Protostar Offers 10% Discount on Cloud ERP Software

December 21, 2015

Protostar Offers 10% Discount on Cloud ERP Software

Save 10% on Simple and Scalable Cloud ERP Software

Now Get  20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar


Protostar Consulting Services is a technology startup based in Pune and is a Google Apps for Work and Cloud ERP partner. Protostar is now offering a 10% discount on Cloud ERP Solutions. This offer is available exclusively through, is applicable for firms from all over India and valid up to only January 31st, 2016. Click Grab the Offer button to claim your offer NOW!

Cloud ERP Software leverages the use of cloud computing infrastructure and helps small and medium businesses with managed business process transformation. Moving to a Cloud ERP Software is easier than you think. Not only it costs less than a traditional in-house ERP, it reduces the scope of human errors by automatically synchronizing data between multiple modules. With cost being the most lucrative benefit of cloud ERP software, this offer is your window of opportunity to grab a sweet deal.

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How is Cloud ERP Software Different From Traditional ERP Solutions

Many small businesses that don’t have the resources typically use different software for  email, billing & invoice, payroll, accounting and other day-to-day functions. It not only consumes time, it also requires more human staff. Also, using disparate software for different company functions means you are spending a lot of time trying to manage and migrate the data. There is also problem of human errors leading to inconsistent data.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provides the mapping of all org-wide processes and data into one integrated system and presents a holistic view of the business from a single information architecture.

Compared to traditional systems, cloud technology drastically improves the value creating capabilities of organizations through its numerous revolutionary advantages. Cloud ERP Software may be hosted (i.e. installed on your company’s computers) or it can also be completely web-based (accessible through standard web browsers). Web-based Cloud ERP Software are completely independent of the organization’s system configuration.

How is Cloud ERP Software beneficial for you?

Cloud ERP Software provides cost reduction, faster installations, and overall higher productivity

By definition, cloud ERP software is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. In this model, you don’t get have to worry about buying licenses for new systems or installing them. Since most cloud ERP software requires a stable internet connection, it will also reduce installation time.

Reduced costs, increased time-to-market, mobile access, and automatic syncing of multiple relevant modules are some lucrative features of cloud ERP software.

Cloud ERP software lowers your upfront and operating costs

Expenses incurred while switching to a new (or first-time) installation of an ERP system involve hardware, user licenses, and implementation, user training and customization. Since your Cloud ERP vendor typically deals with them in bulk, you get the benefit of reduction in costs. At the same time, the maintenance, upgrade, and configuration costs are also shaved off to a small, but significant extent.

This, by far, is the most lucrative feature of Cloud ERP software.

Implementation cycles of Cloud ERP software are much faster

Since we are not dealing with buying of individual licenses and installation of software on individual machines, the time required for implementation and configuration of a Cloud ERP software is often reduced to adding new users, granting access and tailoring it according to your needs. This provides for a rapid delivery cycle, which again saves a major chunk of your time.

Cloud ERP software is also highly elastic in nature

Cloud-based ERP solutions are highly flexible. If you a new batch of hires, adding them to the system and getting the system setup for them is fast and easy. When time-to-market goes down, it allows for strategic flexibility and the freedom to quick decisions to the management.

Mobility enhances the power of Cloud ERP software

Ubiquitous access to information is an inherent feature of this kind of implementation. Since it is cloud, it is accessible everywhere. Coupled with the features of mobility, you get the power of information in a few taps on the move through power mobile apps. You wouldn’t have to open laptop just to look a spreadsheet.

Some miscellaneous benefits of Cloud ERP software

Since your data stays aggregated, it also stays consistent. Often when a transaction is made, it becomes a task just to make sure the details are updated in all the relevant systems. Cloud-based ERP solutions take that overhead away as they automatically update all the relevant modules for each transaction.

All of this translates to higher productivity for your team. When things get done faster, you get time to focus on your core business functions.

What Separates a Good Cloud ERP Software Provider From an Average One

Get 10% discount on Cloud ERP Software Solutions from Protostar

Let’s face it. Cloud ERP software is ultimately an investment and a large one at that. Naturally, all organizations would want it to be a one-time investment and not waste time, resources, and money on experimenting with available resources!

An rightly implemented ERP can improve your processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Besides a generic comparison of each deal (pricing, subscription users, number of supported users, etc), some important features to be considered are the modules and the support it provides.

Some general considerations

When faced with several choices (as in the case of cloud ERP software), you would want apply some qualifying factors to filter out the choices that don’t match your requirements.

Some general considerations when selecting a cloud ERP software are:

  1. What are the minimum/maximum number of users it supports?
  2. What are the subscription options?
  3. How cost-effective are their scalability plans?
  4. What are the latest version of the software they offer?
  5. What are the supported file types and platforms?

