Need Home Loan? Top 10 Home Loan Providers Offering Best Deals

December 30, 2017

Need Home Loan? Top 10 Home Loan Providers Offering Best Deals

Need Home Loan??  It was just one phone call that temp me to pursue home loan providers. And why not low interest rates, multiple phone calls to give home loan sanctioned within 24 hours which makes it all lucrative to grab one of the offers. Well,  wish it was as easy as to read but like any other common man, my dilemma is how to decide which home loan providers are giving the best deal?

Let’s clear this confusion, we have lined up “Top 10 Home Loan Providers” which are quick, convenient and transparent for those  “Need Home Loan” 

1. Image result for home loan png icon    State Bank Of India (SBI) 

Well, whether it is usual banking or taking personal loans or home loan SBI tops the chart. People still trust nationalized banks when it comes to home loans. Probably the most preferred bank when common man searches for the “need home loan” on Google.

State Bank of India is the best bank for the home loans. Though, the bank still has the impression of that “Sarkari culture” when it comes to processing home loans, as they do not have sales professionals or “customer care” service for the home loan procedure. This means an individual will have to go to the bank personally to get your things done to complete the process. Things will be easy post home loan process if you need anythings from bank compared to other banks.    

2.Image result for home loan png icon     HDFC Bank

HDFC tops no.2 in the home loan provider lists. It’s perhaps the best private financial institution known to offer great home loans at competitive rates. The best part is they have great customer care services that takes care of your all loan paperwork, right from collecting it from your doorstep to finalizing the home loan deal.

It’s a leading name when it comes to fulfilling your need for home loan; with quick processing and attractive interest rates, HDFC Bank’s home loans are hassle-free and customer-friendly. In addition, women who apply for home loans are eligible for lower interest rates.  

3. need home loan  LIC Housing Finance

Life Insurance Corporation is one of the largest insurance companies in India, which has also fledged ventured into various loans include home loans. So when you are searching for “need home loan” options over Google, you’ll find LIC to be coming on the first page searches. The reason is very simple, they are the best after SBI with less of fuss of documentation and best of home loan interests. They also happen to give option to fix the interest rate for 5 years.

One thing which many people do not know is that LIC reduces the interest rates for home loan for its customers having any insurance -investment policy with LIC by at least 0.25% , but only if sum assured of all policies collectively is more than 15,00,000 and all policies should be under the name of loan applicant. Also; during festive seasons, LIC waives off home loan processing fees for the applicants.  

4. Image result for home loan in png icon  ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank when it comes to home loans, seems to be very very fast and too friendly in processing your loan. Currently, ICICI Bank claims to have the largest mortgage portfolio among private sector banks in the country with disbursement of mortgage loans crossing over Rs 1 trillion (Rs 1 lakh crore).

The bank understands the need home loan of its customers of owning their own house and hence provides for loans for buying houses. ICICI offers home loans at lower interest rates, higher repayment period and simple documentation. In order to offer convenience to the customer ICICI bank offers doorstep service and also smart-phone applications, thus preventing the customer from making frequent personal visits to the bank.   


5. need home loan  Axis Bank

Axis Bank is another good option as big bank . One good thing about Axis bank is that they have NIL charges for any pre-payment. Aiming to ramp up its mortgage book volumes and expecting better credit behaviour, Axis Bank today launched a home loan product that entails waiving off a few EMIs during the course of a loan.

Being 3rd largest private sector lender will waive off four equated monthly installments each at the end of the fourth, eighth and the 12th year of a two-year loan. This means that if a borrower takes a 20-year loan, the consumer will get 12 of the EMIs waived off, which the.   

6. need home loan IDBI bank

Owning a home is one of life’s biggest aspirations. IDBI home loan solutions are designed to buy your dream house a pleasant one.  The bank offers competitive home loan rates which is available at low interest rate of 8.35% for a maximum tenure of 30 years.

IDBI Bank offers you a longer tenure of 30 years to repay your loan with a benefit of paying less EMI per month. There is no processing charges and user friendly attitude coupled with little higher rates of interest fetches it a middle ranking in the list of most preferred banks.  

7. Image result for home loans icon  Bank of India

Availing a loan through online process makes it easier for the account holders applying for the home loans. Low processing fees and special offers in the form of cash backs there are amazing loan features that puts this bank on the top 10 list.

Once you approach the bank, they will collect your documents and initiate the loan process. The process includes checking your CIBIL score, property valuation, technical and legal checks on property, eligibility calculation. The bank will give a decision on your loan based on the evaluation results.  

8. Image result for home loans icon  PNB Housing

Reasonable rate of interest along with exemplary customer services has helped it improve its ranking on the list of preferred banks for home loans. Punjab National Bank is the country’s second largest government-owned bank that started operation in 1894. With a rich legacy of banking of over 122 years of the Bank, 7 banks have merged with PNB and it has become stronger and stronger with a network of 6941.

The multinational financial and banking service company, Punjab National Bank, was India’s first ‘Swadeshi’ bank. Based in New Delhi, the bank now has a colossal customer base of over 80 million customers and offers an extensive line of housing loan products for the public, private builders, government employees, etc. at competitive interest rates.  For the people in need home loan – the bank could be the best with an objective of providing this loan is to ensure the easy availability of the home loan at attractive rates .

9. Related image Union Bank of India

Union bank of India is providing a helping hand to the customers to fulfill their dreams by providing with competitive home loan interest rates. The products and process of obtaining loan is designed in such a manner that the customer can avail the loan of his/her choice. The repayment of the loan is easy and the rate of interest is also according to the convenience of the customers. Moreover; there is no prepayment penalty along with flexible methods of repayment combine to make it a good option for home loans.  

10. Image result for home loans iconCitibank

If customer opinions are to be believed, the fixed interest rates of Citibank tends be disadvantageous to customers many a times but they have a couple of good reviews too to make them rank in the top 10 most preferred banks for home loans.   

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December 30, 2017

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