Outsourcing Accounting & Taxations - Smart Bet Or Expensive?

May 15, 2018

Outsourcing Accounting & Taxations - Smart Bet Or Expensive?

Accounting and taxation are not-so-exciting topic which are discussed elaborately in the business world. As an entrepreneur owner, you’d probably focusing on your business, than your accounting and tax penalties. 

As a small business owner, you’ve kept a close eye on expenses, knowing it’s your job to keep costs as low as possible. You may even have done the accounting yourself and make sure that your taxes are in line, through some software but; there’s still something missing.

Having an accounting software is not enough; it suffices the requirement of the bookkeeping, printing invoices and help with your tax filing but nothing beyond.

Your business needs an intellectual accounting and taxation services to keep your eyes on your finances, to help with the opportunities.

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Considerations – Do Your Research And Set Expectations UpFront 

When considering outsourcing accounting, taxation or any other financial functions, there are several factors to think about. 

Compare the cost of maintaining the finance department or portion thereof, depending on the scope of the project in-house.  Taking into account expenses like salaries, benefits, training, office space, equipment and software, compared to the overall expense of using an outsourcer to achieve the same goals.

Outsourcing Accounting


All costs associated with outsourcing need to be clearly documented in the written agreement in order to reduce or, better yet, eliminate the potential for hidden costs. Setting mutual expectations at the onset, such as deliverables and deadlines, facilitates this process and will keep costs down in the end. The more detailed and specific the agreed upon expectations are, the better chance of avoiding unexpected costs down the line.

Is Outsourcing Extremely Flexible For Your Business?

Given that there are likely other clients will be vying for their time and attention, it is critical to understand how resources are allocated to ensure deadlines are met and that someone is always available to address any questions or concerns.

If the outsourcer is located overseas, it is important to understand how the differing localities, time zones, cultures and languages are handled.

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In some cases, potential outside legal or political risks may need to be addressed ahead of time as these, too, could impact the relationship or service provided.

The Transition Process  Is Another Major Consideration

An experienced outsourcing accounting and taxation company like Finsmart Solutions typically has a streamlined process in place to help minimize any delays in getting the work done, without anything slipping through the cracks.

As a best practice, the outsourcing accounting and taxation work can help ensure a smooth transition by having thorough documentation of all policies and procedures prepared ahead of time. Additional time may be required to help with this documentation, if it isn’t readily available but, it will prove well worth it when actually handing the work over to a third party.

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One of the final, but most critical, challenges in transitioning accounting, taxation, payroll as well as finance operations to an outsourcer is ensuring that appropriate controls are in place to protect the company’s sensitive financial data. It’s critical that the service provider meets or exceeds all of the requirements a company would mandate in-house to safeguard the confidentiality and security of its data.

When Done With The Right Company, Companies Can Reap Rewards With Outsourcing

Choosing the right outsourcing accounting and taxation partner like Finsmart Solutions, it benefits – both quantitative and qualitative.

The most obvious benefit is reduced costs. Supporting in-house employees and facilities can be costly. The cost of labor and operations to outsource a business function is often cheaper, especially when the cost savings can be reallocated and put back into running the business, and ultimately, generating more revenue.

Companies report experiencing boosts in productivity when they are able to focus on the customer, rather than on backend/administrative functions.

A good outsourcing partner like Finsmart Solutions provides access to a team of specialists in a respective field, such as accounting/finance. This deep functional expertise usually translates into strong management and control around the processes, which, in the end, allows company management to feel confident about the accuracy of the financials the outsourcer prepares.

Outsourcing accounting company like Finsmart Solutions are used to work within deadlines and typically have more flexibility to use their resources to meet varying client timetables.  

Overall speaking outsourcing accounting and taxation allows businesses to leverage a provider’s expertise, best practices and efficiencies, so management can focus on customers and growing the business. As long as a company goes into it aware of the potential pros/cons, challenges and risks, the rewards are usually well worth it.

Why Choose Finsmart Solutions 

  • Finsmart Solution team that uses innovative, technological solutions to enhance their accounting and taxation services and thereby your finances.
  • A paper-saving blessing in this, “let’s all save the planet together,” world. Finsmart Solutions do this by utilizing the latest accounting/bookkeeping system.


May 15, 2018

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