Outsource To Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts For Cost Effective Results

June 24, 2016

Outsource To Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts For Cost Effective Results

We live in a digital age and digital marketing is imperative for every business to stay competitive and productive. They need to be more awake about the new marketing tactics to understand how to implement to make the most out of them. As the modern people or consumers’ behavior has changed entirely, they are using digital media as like never before and this trend is thrusting the businesses to utilizing this modern practice.

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The Aberdeen Group’s report confirms that digital marketing tools can increase conversion rate by 50 percent and add in business profit. In addition, these tools also keep away from many other human errors and save cost and time. Digital marketing also take in a variety of marketing practices deliberately to accomplish the organization’s real goals. Here are most popular digital marketing tools which are in trend.

Top Digital Marketing Trend 2016

Digital marketing is just not limited to products, services and the potential customers’ exposure but it goes beyond with the right use of multiple platforms, devices, online platforms and many more.  If we talk about the latest trends for 2016, they include:

#1. Shift from Google

New trends include that search will go beyond Google very soon. Social website Facebook is working on to develop its own search engine which will give users or businesses an automatic visibility. More exciting will be it comes up with business on messenger in 2016 as this will make SMEs able to interact with potential customers and business partners through a messenger app. In addition, customer will be able to place order and add their complaints instantly via this messenger.

#2. Periscope & Meerkat Use Will Increase to Keep Audiences Engaged by Live Videos

Video sharing has become the integral part of online marketing strategy. To grab consumers’ attention is very important to keep potential customers engaged. Periscope and Meerkat are two available apps that offer businesses an opportunity to share live videos and experiences with the target group of audience. However to ensure desired results businesses should come up with creative ideas.

#3. New and Innovative Content Use Increased to Achieve Business Goals

No doubt content is king in digital marketing and develop link between the businesses and target audiences. But, now it’s time to move ahead to ensure the delivery of high quality content. Therefore, video content is the new buzzes which dragged audiences toward itself forcefully and convert them into the customers.

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#4. Snapchat All set to Transform the Advertisement World

Snapchat is a new app used widely for video and photo massaging. Business could use this app to share and record videos massages and pictures with all the contact in one go. Another great advantage is that it carries time limit feature to set the expiration of shared content which will help to maintain the exclusivity to every marketing campaign.

#5. High Use of Instagram to Turn Business Profitable

If businesses use Instagram to share the business insights and experiences with the world, it will take them close to the world and thrive fast. It has also come up with paid advertising option recently and a 30 second video ad can help every business to hit the target audience.

#6. AdWords Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing

AdWords Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing now helping business to reach target customers easily through some specific ads. Magically you can connect with the potential customers with all the content that answers their all queries and needs.

#7. Pinterest to Create Animated Magic on Target Customers

Pinterest help to reach target audiences as per their interest with an animated pin. The most amazing thing about this platform is that it gives users full control to choose the videos to play.

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Apart from these trends, content remarketing, LinkedIn and Google+ use will be the other smartest choices too. Also already existed practices will be effective to stay connected with the potential customers. Let’s take a look of trends that has revolutionized this industry in 2015.

It means digital marketing gives all size businesses an access of varied online platforms to advertise and market your products and services at lower prices.

How Does Digital Marketing Works?

Digital marketing is an effective method to communicate and reach audience in order to tell them about your business and services. It incorporates a huge range of online tools and each of them help to drive traffic and leads to a business.

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Precise Benefits of Digital Marketing

Online marketing campaigns allow you to reach new markets globally for very less investment and hassle. Some specific benefits of digital marketing include global reach, lower cost, easy to track results, personalization and many more. Almost every company is relying on digital marketing because of these simple reasons.

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Understand Digital Marketing Campaign Lifecycle

The primary objective of digital marketing is to be lead generation, though it helps in creating business awareness and presence by using different procedures. A well structured digital marketing campaign is a combination of different strategies including Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media(SM), Blogging, PPC and many others. See the picture to get insight of how to build an effective digital marketing campaign.

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SME Joinup could be A Right Source

If you think you need to educate yourself about digital marketing and available services, choose SME Joinup! It is dedicated to empower the businesses through right service from right service provider. Additionally, it helps its vendors to sale their services and others to hire a company that has talented team with the right set of skills.

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What Type of Digital Marketing Services You Might to Choose

Including current trends there are more than 200 different types of practices that come under digital marketing. As a result, the selection of an effective digital marketing service could be somewhat tricky task for any business. However with right understanding of business you can finalize what service will work well with your brand. SME joinup displays info about award winning digital marketing service providers here which are specialized in social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing/development, PPC, digital marketing consulting, email marketing, online media planning, online reputation management and many other services. Click on the shared links to check out more about service provider companies.

