Key Ideas to use MailChimp Email Marketing Software Efficiently for Small Businesses

August 16, 2016

Key Ideas to use MailChimp Email Marketing Software Efficiently for Small Businesses

Email marketing is not dead yet, it is very much alive and many businesses are still enjoying its benefits! People love to check their mails daily and go through every detail. However, small businesses need to optimize their marketing efforts to hit a high number of potential customers and to achieve better results in the form of abundant business leads and potential customers. Well, now the question comes in mind, how to reach more people?

Email marketing is the simplest technique to achieve this need. According to SurePayroll’s third annual favorite tech tools survey report, email marketing and cloud storage are top small business tech tools and Google Drive is the most used app among SMEs. These technologies are used for both organization management and cloud storage.

For this survey, SurePayroll has covered SMEs from different segments and asked them to rank their favorite marketing technologies and  tools under different categories like organization apps, cloud storage providers, networks platforms, social media use, CRM and email marketing and related software etc. Perhaps, it has covered many other aspects but for email marketing, it finds MailChimp the most important tool and useful to create very effective email marketing campaigns and managing customer relationship for business purpose.

The Advantages of MailChimp Software

  • MailChimp analytics is very detailed. You can see almost every detail on every sent email including send bulk emails and track opens, clicks, and more stats.
  • Scheduling of every mail delivery at a specific time during each time zone is possible.
  • The interface is very simple and can be customized easily to run email campaigns in your own way.
  • MailChimp logo can be removed easily from the bottom of every email.
  • It syncs up with Squarespace and this feature helps when you to get imprisons of all visitors who want to sign up for your mails and newsletters.
  • Its basic plan is free to reach less than 2,000 subscribers.

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How MailChimp Help To Send Better Mails and Generate More Leads?

MailChimp email marketing is one of the best practices for those small businesses who have just entered in online promotions but have very limited budget to spend on email marketing campaigns. It is extremely easy to set and use and anyone who is non techie can use it easily. Most important, MailChimp is a service solution that can be used for free with limited features. But if you choose paid plans, it offers abundant features which are very useful for running successful email marketing campaigns either with small number of contacts or large number of contacts to reach. Business owners can use its advanced features and tracking tools when creating emails and sharing mails.

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How to use MailChimp Email Marketing Software Efficiently to Ensure Growth in Your Small Business?

To find key ideas how to use MailChimp email marketing software efficiently for your business read the below shared guide:

learn how to use

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Import Your Contacts into MailChimp

Import all contacts from different Google accounts to a group in MailChimp. However before you start importing contacts, review the format and must add certain fields in import file as it will help you to run personalized campaigns in the future.

Develop an Announcement Email and share it on MailChimp’s Group of Contacts

Start with creating an announcement email! To tell everyone about what’s new and exciting you are going to launch, create and schedule mails with all details and share it to all the contacts that you have in your list. Mailhimp will make you able to track response from receivers’ side with total number of opened mails and clicks etc.

Classify Groups and Send Relevant Emails to Targeted Audience

If you want to share any information with some particular contacts, MailChimp allows you to do that easily. Simply classify your contacts by using the “send to a segment” option and filter accordingly. This feature is very useful to spread words about current offers so that customers keeping coming to you again and again to enjoy additional benefits

Enhance Subscribers Engagement

As told earlier, MailChimp provides you statistics of every shared mail, it make easy for you to track the record of all those audiences who have not opened your mails for a long time. You can change your marketing campaigns accordingly so that you can re-engage them easily. If again they don’t respond, unsubscribe them to maintain a list of active audiences.

Educational Emails Campaign

Start sharing informational mails’ series about your product line and industry updates. You can run weekly or monthly educational campaign to engage your potential customers. Through MailChimp, this process is very easy. Just schedule your campaign and setup emails accordingly. Afterward, let everything on MailChimp to run the whole campaign by itself.

Share Special Mails on Special Occasions

“The majority of recipients of emails containing personalization drawing from previous shopping behaviors and preferences would be more likely to increase their purchase as a result. In fact, 81 percent of respondents said there were somewhat likely.”  eMarketer

There are many occasions in a year which are special for subscribers. You should have some special discounts and offerings around holiday, birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. However, birthday campaign is the most opened email campaign, so when you send a Happy Birthday massage with a special discount coupon, the potential customer will definitely visit your website to use this coupon.

Follow-Up Impressions

When someone clicks on the links shared in your marketing campaign, start sending them a follow-up emails. In addition, if you provide them more information about the product and service in which he/she was interested in, may it help them to take decision of buying easily. Mailchimp’s area of Automation can do this task automatically.

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What Type of Plan is Right for You?

find a plan right for you

Choosing a plan that’s right for your business can be complicated task. However the pricing detail for each plan shared on its website will help you to understand all about the available plans and you can select the one that is right for you.

Getting Started with MailChimp

Getting started with MailChimp and setting up an account is very easy! Simply sign up on the MailChimp website for free and follow the further steps and instructions to complete signing up process. Once you have created an account, you get access of your dashboard page. Whenever you will log in your account, you will get all information and stats of your recent campaigns.

Also, all MailChimp mails’ formats are mobile friendly, which make it easy for small business owners to run a campaign through their mobiles from anywhere. So it means MailChimp is an all-in-one resource that can be used by small businesses for managing contacts’ list, running campaigns and checking emails performance etc.  There is one drawback too as MailChimp does not offer professional design services.

Are you thinking of running emails campaigns? Do you want to use MailChimp? What are its key features? Well, choose SME Joinup, a small business consulting agency to get the right answers for all your queries. Fill your information in the below attached form, SME Joinup team members will get back to you soon!’

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August 16, 2016

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