Missing On Employee Feedback - Outsourcing Payroll Services Shows Ways To Fix It

March 02, 2017

Missing On Employee Feedback - Outsourcing Payroll Services Shows Ways To Fix It

Outsourcing Payroll Services at times play a better role by helping you focus on much important tasks. Most employees these days want to know whether they are performing as per the expectations of their employer or not.

Most small businesses in India are still not able to find the right balance between encouraging and informing the employees about their performances. According to the survey done by Leadership IQ, only 29% of the employees have admitted to knowing whether their work performance is laudable or not.

One of the most important jobs of any manager is to be personally involved in the performance of his employees and also inform them about it. Even if the companies outsource payroll services, the pressure of work does not end. This leads to a considerable employee workforce who remain disgruntled and unhappy with their job roles. To understand the problem, let us first figure out where exactly the HR managers are making a mistake.


Reasons Why Employees Are Not Getting Feedback

1) Reluctance

Most managers are under the impression that if they give a critical feedback to their employee, he/she may or may not like it. As per a survey conducted by Office vibe, approximately 65% of the respondents feel they would love to get any kind of work-related feedback. Many managers are so busy with multi-tasking and managing so many employees at a time that they just do not have the time to inform each one of the essential elements of their job. Most of the HR managers are still stuck on solving basic communication issues within the teams.

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Ways to Tackle

It is the HR manager’s job to ensure that each team leader is able to give his juniors a regular update on his performance. Here are some ways to upgrade their skills in this field.

  • Organize training for them to understand the concept of why a feedback is necessary. If any of your managers feel it’s an unnecessary task, then this training is going to give them a brief insight into how an effective feedback will make his job easier.
  • Teach them the ways by which they can create an honest and open environment within the team. This would ensure that the team members themselves might be forthcoming enough to come and share their problems with the team head.
  • The manager may not be good at communication but you can surely let him be aware of how to read their teammates’ body language. This is the key is to understand the kind of reactions that you get when you are actually handing over a new task.
  • Encourage productivity in tasks and communication as well. A person who is assigned the task of handling a team needs to understand its importance and take it seriously.

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2) Lack of Providing Meaningful Feedback

Providing meaningful and true feedback is not an easy task for the manager. No two employees are alike and each employee has a flaw which, probably, even he/she is not aware of. The role of the manager is challenging here and it is important to provide both negative and positive feedback to the employee without any hesitation.

Here are tips relevant to your managers that will help them to provide relevant feedback to the team.

  • Take care of the fact that the feedback may not be liked by the person. First, build up a concrete and solid relationship with the teammate and give him the respect he deserves.
  • Understand that each person’s working style is different and you may have to work on a different level with each person.
  • Focus first on the positive aspects of the employee’s work Make it a friendly discussion and ask for his/her inputs as well. In case there is a point which is causing a problem with his/her working make sure to raise it up later.
  • In the case of a negative feedback ensure that you have a corrective solution in hand before starting on that topic. Embarking on a discussion of the negative aspects without bothering to make the other person comfortable is most likely going to give rise to a level of discontentment.
  • It is advisable not to wait to give an employee his performance updates. If you are noticing any flaws in working make sure to confront the member within a month’s time. This will give him/her ample time to make changes to his/her work pattern before the annual review happens.

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3) No Proper Technological Know-How

While other departments have clearly embraced the new technologies available, the human resources department is still stuck in the spreadsheet mode. Only a quarter of the businesses surveyed by Workplace trends and Saba admitted to actually using advanced technologies to gain insights into their employees’ mindsets. Payroll outsourcing helps you focus on trying on the latest technologies which you can adopt for better results. Below are some tools that you can implement successfully in your organization.

  • Desktime – A simple tool which gives the management real-time modules to track You can even categorize each task assigned as productive, unproductive or maybe neutral. Payroll solutions hence become easier to manage as you get an idea of the hours put in by the concerned employees.

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  • Google streak – Many times we incorporate only the important tasks in our schedule while the insignificant ones are clearly ignored. Google streak helps you set up email requests for such tasks and informs the team members in time. You can even set reminders and follow up with them to ensure that none of them are getting missed.
  • Work IQ – Most payroll outsourcing companies suggest using Work IQ as it can easily access the work behavior of any employee and give you a fair idea of how much time he/she spends on the computer per day. The dashboard gives you visual reports of which employees are continually engaged and which are distracted too often.

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4) Stuck on Yearly Reviews

Nearly 52 % of the companies surveyed by Workplace trends and Saba admitted to being stuck on the trend of yearly performance reviews. The employees have to wait for a long time period of 12 months to actually know whether they have been able to handle their work well. This not only keeps them in the dark over their performance but also gives rise to employee dissatisfaction. Also, the management can try and provide frequent and timely evaluations. You can have appraisals as per your schedule but it is important to encourage casual interactions on the performance status. The amount of time you will spend on having such interactions will save the time you would have to invest later during performance appraisals. Apart from these casual encounters, a quarterly formal evaluation can cause a dramatic improvement in the performance of your employees.

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As and when employees are able to visualize their performance, they aim to be more engaged and focused. This also causes a vast increase in the accountability levels as employees strive hard to keep up the hard work levels. Performance shows a positive improvement and high job satisfaction surely leads to fewer chances of employees leaving the organization. Giving them a clear, concise and timely feedback gives them the opportunity to work on the drawbacks soon. Any delay on your part only complicates matters as most of them stay oblivious to the fact that they are underperforming. And to achieve this it is required to reduce one’s workload and so affordable payroll outsourcing can be arranged to make the burden lighter.


March 02, 2017

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