Outsource Your Accounting & Bookkeeping To Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity

May 05, 2016

Outsource Your Accounting & Bookkeeping To Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity

2016 is going to be a competitive playing field. Finance & Accounting will without doubt continue to perform its very critical ubiquitous role. By nature, it is vital to a company’s smooth operations in an environment that is increasingly subject to compliance and regulatory controls.

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Every company seeks to manage expenses so that it fuels growth and optimized return on investment. Per se, finances are being pushed harder. Technological advances have provided relief on several fronts and have enabled us to establish models for achieving desired results.

A Dedicated Outsourced Accounting Department Optimized For Your Small Business: Sapphire Taxofinance

Growing companies need their management to stay focused on building their businesses. In order to accomplish this you need strong financial management with a reliable accounting/bookkeeping function. That’s where Sapphire Taxofinance come in.  They provide growing businesses and non-profits with outsourced accounting services on a fixed-fee basis. Whether you want to add expertise to your current team or completely outsource your accounting/bookkeeping function, Sapphire Taxofinance is here to help.

Read on to know more on how your business will benefit by outsourcing your ACCOUNTING requirements to Sapphire Taxofinance:

Sapphire Taxofinance Outsourcing Accounting Service Helps Your Firm Grow Faster and Stronger

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping is done for one major reason – to help you maximize your return on your core competencies. It frees up your valuable time that you can use to grow your firm. Not only you can bring in more clients by focusing on marketing but you do not have to manage the tiresome cycle of hiring, training, reviewing, managing, firing and so on. Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping can reduce your costs by 30-50% or more.

Your Business Doesn’t Lose Projects and New Clients

When you outsource accounting and bookkeeping to Sapphire Taxofinance, you have at your call a full team of expert and experienced accountants and bookkeepers, so your service delivery capability is not limited to the time you have. Instead, you can get many times more work done by without having to pay for it round the clock. You don’t have to lose those big projects or new clients just because you are already too busy.


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You Cut overhead by Paying only for Actual Work Done

When you outsource accounting and bookkeeping, invariably you will pay only for the work actually done. It means you don’t have to pay for payroll taxes, overhead, sick leaves, vacation, training, managing etc. Thus, it helps increase your profit margin significantly and at the same time, it also helps you sell more work in any given time period.
Outsourcing Accounting Helps You Reduce the Risks of Suddenly Losing Staff

If you are like most accounting practice owners, you would have experienced the pain of losing staff suddenly. Small and medium firms cannot afford to keep “buffer staff” to take care of such eventualities. Longer working hours and stress are common effects of such challenges. But when you outsource accounting and bookkeeping, you work with an expert and experienced team that is more reliable because of teamwork.

Those team members and managers check and double check and review each other’s work, which ensures that the quality of work is as good as it can get. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about suddenly losing a staff as the service provider has much larger teams to absorb any such staff attrition without affecting your service delivery.

It Improves Productivity and Work Quality

Many accountants get frustrated with the errors, the delays and review needs of their in-house staff, which is money down the drain. But you can manage an outsourced provider far more stringently to not only ensure that the work quality improves but also to ensure that you always pay only for reasonable productivity. It will grow your profit.

Your Business Is Able To Give Your Clients Better Quality Service

Outsourcing companies work for many services so their staff gets trained by doing work for multiple firms. When you outsource accounting, you get the best brains many CPAs have out there working for you. It is like many other successful CPAs training your staff. It all converts into a huge competitive advantage for you.

You Can Adjust Easily to Your Business Cycles

Accounting and bookkeeping workloads are never even all the time. Outsourcing accounting enables you to easily increase staffing or cut back quickly depending upon your business cycle. It provides you a flexibility that is difficult to achieve on your own.


Sapphire Taxofinance Consultants Pvt.Ltd.    Sapphire Taxofinance Accounting Services team provides a practical solution for early-stage companies that need part-time accounting and finance support, or later-stage companies that need part to full-time assistance. They become the virtual accounting department scaled to your needs, providing professional accounting staff, controllers, and/or chief financial officers.  It includes:

Core Accounting

  • Transaction processing
  • Purchase orders
  • Bill processing and payment
  • Customer invoicing and collection
  • Expense report processing and payment
  • Monthly close
  • Consolidations
  • Preparation of financial and MIS with comments or remarks on all major items, exceptions and variances to make it ready for statutory annual audit.
  • Preparation of annual financial books as per Indian GAAP accounting standards or as per the client’s specifications.
  • Preparation and maintenance of day to day bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly management accounts, review of supporting documentations for adhering to company’s accounting policies and standards, compliance with local laws and reasonability of expenses.
  • Liaising with banks
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements.

