Does Your Payroll Software Help You Save On Your Wallet?

February 28, 2018

Does Your Payroll Software Help You Save On Your Wallet?

Let’s face it, Payroll processing can be a nightmare. It’s an incredible time consuming task. You may not have this idea but; there can be a financial impact on the turnover as well as other overhead costs if not performed correctly. The bottom line is your business should be making PROFITS. And if your outdated Payroll Software is hindering that peace of mind of yours, it’s time to say goodbye to your legacy payroll system.


How Long Ago Was Your Payroll Software Implemented? 

Technology has moved on dramatically in the past few years. Implementing latest technological software can help you improve and streamline your processes. Today, business landscape moves at a faster pace than before no matter which industry you work in. Technology is the center stage of all. Having implemented right payroll software within your system can help you manage everything better from payroll management to policies and compliance to budget.

However; businesses still contemplate on using their traditional payroll systems which is okay. But; what they tend to overlook is the humogenous costs incurring using the same. Does your Payroll Software help you save on your wallet?

It’s time to ponder over few significant questions which will help you get clarity of your payroll software performance

payroll software



  • With the changes of time have your business needs changed?

Businesses can move quickly and will often change dramatically in the spaceof a few years. This can mean that software that once worked well for you is no longer appropriate. Have you come to notice this recently?


  • Have you recently evaluated that whether your payroll software matches with your business requirements?

Putting together a list of your requirements is a great way to really think about what is really important for your business, what is a ‘nice to have feature’ and what you are paying for that you don’t really need.


  • Is it providing right information to the other departments?

Does your payroll software provides the right information to the relevant departments? Are you able to access real time insights and other such necessary details whenever you need to have? Does your employees comfortable using the software whenever on the go? 


  • Payroll mistakes sucks

Errors can be costly, time consuming to fix, and stressful from start to finish. From calculating and withholding taxes to helping with end of year filings, does your payroll software system offering you accuracy that your business needs?


  • Your payroll system frequently “Crashes”

There is little that is more frustrating than spending time working on something, only to have to know that it is “Crashed”. If your data is lost it is even worst. It can be frustrating to wait on the system to restart just to get back to where you were.

Have you noticed those frequent system crashes? It is a clear sign of an unstable and outdated payroll system that is not capable of handling the sheer amount of data seamlessly. 

  • Have you realized whether your payroll system is productive in terms of both work and costs?

Working on traditional payroll software can cause many issues. These, in turn, lead to extra overtime and other payroll errors. Outdated payroll system can cost your business in many ways. The three biggest issues are:

  1. Human error
  2. Time theft
  3. Unnecessary administrative tasks


Payroll Software Cost Factor

When you talk about the cost, that factor is related to many things and affecting whosoever is connected with it. For e.g. if your payroll is not done properly, surely the time of your employees is wasted, productivity is zero, lot of errors and penalties, the business operations aren’t streamlined and so one. So yes it’s ultimately costing you your business.

Payroll can mean fire drills, late nights, and spending time away from the things that actually go into running your business.

Could finding the right payroll software make this routine more manageable? You might not be ready for technological advances like self-driving cars or robot master chefs, but here a few reasons you might go over to the software side to handle your payroll.

How Having A Right Payroll Software Can Help You Save On Your Wallet?


1.Image result for customized icon png   Customized Your Payroll Needs

Payroll Software Solutions that take a “one size fits all” approach is rarely a good investment. Taking into account changing regulations, employment laws, etc. Payrolls are too diverse to fit into one pre-set bundle.

Single Point HR team has designed best payroll software which is ensures to satisfy your unique payroll needs. Whether that’s accommodating different payroll schedules, or supporting particular reporting requirements. A flexible software should also expand with you over time. As your business grows it grows with you. As your needs change, it changes with you.

2. payroll software  Right Payroll Software Solution Can Reduce Operational Costs

Implementing a Payroll Software Solution that suits your business purposes can be a great help. Especially; for companies needing to reduce their operating expenses. When choosing a solution it is important to check the level of work and time involved in running your payroll. Does the software you’re considering have options that benefit or simplify your payroll process?

Single Point HR payroll software ensures a complete payroll run in just a few clicks, reducing the resources needed to process a payroll. Reducing such operational necessities, could save your company a lot of money. Giving the business more money that could be invested back into the company for growth and expansion.

3. Image result for customized icon png Having An Employee Porttal

Workers often need to be able to access their own pay and benefits records. In fact, a portal can actually improve employee morale because they’ll have access to information when they need it, and better control over their work lives.

With Single Point HR’s cloud based payroll solution will help you  save you time by empowering employees to feed in their personal data, manage their leaves etc. 

4. Related image  Technical Support & Customer Service

No matter how well you know payroll or your software, there will be a time when you will be in need of some form of help. Whether that be customer service or technical support. Is your current provider slow in resolving problems or offers limited technical support?

With Single Point HR; you experience no such problems. The team is really cooperative and understands the urgency of your work hence; provides dependable technical support and customer service.

5. Image result for low cost icon pngMost Importantly Helping In Reducing Costs

Using a payroll software that suits best for your business can prove to be incredibly helpful. It helps fewer people to work with more efficiency and productivity too. There are top cloud based payroll software available which are best suited for your company.  It can complete payroll in just a few clicks.

Single Point HR payroll on cloud software makes a tough job like this easier, you will find the reduction of operational necessities have become easy and saving money out of it has become way easier.


Get Right Payroll Software To Help You Save Huge

Single Point HR” is known for offering best cloud HRMS Software. The software is fully integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution designed from the ground up to meet the needs of organizations with complexity, volume, or vision for growth.

Best HR Software in India are ones that allow the streamlining of processes, reduce the total cost of administering HR functions, provide real time up to date information for decision making in a secure and reliable environment that allows for future scalability. Keep this in mind as you move through your all in one HR software selection. 


Low Cost End-End Payroll & HR Software

Cost Starts At Rs.50 Per Month Per Employee





February 28, 2018

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