I Envisioned A Company In Which Women Can Become Successful As She Wanted To Be, It’s All About Courage To Dream- Says, ANKITA SHROFF

March 31, 2015

I Envisioned A Company In Which Women Can Become Successful As She Wanted To Be, It’s All About Courage To Dream- Says, ANKITA SHROFF

Nothing reads more encouragingly than the true story of the visionary entrepreneurs who started with a dream to mark as an achievement. The journey has been never been easy with lots of policy changes and economic slowdowns rearing the heads at the different point in the organizational growth.

Most teenagers in India dream of getting settled into some corporate job, or want to have a successful life abroad, but there are few who think different. Ditching the trend that has been more observed these days; we have ANKITA Shroff – Director of SAV CHEMICALS PVT LTD, SHROFF GROUP as a finest example from the young entrepreneur category.

Having acquired her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from M.I.T Pune, she holds another significant educational degree in her kitty “M.Sc. Management” from the renowned Imperial Business School, London.  Her dynamic personality is evident from the award she achieved, “Best All Rounder Student” from 2006-2010.

Have closely worked in various functional areas about the real estate and construction industry of India, she desires to bring a change in the management style focusing more on marketing strategies and HR.  She has been associated with several sustainable initiatives and has worked on “How can organizations promote innovation to create sustainable cities”.  A firm believer of change, Ankita desires to embed the technology in the housing sector and lead to sustainable housing.

In conversation with Ankita Shroff- Director of SAV CHEMICALS PVT LTD, SHROFF GROUP.

What Makes a Successful Achiever?

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”. It’s my conviction that “checkboxes are made, so that they can be ticked”. And soon this conviction was altered into persuasion; when once I glanced into my everyday personal and professional diary.

I believe diversity plays a big role in lending richness to our life goals and life in general. Manufacturing, Retail Sector, Women Entrepreneurship, International Joint Ventures were these diverse facets on my list, which would soon take up my journey onto a different direction.

So, it becomes imperative on our part to add as many facets as we can, to anything that we take up in our lives, as excellence and richness seem to flow from it.

Starting A Journey as an Entrepreneur…

Born and raised in Pune, I have been truly passionate about travelling, trekking, fitness yoga and sports. After completing my B.E. in Computers and a flair for robotics and technology, I did my internship at ‘PARI-Precision Automation robotics INDIA’ on a very interesting and challenging topic Rubik’s Cube Solver. My passion towards Manufacturing increased substantially.  Where there is passion there is always enjoyment. Do what you love and life is fun. Its sometimes difficult to figure out what your passion is, but don’t worry keep trying and explore cause one has to DREAM, BELIEVE And ACHIEVE.

With an urge to get an international exposure and learn business, after intense interviews and shortlisting I was admitted at Imperial College London for MSC Management. This one year at London, not only helped in developing my business acumen but also interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. After that I did 6 months internship with Rolls Royce in London and Germany where I worked on a Consulting Project “How to prioritize manufacturing site investments in global companies?

Factors for Brownfield vs. Greenfield. This project gave a different insight on how international companies work, joint ventures strategies, production, etc. London transformed me from an introvert to an extrovert to an inquisitive person. Networking with people, developing relations helps us in some way or the other. If you have an opportunity, go there for 5 min but being present than no present is always better.

It was time to be back home in 2013 and live in the real world to evolve from “Exploration to Execution, Learning to Earning “ As an entrepreneur, I had started working on my business plan on a small venture to get Taiwanese Bubble tea to India, with a Taiwanese Imperial classmate. We worked on strategies and investment from the same.  It was time I got some reviews from Indians about the taste and flavor. But with a firm opinion family and friends spurned the concept and execution.

Perceived A Changed Circumstances- A New Challenge, A New Opportunity

It’s not always the end result but it’s the experience that matters. People keep giving advises but never stop trying. By that time, I started handling my dad’s Real Estate Marketing Department for Pune based Residential projects. This experience was essential because it gave me real life marketing experience. Marketing is one of the most important pillars in every business. You can manufacture by sourcing your technology, but if you can’t sell you can’t survive in business. Learning the traits of Sales and Marketing I learnt different strategies and dealing with different customers. Although I didn’t enjoy the real Estate sector, what I learnt was adopting different processes and workflows, putting systems in place, documentation, Reporting and systematic working style.   Learning at every point and implementing what you learn was my takeaway there.

Successful Entrepreneur Who Prove Entrepreneurship Is Open To All

During the same time, destiny and opportunities had something lined in for me. My Imperial Taiwanese classmate had just in boxed me a Business Proposal to take forward in India. After intense discussions, meetings, studying of projections, future market scope, product portfolios, pricing, investments, Taiwan visits we eventually started our company on 9th April 2014. SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (INSTANT ADHESIVE ) Mxbon branded products for consumer and industrial market.  It is a Joint venture with Taiwan based Cartell Chemicals, an adhesive expert. Cartell Chemicals has been in this business for the past 20 years & is one of leading manufacturers of Cyanoacrylate and Anaerobic adhesive in Asia region with an excellent customer satisfaction.  To supply the increasing demand of instant adhesives in India, SAV Chemicals offers a range of different grades and packaging. It is a solution for a product range from low viscosity to high viscosity for applications like rubber, metal, acyclic, wood ,etc. Fixing your favorite broken shoe, or joining your old toy, putting up a hoarding, our connecting your bikes metal part, etc we provide an instant solution with maximum bonding ( MXBON).   With the international quality and packing standards, SAV Chemicals MXBON products have the USP’s of: Reusable, Quick  and Strong Bonding, Higher Shelf Life and Competitive Prices. We are currently available in 7 states namely: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi.

Company’s Achievements

We started our manufacturing Unit in Bhukum  Pune, in Oct 2014 and have a small young team of 20 already. As a director and Founder, a firm believer of women employment we have only women laborers at the Manufacturing unit.  The last quarter we have already achieved a turnover of 60 lakhs. Our targets for the next financial year is  about 2.5 cr along with new Product launches and state wise expansion. .

 Journey so far……..

Starting and setting up SAV was a tough time indeed. Getting the right space, team, imports, Law and Taxation, setting up the factory, FDI were really big challenges and Question Marks. Being a first timer, and plus a girl in the manufacturing sector, with consistency, patience, support I finally did tick my boxes. Although delayed May it be, but the impossible was definitely turned into Possible.

The secret works and so do the ticks on the Checkboxes. Indeed I am blessed with a life is full of experiences, adventure and positive energy unlimited.

March 31, 2015

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