Get Instant Approval Of INR 30 Lakh -Top 5 Personal Loan Providers India

January 30, 2018

Get Instant Approval Of INR 30 Lakh -Top 5 Personal Loan Providers India

Personal Loan as the name suggest is a loan which acts as a financial aid during your acute cash crunches. These personal loans furthermore it can be availed for various reasons such as settling down an immediate medical bills, rental deposits, international holidays, getting through a humongous wedding expenditure, sending your kids to abroad for higher studies and so on.

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Fulfill Your Personal Needs With Personal Loan

True, that personal loans are expensive, but if you happen to choose the right lender to suffice your financial woes, it can turn out to be the best fiscal option in today’s time. Furthermore; an urgent need of money can crop up in our lives at any time of the day and there may come time that you don’t have enough cash on hand.  It seems like personal loans are specifically crafted to solve your every kind of financial emergencies without any hassles.

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Getting personal loan finance from these top 5 loan providers in India have actually made it possible to get approval of INR 30 Lakh in 24 hours. The approval of the loan is as much easy as it seems, because of the quick transparent process which makes these top 5 personal loan providers India as the most preferred choice for urgent cash.


Different Types Of Personal Loans In India

It’s easy to get instant approval of INR 30 Lakh from your personal loans provider in India. When you have all the documents in place and have the right CIBIL score, the loan process is hassle free. Seems like you are eligible for guaranteed personal loans in as quick as 24 hours. Because a large amount of money has been borrowed under personal loans most of us have no idea about the different types of personal loans available from loan providers India.

personal loans   Vacation Loans

We all like to explore; international holidays has been a new craze taking up in India. Holidaying international isn’t cheap; for a family of 4 one has to take into consideration the amount of traveling which only personal loans can suffice.

Because of the affordable personal loans which are offered from leading loan providers of India; it is possible to make your dream come true of visiting DisneyLand with your kids, or you wish to go on Europe Tour; for real.


personal loans india  Marriage Loans

In India, weddings are larger than life affairs. To mark this special day, couples and their families do not hesitate to spend lavish, be it is a venue, caterers, photography – destination photography, decorations, hotel bookings, wedding card, wedding clothes, jewelry, and gifting to relatives. Additionally; it takes a lot of effort and yes a huge amount of money to make it lavish and successful.

Because of the quick, hassle free personal loans process you can rest assure that the wedding expenses are taken care of in a hassle free manner. Furthermore; you can expect to get instant approval of INR 30 Lakh from these top 5 personal loan providers India to have a successful grand wedding – the way you want, the way you wished.

Image result for decorating home png icon    Home Renovation Loans

Buying a dream house and decorating it perhaps we all dream. The house is a comfortable space which we crave to get back to at the end of the tough day at work. To turn your home into the most inviting, relaxing and comfortable space you need extra money. Seems like you may require lavish spending for home renovations. Home renovations and home decorations are expensive, but with persona loans they are not any more.

You can now avail personal loans upto INR 30 lakh from these top 5 personal loan providers of India to transform your lovely home into the most relaxing space. The home renovation personal loan takes care of the deposit of the contractor, hiring interior decorator fees, purchasing raw materials smoothing out financial hassles.

Image result for study abroad icon png    Higher Studies Loan

Every parents wishes to get their kids enrolled in for higher education aboard. We all know that higher education and staying expense in abroad is tough for a common salaried person to arrange that kind of cash. Perhaps; that is the reason people choose to take personal loan.

Because parents now a day wish that their kids to study abroad; to cope up with the higher studies expenses they can avail the loan upto INR 30 lakh from these leading personal loan providers banks of India.

personal loan   Consumer Durable Loans

This type of personal loan usually involves borrowing an amount no more than a couple of lakhs. Perhaps; these loan is used to purchase durable consumer products such as LED tv, air conditioners, washing machines etc.  Hence; these loans can be secured or unsecured based on which bank you are borrowing.

personal loan   Fresher Funding Loans

These type of persona loans are much in vogue. The freshers with their new job are struggling to meet their expenses. One of the primary expense is to cope up with rental deposits. Apart from expensive rental deposits, furthermore; these freshers can avail personal loan to meet the expenditures like buying a second hand vehicle, food expenses, traveling expenses etc.

To help them cope up with their spendings, banks and private lenders of India have therefore; designed a personal loan with the competitive rate of interest so that freshers can have a good financial stability.

Get Instant Approval Of INR 30 Lakh -Top 5 Personal Loan Providers India


1. ICICI Bank

ICICI bank offers personal loans for various purposes such as home renovation, international holidays, higher education, wedding, fresher funding and so on. The eligibility process is quick and hassle free, with flexible tenures and at affordable rates.

You can pay your loans in easy installments and also repay through auto debit, ECS and PDC facilities. The bank maintains an easy documentation process therefore; there’s instant processing. The ICICI customers are offered flexible repayment option of 12-60 months.

2.State Bank Of India

SBI Saral Personal Loan offered by State Bank Of India is one the most preferred choices amongst borrowers. The loan attracts lot Indian consumers because of the attractive interest rates and low processing charges. Additionally; there are seasonal offers from time to time, which can further decrease the EMI payable on the amount borrowed.

A borrower can apply for a State Bank of India personal loan without requiring any kind of security or collateral. An individual can get a loan of up to 12 times of his net monthly income. With the right documents ready; your loan gets approved within 2-3 days. 

SBI offers range of personal loan products for different needs be it for business expansion, debt consolidation, foreign trip, marriage, home renovation, emergency medical expenses etc.

3.HDFC Bank

HDFC bank offers personal loans to help you overcomes your financial worries. Furthermore; it has a speedy approval process with easy documentation. It may seem as expensive but it offers you competitive pricing and maintains transparency in the whole process.

You can expect to get your personal loan approval within 2 days. HDFC offers personal loan products at competitive interest rates. For those who are already HDFC account holder can avail special benefits, interests rates and charges. For women employers, it has special personal loan offers. Check with your HDFC bank for Personal Loan Eligibility to instantly apply for it online.


LoanTap is a fintech company which believes in providing customized financial solutions to patrons suiting their financial needs. The company has achieved its breakthrough in providing hassle free personal loans to the customers. Because of their smooth interface, it ensures the consumers to fetch the financial aid at the right time. 

Loantap offers very flexible and innovative  personal loans to salaried professionals. The loan offered can be used for various expenses such as  credit card bills, rental deposits, hospital bills, wedding expenses etc. Perhaps; it’s a great way to curb cash emergency especially when you have no funds lying around. Rather; of going to other loan lenders; getting an online EMI loan from LoanTap is way easy and hassle free.  

5.Axis Bank

A Personal loan can come handy for your vacation, renovating home or planning wedding. Get a loan between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15,00,000 with minimal documentation and quick approval at Axis Bank hence; personal loan comes with plenty of benefits .

You need to be of a minimum age of 21 years and should have a valid set of documents to avail the loan. The repayment tenure can range from anywhere between 12 to 60 months. Futhermore; for Axis bank holders there are special rates to avail personal loans.

To know how much you need to pay per month, there is a personal loan calculator at Axis Bank website. Hence; with the help of personal loan EMI calculator, perhaps; it makes it easy to know exactly how much the loan will cost you.

Final Thoughts

People don’t need to face lot of hassles when getting approval of personal loans in India of INR 30 Lakh. With less paperwork and few terms and conditions to take care of it is as much easy to get approval within 24 hours.

January 30, 2018

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