Personal Loan Calculator-Get Correct Loan EMI In Less Than 5 Minutes

January 17, 2018

Personal Loan Calculator-Get Correct Loan EMI In Less Than 5 Minutes

Now its easy and quick to get accurate personal loan EMI figure and the total interest due in less than 5 minutes with personal loan calculator.  It’s no surprise of people taking personal loans to accommodate their financial needs. Personal loans have helped thousands of people to meet any cash shortfalls whether it is getting home renovation, or funding their kids for higher educations, wedding expenditures, rental deposits, settling credit card bills, emergency medical expenses and so on. Personal loan is an unsecured loan where you don’t have to put any collateral for getting one.


What Is Personal Loan EMI – Easy Monthly Installments

Equated Monthly Installment; the wider term of EMI. It is fixed or variable amount payable every month to the bank or private lender against the loan you have borrowed. The EMIs will be ongoing till you fully repay the loan amount with interest. 

It comprises of the interest on loan as well as part of the principal amount to be repaid. The sum of principal amount and interest is divided by the loan tenure, i.e. number of months, in which the loan has to be repaid. 


EMI Formula

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The interest component of the EMI would be larger during the initial months and gradually reduce with each payment. Even though your monthly EMI payment won’t change, the proportion of principal and interest components will change with time. With each successive payment, you will be paying more towards the principal and less in interest.

 What Is Personal Loan Calculator EMI?

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While applying for the personal loan it is important to know how much will be your EMI. As; this will be a constant cash outflow along with the other expenses that you will have to pay over the loan tenure. The personal loan calculator helps you to understand the amount of EMIs that you will paying, principal payments & interest payments till your loan gets over. 

By using a personal loan calculator you can know whether you will be able to afford EMI. Also;  how much your monthly installment will be spend paying off each month. It is important to understand this in detail. So that you can pay off the loan on time, as it impacts your credit history and eligibility for future loans as well.

                      Discover Your EMI Using Personal Loan Calculator

Personal loans calculator are great invent helping consumers in knowing accurate personal loan EMI.  You may need loan calculator at any given point of time in life. To know how much you will be paying as your loan EMI; personal loan calculators have been great help.


personal loan calculator

When planning to get personal loans, consider your other expenditures and present income to know if you can afford EMIs. Personal loan calculator helps by getting you right amount to figure out the same.

Personal Loan parameters needed for using the loan calculator:

  • You need to know the loan amount, processing fee and the interest rate of your car loan, home loan or personal loan
  • If you plan to prepay your loan, then figure out the exact or approximate amount you intend to prepay.
  • Also; the periodicity of such payments depending on your loan agreement
  • Use the loan calculator sliders and input boxes provided in the calculator to feed the parameters (amount) asked
  • The loan calculator will then work out the exact pattern of your loan repayment.
  • It will provide the total interest outgo, the time-lines of your loan repayment etc.
  • The loan calculator will display accurate detail enabling you to make smart loan decisions


Benefits Of Personal Loan Calculator & Learn How To Use It

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January 17, 2018

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