Look at the modules they offer

Financial module aggregates data from different departments and generates credible reports. In manufacturing business, production planning attempts to optimize manufacturing capacity by looking at historical data about inventory and raw material. It also integrates inventory with sales forecast to help you manage the period of spikes and surges. 

A basic HR module includes all basic employee information, performance evaluation and compensation details, and attendance information of various types of employees. A purchase module automates the process of sourcing new inventory, placing new orders, and billing processes. Also the inventory control module needs integration with sales, purchase, and finance modules in order to generate reports for senior management level executives.

There are many more supporting modules, but it would be only wise to do your homework beforehand and keep most of your requirements well-documented and thoroughly analyzed. Make sure you match your requirements against the offered modules and services of the the cloud ERP software.

Check their industry coverage

When it comes to ERP, customizations are the key. A lot of functions are often specific to your own industry. If you select a cloud ERP that doesn’t have customizations for your industry, you may be left to do with multiple follow ups and elevated costs to get your desired customizations factored into the system.

How easily do they scale down?

Scaling up is easy for cloud ERP software providers; the flexibility of the cloud provides that inherent advantages. But a truly flexible offering will not impose excruciating penalties when the business slows down and you have to subscribe to a lower plan.

24×7 support services

Your team may not work 24×7, but a cloud ERP software with 24×7 support services are required since problems need to be immediately dealt with. If an issue requires a minor data fix, why wait till the business is operational? It will only lead to wastage of time and numerous productive hours of your own team. Also, well-trained and professional support staff is an important factor that can be used to evaluate and compare multiple cloud ERP software.

How comprehensive are their training programs?

Being a large organizational change event, the migration to a cloud ERP software will naturally need training of the users to ensure smooth continuity after the installation completes. A training that lasts for few hours or a couple of days may not be enough. Ask for detailed session plans of the training to see what kind of training do they offer and will their pace match your team’s learning style. If you don’t fit anything suitable, you can also look for a vendor that helps you create a customized training plan.

Another important differentiating factors is whether they allow customization of their existing plans, and if they levy charges for it.

Now Get  20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar

Protostar as Your Cloud ERP Software Reseller

Protostar specializes in in software product development and technology services. We take pride in helping our customers work with latest, evolving and affordable technology solutions. We have industry’s best and brightest software engineers and technology consultants whose expertise spans from niche technologies, to the most advanced next generation BPM & Analytics, Cloud, Social and Mobile technologies.

We are enable local and international businesses and institutes increase their productivity and efficiency through cloud ERP software. Designed for improving efficiency and effectiveness of any size organization, these apps provide best-in-class enterprise resource management capabilities.

Working with several client from across industries, Protostar has gathered a rich experience in administration, deployment and support for cloud ERP software based on Google Apps for Work. Our clients have been using mobile, tablets and computers to gain anytime, anywhere access to information and documents. 

FAQs from Protostar

Q1. List of functions / modules covered under Protostar’s Cloud ERP Solutions and what are the features?

CRM, Selling, Buying, HR, Manufacturing, Stock Management, POD, Project Management etc.

 Q2. Do you provide training to the users for migration to your Cloud ERP Software?
Protostar understands that different organizations may require varied levels of training. We are open to customized training plans and invite our clients to provide inputs for the same.

Q3. How do you offer customization in your Cloud ERP Software?

Customizations are offered by actual vendors. If provided by the chosen vendors, Protostar provides full assistance in passing on the services to the client
Q4. Do you provide 24X7 customer support?
Any queries with the cloud ERP vendor are seamlessly and transparently handled by expert customer service team which operates 24×7.
Q5. Are your services hosted in company premises or web-based?
Protostar aggregates services from multiple cloud ERP vendors and the services are provided over the web, supported by all modern browsers. Since these services are offered over Google Apps for Work, they have an added advantage of ubiquitous mobile access.
Q6. What industries do you serve with your Cloud ERP Software?
Protostar supports all major industry sectors including Manufacturing (MFG), Healthcare (HLT),  Finance (FIN), Service (SVC), Retail, Dairy, Legal, and Education sectors.

Q7. Why should one select Protostar over any other cloud ERP software provider?

Protostar provides cloud ERP services that customized to Indian setup. Having worked with small businesses and startups, our services are always adaptive and very cost effective. Our clients also get mobile access through Google Apps for Work and our flexible training program is our most sought out feature. We ensure all the employees are well-trained before the installation is finished.

Success Stories from Protostar’s Satisfied Clients

“Protostar have always delivered an extremely positive experience whether this be deploying cloud apps, sharing ideas surrounded technology, or delivering requested services and support. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Protostar” – Dr. Amol Lawande, Manager, Amclin Life Sciences.


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December 21, 2015

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