How Does Quality Content Impact Your Business

September 13, 2016

How Does Quality Content Impact Your Business

In the marketing world, we often hear about the importance of “quality content” . But which content qualifies as “quality” and how it impact business is a question everyone has.

Quality content is an article or write-up pertaining a business’s niche, industry, and target audience. It is expected to be business-coherent, properly formatted, error-free, and reliable. Quality content along with other marketing strategies can work wonders in creating awareness about your business, defining your brand’s value proposition, keeping your customers engaged and helping the sales team get prospective customers. Content marketing has become a commonly used term nowadays, with many small companies realizing its impact on their business and investing in it.

Content Marketing and How it Impacts Business

When a company effectively uses creative and fresh content (blogs, podcasts, and videos relevant to their business) to increase their sales by bringing in more prospective customers and retaining the existing ones, it is called Content Marketing.

The concept here is very simple. With growing business competition, one needs brand recognition. For this, the business needs relevant traffic to the company website. So how do we get traffic to our website?

  • A customer types your web page URL and is directed to your website. These are usually regular clients and those who already know about the business. There is no value addition here as there are no means of increasing traffic.
  • Bulk mailer campaigns where a company sends blast emails to a huge list of contacts obtained through some means, with a hope of few visitors visiting them through those links. This is illegal, and the traffic it generates is not always relevant. It also has minimal chance of converting the traffic to potential customers.
  • Paid ads are another means of traffic generation. These are highly expensive and generate traffic only till the ads lasts. The traffic generated is, again, neither consistent nor interested in the business in many cases.
  • Publishing fresh and exciting content on the website and sharing it on social platforms. Here, the company either hires a person or outsources it to someone providing content marketing solutions. Every time new content or article is published on the page, there is an additional indexed page created serving as an opportunity for the small businesses to showcase their web page in the search engines and drive more traffic to their website.

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There are not many ways which can keep your website active for Google and the other search engines’ web crawling bots, which constantly look for fresh content to surface. The content, when shared on a social media platform, creates a public presence and exposes the business to a newer audience. When posting an article on a social forum, it is important to take into account the target audience.

Good content marketing articles are ones which can engage their target audience and answer common questions. Content which is informative and interesting sets you apart from your competitors and will ensure people revisiting your site for future queries and information search. This builds a sense of trust among your visitors. The potential customers would be more informed and educated about the product/service, and thus more trusting.

Another major importance of content marketing is the conversion of visitors to customers and generating a set of loyal and repeat customers. When a customer visits a website through quality content, they have already gained a certain level of interest in the company and will be interested in knowing more. This is where the Call-To-Action buttons or the CTAs help. These are links leading to some promotional trail offer, whitepaper, webinar or something to pique the interest of the customer. It also enables the sales team to be better prepared to answer in-depth or technical questions on the product by the archive folders of the articles. They will be able to provide documented answers and more reliable solutions to the customer’s queries, thus strengthening the trust on the brand and the company’s services or product.

Content marketing solutions are long-term processes of lead generation and have high success rates if the content is really good. There are cases where a particular blog or post-generated traffic leads for many years after its posting, through a series of shares and re-shares on social media platforms and the interest level it creates.

The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing

While small-business content marketing is a fool-proof means of growing one’s business, it is not an easy one and definitely not a quick one. It is not something which can show results in a day. The business impact can only be felt gradually over a period of time.
It must be noted that quality content is one which serves the purpose of content marketing without being too promotional or sales oriented. It must not be clingy and should be entertaining and informative.The focus of an article must never be keywords, though it is an important aspect of content marketing. The content must ideally be focused more on the target audience and not be crammed with keywords.


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The more valuable your content, the more are your chances of showing up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and of becoming an authority site as the audience trust increases. The content must be coherent, logical, and should make sense to the target audience. Populating an article with irrelevant keywords or duplicate content minimises audience trust on the site and on the brand as a whole.

It is possible to have good content without images and videos embedded, but it is worth noting that visual content attracts more crowd than plain textual content. Using inbound links to the site increases chances of getting ranked as per the Google algorithm. Further, this is the content that gets shared more on the social platforms. Points that must be noted while adding visual content are-

Adherence to the Content:

The visual content must be related to the textual content and should support the facts therein.


The overall content, after addition of the visual content, must be appealing and aesthetically pleasing.


The visual content must be reliable and from a trustworthy source. If the content is original, one must ensure that the infographics are worth sharing.

Content marketing is a very lucrative concept when done properly by experts. For small and mid-sized companies, it is highly beneficial to outsource their content marketing solutions to a professional agency which specializes in such content development to ensure that the company builds its brand awareness, generates consistent and steady sales lead, and drives traffic to its website.

Also, read about lead generation and the top companies providing this service.

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September 13, 2016

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