Mistakes Which Can Be Avoided By Choosing To Outsource Business Plan Writing Services In Pune & Mumbai

April 27, 2017

Mistakes Which Can Be Avoided By Choosing To Outsource Business Plan Writing Services In Pune & Mumbai

Business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai are on a growing demand. However, many entrepreneurs feel that seeking professional advice is not necessary. They usually overlook a lot of basic aspects while creating a business plan which can be avoided in case they can take guidance from project report writers.

Every start-up requires a business plan and writing a successful business plan is one of the most crucial steps that an entrepreneur takes. The quality of a business plan separates the amateurs and entrepreneurs who have a real promising structure in place. In fact, it is often recommended to use business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai which can make this colossal task easier.

Despite the fact that most of the business ideas are viable, the majority of the business plans are hardly worth the paper they are printed on.

Below are the common business plan mistakes highlighted by business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai


  1. Solutions or technologies looking for a problem


Many times, entrepreneurs start their journey with getting a business idea they think is viable and then try to define the problem they are solving for their customers. Unfortunately, this is the basic mistake since the right way to approach and create an expert business plan is to first define the business problems followed by the innovative method to solve them. The entrepreneurs who follow this methodology often build scalable and profitable business models. Defining each problem in detail and how the entrepreneur’s resolution will decipher them should become the crux of a successful business plan, around which all the other aspects revolve.


  1. Incomplete business model or value propositions


The business model for an enterprise defines its profitability, and the value propositions define the bundle of benefits that the customer receives by buying the SMEs products or services. Regularly, one can observe that both of these critical aspects are completely missing or not emphasized effectively in a business plan.

Business models help organizations to realize the economic value of their offering and value propositions are the reasons why a customer selects to do business with a selected brand. Both of these factors majorly contribute to an enterprise’s success and if they are incomplete, it seemingly represses the purpose of building a business plan.


outsource business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai

  1. Incomplete competitor’s analysis and marketing plans


A common statement that one will find in business plans is that the idea is unique and doesn’t have any competition. While claiming this, one often tends to overlook the rudimentary fact that there is no business without competition.

All the businesses are trying to resolve a customer’s problem and prior to a new idea, the customer was solving the problem another way. It’s important not to underestimate who the competitors are and create a sustainable marketing plan to compete with them accordingly. It is recommended that entrepreneurs take help from marketing plan writers who can effectively guide on building a marketing plan.


  1. Inadequate descriptions of uncertainties or risks


It is important for an entrepreneur to define all such risks and plans to reduce their impacts and reduce the business’s dependency on a certain technology, geography or customer. Investors and stakeholders would always want to know the challenges that can affect an enterprise and the ways to reduce them. Such risks could include competition, changes in external or internal business environments, legal changes etc. SMEs which are able to define this positively, successfully address the challenges in time.



  1. Gaps in capabilities of the team


Entrepreneurs need to build successful teams that can profitably solve the customer’s problem. Having team members on board with complementary skills, relevant experience and the ability to pound the street is important. It’s a good team behind an enterprise that makes an organization a success. Taking a stock of existing skills, identifying gaps in their capabilities and addressing them by hiring relevant team members is an important aspect of a business plan preparation. This gap can also be filled by getting on board advisors and mentors who can guide the entrepreneurs to success.



  1. Inadequate description of revenue and profit drivers


It’s become fashionable to raise funding and run a business on the money invested. Similarly, many entrepreneurs build their business plans on the same premise but often land up wrapping up the business. It is vital to address realistic and sustainable revenue streams for all types of organizations. The profits can be postponed by certain time period but having a clarity of its existence often in the lifetime of the business is influential. The goal of any business is to make a profit and to be addressed selectively in the financial and the business plan.


  1. Not using business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai and making many top-down assumptions


While building a business or financial models, an entrepreneur will make assumptions. Top-down assumptions are based on looking at the overall market size and estimating how much market share can a business garner. It’s quick and simple if the entrepreneur has the right data available and can provide a good view of the opportunity. However, if it’s not accurate then it can lead to over-optimistic estimates. It is important to take such data from relevant sources and educated guesstimates to ensure that the financial model can live by its assumptions.



  1. Lack of focus and a sound mission


The Mission defines what a company wants to be and where should all the employees of the team march towards. In case, if there is a lack of sound mission of a company then it represents that the team members are unclear of what they wish to achieve in the lifetime of the business. At the same time, it’s very important to take help of professional business plan writing services in Pune and Mumbai who can guide in terms of building mission statements that can absorb all sorts of new possibilities that can happen with the core business concept.


A well-written business plan looks professional and helps in pitching to the investors. Unfortunately, in the rush of raising investments from investors many entrepreneurs overlook the mistakes.

Small businesses can take choose to hire project report writers who can objectively review the business plan and offers feedback with the resources in improving the same. Perseverance is one of the greatest traits of an entrepreneur and giving up on their business idea without investing time and efforts can be the worst business plan mistake that they can commit.


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April 27, 2017

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