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Premium 5 Membership For Service Providers with SME Networks

SME Networks offers "Premium 5" Membership that gives SMEs the best 5 Vendors for their business services in their city.

“Premium 5” is the preferred “TOP 5 Companies” which are invited for offering specific service from the specific city to be part of esteemed vendor panel by SME Networks

In the B2B market, every company wants:

  1. Strong reputation for quality
  2. Have a class leading product/services
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. An ability to compete on PRICE
  5. Focus on building relationships

The “Premium 5” membership is attractive and exclusive: it is built with varied expertise marketing strategies to seduce your targeted customers/services that focuses only on one thing: Profitability

It is a customized membership for the TOP 5 Companies that will come onboard will ENJOY:

Premium 5 MEMBERSHIPS- The Best Response To Your Need For Results

  • Preferences over other vendors in terms of leads
  • Increased visibility
  • Competitor advantage
  • Improved profits
  • Streamlined marketing consistently that reaches your target audience

Premium visibility under listed vendors for specific services

Access to unlimited leads generated on SMEJOINUP portal

One free blog listing of your choice each month

At conferences where SME Networks takes a table/stall space we would include brochures/collateral of Premium 5 Member in the Premium 5 Folder

Be a part of Expert Panel – The founder profile will be listed in detail on our expert panel online

Premium 5 membership badge to put on your website leading to your listing on

16500 per month plus tax

Membership is presently open for 6 months which can be further renewed upon completion of 6 months.

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