other than Promozsquare, there are other leading brand promotion agency in India such as Design Juice, Panama Technologies, Jotoor Designs  have made their mark in Indian market. From dabbling in various aspects of media and marketing, they now create solutions and trends. These companies believe in involving ourselves organically in every avenue of a consumer’s life. They do this by creating moments in popular malls, colleges, bus stops, multiplexes, stores and events right into cherished moments in a customer’s life. The companies constantly evolve in media formats, using traditional media unexpectedly and adapting to new technology seamlessly. In the age of digital, advertising goes beyond expertise and requires knowledge and fresh ideas.



October 20, 2015

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