Juvlon's Email & SMS Marketing Campaign Drives Sales. Period!!!

April 28, 2016


Everybody is doing it. Email marketing drives sales. Period!

Email and SMS marketing is relatively a new phenomenon. People now send more than 120 billion emails per hour.

email marketing


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McKinsey recently estimated that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. And among top-performing B2B marketers, Forrester found that email marketing was reported as the most effective tactic for lead nurturing. For every content marketer out there, email conversion rates (and the stories you tell in them) should always be top of mind. (Source:contently.com)

Small businesses have close relationships with their customers – which offers a huge advantage in email marketing and SMS Marketing. This type of marketing continues to be one of the best tools available to reengage or continue to engage customers and bring them back to your business.

Some of the eye-opener facts that we miss out about Email and SMS marketing:

  • 44% of email & SMS recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email/SMS. 
  • 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone.
  • Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%. 
  • Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. 
  • For B2B companies, subject lines that contained “money,” “revenue,” and “profit” performed the best. 
  • 64% of people say they open an email/SMS because of the subject line. 
  • 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email/SMS in the prior week. 
  • Monday emails had the highest revenue per email. 
  • Emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158% higher click-through rate.
  • Women click 10% more often than men on mobile emails/SMS 
  • Email & SMS marketing spend grows 10% every year. 
  • 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by SMS/email marketing as high quality. 
  • 82% of consumers open emails from companies.
  • 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices. 
  • By 2016, the number will reach 4.3 billion. 


Whether you’re already underway with your SMS and email marketing or still on the sidelines, Juvlon has got few  significant reasons explaining why this particular marketing tactic make sense to boost your sales and improve awareness of your business:

Email and SMS marketing are amazingly affordable

According to the survey conducted, the business owners/startup entrepreneurs tend to spend less than 4% of your revenue on this marketing.


sms email marketing

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It doesn’t take much of time

It is easy to put together an email or Text message in 90 minutes or less. Once it is creating and designed well, sending emails can be done in 45 minutes or less.

That’s because email service providers like Juvlon  offer hundreds of email templates to choose from, and because you can use a drag and drop interface to lay out your emails. That leaves you to write a few paragraphs, drop in a few pictures, send a test email or two, and then schedule when to send your message.

There are even ways to automate your email marketing so every time you publish a blog post it automatically gets formatted and scheduled to be sent to your subscribers… without one keystroke of work by you. Sweet!

This marketing tactic let’s your marketing messages get through

Emails and Text messages are the most preferred communication for marketing messages as they are click good responses from the consumers/clients. The graph mentioned below explains all:

conversion image

Image source:thenextweb.com

It is the best marketing tactic that boost sales in minimum of time

It has definitely been the easiest way to reach people. If business entrepreneurs  wants to reach local/national people, it is easy to create a quick email/sms messages and send right away. The response is immediate.

It is a good marketing technique that helps you learn your customers/clients likes and dislikes

Email/ SMS marketing gives you the metrics you need to see how your emails and text messages are performing. These insights help you market smarter, and also give you the advantage of better understanding the needs and interests of your customer base

Juvlon What Makes Juvlon A Leading Player When It Comes To SMS & Email Marketing?

In Detail About Email Marketing 

Juvlon is India’s leading permission-based email marketing platform, helps you reach your target group effectively at a minimal cost. Juvlon Email Marketing helps you connect with your customers in just a few clicks. Use Juvlon and save time and track your campaign from anywhere in the world. Use emails to reach a large number of people in less time and money. Allow Email marketing to give a massive boost to business. Customize your message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through Juvlon Email Marketing.

JuvlonOverview of Juvlon’s Email Marketing


img14 Event based triggers

Trigger an activity in Juvlon based on a subscriber event. This marketing automation feature is excellent for graduating your target audience to the next level in your sales pipeline. Juvlon provides detailed reporting of subscriber actions for triggered campaigns. Triggers can be used on

Click Events
Upon clicking a link in your existing mail, send a special mail to subscribers that gives them more information of product/service mentioned in the link. Or ask the subscriber for an appointment. Or even send the subscriber details as a lead to your branch for further follow-up.

Subscription Events
Send a Welcome Mail to each subscriber who signs-up to receive your newsletter. Send a Going Away Mail to subscribers who opt-out from your regular mailing.