# No.1 Digital Marketing Service: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing help businesses to tap high number of conversation. As per the available market report, about 92% businesses succeeded to gain better exposure through social media as it helps in getting new business by generating leads. It is an important part of digital marketing that helps in achieving real business goals and primarily covers social sharing of various kind of content for marketing purpose. Social Media marketing supports in:

  • Gaining website traffic
  • Encourage customers to share about your business with others
  • Leverage built-in expertise
  • Time and money savings
  • Get access to specialized technologies
  • Increase no of business leads
  • Ensure rapid growth and more

Every company is self proclaimed social media marketing expert and claims to offer the best social media marketing services. So how to decide which company is the best fit for your business and what to ask or check when selecting the one? Ask for the following things before finalizing the one:

  • How many years experience the selected company carries?
  • Does it know well about your industry?
  • What guarantee the agency is offering you for high number of leads?
  • What plan they have to market your business?
  • How much it cost but just keep in mind that cheapest is not always the best?

Which is a good company for Outsourcing Social Media Marketing Services? There are a number of social media service provider companies but budget is the main issue for most of the small businesses. The companies mentioned below must be good fit for outsourcing social media for your business.

Codelattice Digital Solutions 

code lattice

Codelattice Digital Solutions is a globally known agency with presence in more than eight countries across the world. The company provides a wide-ranging social media services for all type of businesses. It works cohesively with your business overall strategy and ensure profit after generating more number of business leads from social media. It serves too many leading brands and SMEs with end-to end social media marketing services a approach to go viral.

Gzest Media

gzest media image

Grezst Media have a team of experts with phenomenal skills and abilities to deliver highly engaging content to share on social media. First it take time to understand business, industry and other related areas and afterward suggest good ideas what to share online for helping to achieve business goals.


Digital Fives

digital fives

Social Media is vast and Digital Fives knows well how to drive your business to the right customers by developing a targeted social media marketing campaigns. It has worked with hundreds small and big businesses and has delivered effective results in the form of more number of leads through ultimate marketing plans. It knows what fits well to your business and leverage additional opportunities.

# No.2 Digital Marketing Service: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another essential ingredient of digital marketing and adopted widely because of its abundant benefits. This is a famous methodology used by businesses to increase the website traffic and high ranking in online page search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Effective SEO also affects the visibility of a website and delivers organic or earned unpaid results for a small business quickly with very less efforts. But if you fail to implement this technique in a right way, you will quickly move away from the search engines top pages. Without understanding this technique well or high-level of consulting agency help, it is difficult to use SEO resources efficiently for business growth. Even small businesses can enjoy a lot of other benefits from this technique in worse situations.

  • Search engine results high ranking with significant traffic increase on your business.
  • Deliver tractable and measurable results for everything including traffic, rankings and conversions etc.
  • It is cost effective and reachable to target audience who like your business, products and services.
  • SEO makes your website more usable or navigable for users.

If you ask them this question, they should be able to address your concerns. Additionally, below are some other essential questions you should ask when considering hiring a SEO agency:

  • Ask for a list of existing and past clients to get feedback
  • Although SEO consultant will not discuss freely their methods and the strategies but it’s good to ask how it will improve your business SEO ranking.
  • Ask about the achieved results.
  • How to get to know about the success of running campaigns
  • What would be the fee for any package and offered services detail
  • Other terms and conditions detail

Like to know who are trustworthy SEO consultants? Read below some of the top agencies in this area.

Techmerch Innovations


Techmerch Innovations provides customized SEO solutions for SMEs mainly in Mumbai, India. It is fully established digital advertising and marketing agency with a strong hold on SEO expertise. It has enabled a number of startups in web business achieve their online presence aims keeping their core business in mind. Additionally it is also specialized in many other skills required for digital marketing through google analytics, PPC, SEM, web content management and many others.

Thor Solutions

thor solutions


Thor’s digital marketing services including SEO put your business in front of thousands of target audiences at very limited budget. It also offers clients free access to central system from where they can review the results of followed SEO marketing strategies and their impact all along the info of new areas to leverage opportunities.