Sapphire Taxofinance Approach to Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

  • Pay for what you need: They customize our services to fit your needs. You can outsource all of your accounting function to us, or we can provide resources to complement your existing team.
  • Affordable fee pricing: This means you’ll be able to accurately budget for your accounting and bookkeeping costs.
  • Expertise.  Their expertise goes beyond just bookkeeping. Their staff is managed by CPAs/MBAs with superior tax, controller-ship, CFO, and transaction expertise.

Sapphire Taxofinance Consultants Pvt.Ltd. Casestudies From Sapphire Taxofinance:

Case Study 1:

In February 2013, we were contacted by a MNC, having it’s manufacturing base [factory] & registered office in another state for the past 10 plus years. They wanted to shift all their activities from that state to Pune by end of March 2013. We were given the mandate to assemble an accounting team, consisting of 2 chartered accountants & 3 accountants, by March, 2013 end. They had already booked a trainer to come to Pune from the USA in the first week of April, 2013 to train the new Team with their ERP.

We ensured that the new Team was ready by end of March 2013. The training happened smoothly. Our new Team managed, very efficiently, a handover from the outgoing accounting team, over phone, mails & Skype only. The audits were concluded within time & the accounts department continued functioning very well thereafter.

Our company received all round appreciation for timely delivery of results, our domain expertise & the quality of work which we delivered.

Case Study 2:

There have been numerous cases where the client’s accountants, doing some critical activity, have left their jobs suddenly. Our teams were called in at very short notices [as short as one day] to fill in the slot(s).

We have ensured that in all such cases, the work was carried on seamlessly. We have been able to rebuild past backup based upon available data & generally allow the company to function smoothly, inspite of losing critical resources suddenly. Our team has also managed to carry on the work without any ‘handover’ from the outgoing accountant.

Case Study 3:

In many cases the client’s accountants have been unable to handle the rapidly changing & complex environments in accounting & taxes. In any cases our trained accountants have been called in to fill the crucial gaps in knowledge with our client teams. Our accountants have played a stellar role in ensuring seamless workflow in the most complex environments with our clients.

Case Study 4:

Many clients have faced difficulties in recruiting & retaining Finance Controllers & CFOs. We have helped such Companies by deputing our senior staff in such positions & we have successfully managed the Company’s accounting staff as Consultant CFOs. This has become a very valued service for many of our clients.

Why Should You Choose Sapphire Taxofinance For Your Accounting Needs?

The most important advantage that your business will render by outsourcing accounting services from Sapphire Taxofinance  is that you can save wages, payroll taxes, fringe benefits, office space, and other relevant costs related with an in-house employee. You can reduce cost up to 50%.

key benefits

It’s been a decade, where Fortune 500 Companies have been using accounting outsourcing practice, your business can also tap into to reduce overheads and focus on other important things that your business demands.

 Brief About Sapphire Taxofinance:

Sapphire Taxofinance Consultants Pvt Ltd,  is located in Pune is focused on providing effective and comprehensive Financial & Accounting Services to corporate and non-corporate entities. With their in depth knowledge of all regulations and compliances, we offer services like Assurance, Accounting Advisories, Accounting Outsourcing, Transfer Pricing, Corporate Finance Advisories, Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes to their esteemed clients.

Based upon our domain expertise in various sectors over the past many years, their core strength is to provide TURNKEY accounting & tax solutions. Moreover, our consultancy services include preparation of “Project Finance Report” and Business & Shares valuation for corporate and business groups.

In addition to our vast clientele base in India, they also render their expert services to companies with their respective headquarters in USA, Italy & France. Their client companies are from various industrial domains includes but not limited to Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Trading, Insurance, Power Sector and IT & ITeS.

Sapphire Taxofinance has served to the below mentioned industry segments:


Get connected to Sapphire Taxofinance now…

For more details call on 07838006101 or email at request@smejoinup.com


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May 05, 2016

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