Open Events Coming Soon
Send a sequel campaign to all subscribers who open your existing campaign. A personalized sequel campaign is sent out instantly once the subscriber opens a mailer.

img14 Juvlon’s APIs to integrate with your CRM

Integrate your applications (Website/CRM/CMS) seamlessly to your Juvlon account using APIs. APIs are simple functions using which other applications can access Juvlon from within their own programming code. Without manually logging into Juvlon, from your own application code, you can now

  • Add subscribers to your lists
  • Send email campaigns
  • Fetch campaign reports

ab-testing  A/B testing to send out best mailers

A/B testing is a feature that enables mails to be sent to the best performing sample of your creative. Before sending out a mail, the user is given a choice to send 2 creatives of the same mail to 2 different smaller portions of the total target audience. Depending upon the open rate or click rate, the best performing creative is sent to the rest of the target audience.

googl Google Anlaytics to track visits on your website

Let’s say you are sending an email to ten thousand people and you have created a beautiful email. You have linked it to your home or other product related pages and you are ready to send it. After this, you want to track – how many people actually came to your website by clicking on the links mentioned in those mails.  Juvlon have come up with a feature where you just need to do a single click and the tracking will be done automatically.


Juvlon-Reports Juvlon reports to know your target audience

Reports are at the heart of juvlon’s success. Attractive graphical display of each report. All the reports viewership, click-through, bounces, opt-outs, referrals, domain wise, day-wise, time-wise are displayed in attractive flash graphs. Tabular reports with absolute numbers and percentage outcome. All the reports are showing in tabular form in absolute numbers and on a click of button are converted into percentage.

Anti-Spam Anti-spam features to send spam free emails

When you are done creating the email, click the Test Spam button in Juvlon. Juvlon uses SpamAssasin which is an industry leading opensource Spam check software. SpamAssassin comes with a large set of rules which are applied to determine whether an email is spam or not. Most rules are matched against the body or header fields of the message, but SpamAssassin also employs a number of other spam-fighting techniques. The rules are called ‘tests’ in the SpamAssassin documentation. Each test has a score value that will be assigned to a message if it matches the test’s criteria. The scores can be positive or negative, with positive values indicating ‘spam’ and negative ‘ham’ (non-spam messages).

To make it simple for you, we have introduced a green and red colour to the scores. If your score is low, it is shown in green, which means the email has passed the Spam test and in all probability will not be considered as Spam by many email clients.

Dedicate-IP Dedicate IP adress settings

Drop the emails into the Inbox. Juvlon assigns a dedicated IP address to each client to help the better email delivery. Contact Juvlon Support to know more details about DNS setting and dedicated IP address process.

In Detail About SMS Marketing

Juvlon’s robust marketing solutions include a new dimension. Using Juvlon’s constantly evolving software, you can use mobile marketing and much more to grow users, send messages and also keep track of your performance reports. Use this permission-based software to plan well in advance and send messages within a few clicks. All this is easy, affordable and reliable, giving you maximum reach to deliver high-quality, highly targeted campaigns to customers in minimum time. Juvlon also provides expertise from leading industry professionals for assistance at every stage of the campaign integration.

Juvlon Overview of Juvlon’s SMS Marketing

Features  Personalization in SMS

Personalization in SMS. Here, each subscriber receives a customized SMS. For e.g., you can send a link to landing page or publish customers’ name to the SMS.

 Schedule-the-messages Schedule customization

Schedule the messages on the basis of time and date. For e.g. sale offers, festival greetings, and discount coupons.


img14 Easy to use tools

Easy to use tools to create and preview and send SMS messages.

img14 Generating reports


  • Click tracking of personalized links used in SMS
  • Delivery status
  • Up-to-the minute campaign effectiveness reports
  • Easy-to-use tools to create, preview and send a message

Juvlon Why It Is Important For Startups & Small Businesses Of India To Have Juvlon’s SMS & Email Marketing Solutions?

Besides, the affordability, there are 10 significant reasons why businesses whether startups or small businesses of India to choose Juvlon’s SMS & Email Marketing solutions:

  • Instant deliverability
  • High open rate
  • Instant opt in and opt-out
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • High conversion rate
  • Cool factor
  • Easy two way communications
  • Limitless market potential
  • Green…Green is in! Though most online marketing strategies are naturally green, it is incredibly important to reiterate. Green is not only great for the environment but for the bottom line.

Knowing Juvlon

“Juvlon” is the Industry leading Email Marketing platform, designed and developed by the team at Niche Software Private Ltd based out of Pune, India.

Our platform was launched in 2005 but our story began much earlier.

Niche Software began developing web based software products in 2001. Along the way it realizes that the Indian market needed a good web based email marketing solution. So in 2005 they started sending out emails on behalf of their first client.

Today  it has helped some of the biggest corporations as well as small and medium enterprises in India deliver their message to their consumers thought our platform “Juvlon“.

Juvlon is now a robust platform, equipped with the state of the art infrastructure, 24 x 7 dedicated connectivity to the internet, and scalable architecture.

Juvlon loves email marketing and it is fanatical about is permission based marketing.

They can offer Email Marketing services that generate excellent results for our clients. Juvlon look forward to sharing these insights and best practices around Email Marketing with you. If you are an SME, Juvlon is best suited for you. You will have access to the latest industry information and handy articles, white-papers and tips to help you learn about email marketing best practices and enjoy great email delivery rates.

Juvlon want to make Email Marketing truly simple.


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April 28, 2016

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