[aw2_module slug=’external-buttons’ name=’Thor Solutions’ website= ‘http://www.thor.solutions’ /]


# No.3 Digital Marketing Service: Content marketing/development

Digital marketing’s next key component is content.  Jay Baer Customer Service & Marketing expert says “Content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives.” It means content marketing deploy effective strategies and we need to follow a strategic approach focused on business to engage audience to drive direct profit. However content development planning and marketing is not an easier task, but with the help of an expert this task can be done this within limited time period.

It is cost effective and appropriate for every type of business and industry. Including this there are many other reasons to include content in your digital marketing plans. However, before you start content marketing of your business; you need to understand the real purpose of content development. Let find out more about the benefits of content marketing:

  • Great content give more reasons to customers stick around your website.
  • Boost visibility in search engines and correlated with website traffic.
  • Higher quality content helps you to add on trust on your business and also develop more inbound links
  • Help to generate referral traffic and new visitors with the sharing of every post
  • Increase social media exposure ad conversion potential as well.
  • Costs time but incredibly cost- effective.

Below are some questions that you can ask from a content marketing agency to know it better before hiring a content agency.

  • Who are previous clients whom the agency is delivering services?
  • Is it well aware about your industry?
  • How they tie developed content to business site for more traffic and lead generation for making more revenue.
  • How you can measure the success of your spending?
  • What things you will get from your spending?

Now, you might be looking for the content development agency. Here you can go to know more:

Crystal Hues

crystal hues

Crystal Hues Ltd is one of the top content development companies in India which is serving in the same industry for past 20 years.  It is providing content localization solutions to the businesses in different languages with the translation services academic, advertising, banking & finance, education, IT, Legal and many more. Besides, it has all in-house resources for developing creative and unique content for the promotion of your business.

NuGrid Grid Technologies 

neugrid tech


NuGrid Technologies is another experienced leader which supports to extend the reach into newer market segments and online business communities. To attract more number of visitors to your business website, it follows effective strategy and converts every visit to a business lead. The company assures the delivery f premium quality content at viable prices to ensure highest ROI.

# No.4 Digital Marketing Service: PPC

For pay- per-click marketing, businesses need to pay fee for every ad click. Simply, PPC is a method of buying traffic, rather than earning organically like content and SEO marketing.PPC refers to google adwords advertisement and you only need to pay when interested person click on your advertisement.

  • Offer full control on your budget
  • With right ad it takes you directly to your target customer at the right time
  • Delivers very quick results and can be launched quickly
  • Generate additional traffic to website
  • Also, connected to other marketing channels

Although PPC directs traffic to you website but before launching your PPC campaign, must ask the below mentioned questions from the agency:

  • How you will use PPC to generate business leads?
  • What main steps it will follow when taking over the business account?
  • What strategy it will follow to maintain the Google quality score?
  • Will you have the access to Google Analytics to check Adwords performance?
  • What search engines it will use to advertise and many others to get more information?

Find out here some PPC service provider companies which has already been recognized as the best service provider company and verified by SME JoinUp’s team. Let us know two of them:

Red Cube Digital Media


Red Cube Digital Media is the one of the best AdWords PPC Company for those businesses that are looking for a trustworthy agency to get maximum benefits from online marketing within the smallest budget. It is based in New Delhi and Certified Google Partner. It offers different packages to ensure the delivery of effective digital advertising strategies.

NuGrid Tech

neugrid tech


NuGrid Tech is another leader that help companies to maximize the number of business leads by implementing a data-driven adword. It helps companies to understand what is online marketing and importance of Adwords and digital presence. Companies that want to know more about NuGrid tech can consider SME Joinup or can click on the given link.

# No.5 Digital Marketing Service: Email marketing

Email marketing in another vital digital marketing tool utilized by businesses to reach directly to the potential customers. It is lower in cost as compare to other online marketing practices. Also, it helps to get connected with target fans easily.

  • Target only those who already signed up to receive info of your business
  • Allows high conversions
  • Results improved engagement with your customers
  • It drives direct sale
  • It is very easy to create and track.
  • Global reach and many more

Must ask the below given queries to get full information about any email marketing agency

  • Ask which email marketing solution the company will use to promote your business?
  • What would be the email campaign strategy?
  • What are packages and costs?
  • How can encourage people to resister on your website?
  • How you will be able to measure the effectiveness of email marketing campaign?

All the above mentioned companies also deliver Email marketing services. You could try the Smoke Technologies too.

Smoke Technologies

smoke technologies

Smoke Technologies established in 2010 and one of the well recognized IT companies with digital marketing specialization in Jaipur India. It helps to reach target groups easily with award winning email marketing solutions.









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June 24, 2016

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