How To Choose Best Graphic Designing Agency- Answers By Bizztech Work Solutions For Small Business

June 24, 2015

How To Choose Best Graphic Designing Agency- Answers By Bizztech Work Solutions For Small Business


GRAPHIC DESIGNING is the process of a visual communication and problem solving through the use of image, and content. It is an art with the purpose to get results that are professional and visually stunning graphic designs.

For a small business, it is important that their corporate identity brings vision to their success. Your corporate identity, marketing and BRANDING reflects the vision and positioning of your business. A graphic designing company will help you to develop a right image and branding for the business. The firm works with you and understands your business and develops marketing collateral that is aligned with your company’s vision.

Their MARKETING INSIGHTS to the studio team, which helps them further in creating collateral that will help your business to succeed.

What is Graphic Designing and where is it used?

The term graphic designing or designing is refers to the craft created with the available resources to make it an eye candy. Designing can be of anything like Handicraft, Computer design, food presentation, paper or graphic design, set designs, character design, architectural designs etc.

We almost see numerous examples of GRAPHIC DESIGN everywhere in our daily life likewise road banners, natural edges of tree or walls, leaflets or branded metro or bus body, your own t-shirt, shirt or top or anything you wear, eat, touch, see, use. Even your toothbrush has criss-cross bristles design. Design is an integral part of life.

Consider your toothpaste “Colgate”. They have a red white design on every product or packages they provide. Suppose they will change the color to Blue and white. Will you be able to differentiate in first sight? You will be confused with “Pepsodent” Brand as they have the same color feel as blue and white. This is the power of personalized graphic or branding. It creates a perception of your brand among potential customers for buying decisions.

 What is the cost range of getting graphic designing done?

There is no range as quality has no cost. The better the design and concept behind the design, the more it costs.

Being a service, design charges can’t be predicted. People get customized costs based on their requirements. Designers charge based on the time they invest on the design element created for you. Design elements can be anything like a simple flyer or a business card or a concept packed logo, danglers, letterheads, branding elements etc.

 Which is a good option, outsourcing graphic designing work or hiring an in-house graphic designer?

The most preferable answer is to outsource your GRAPHIC DESIGN needs to any reputed design agency. The reason we suddenly came to this answer is mentioned in details below.

What are the benefits of outsourcing graphic designing work?

There are numerous benefits to outsource your design works. Few are below mentioned-

  • You don’t have to pay salary every month to your design employee for the design tasks you need on time by time basis.
  • You have to pay for your design only, however design agencies put multiple people on your task as different people have different design ideas so as you get variations in the design and you will get the right to choose the best you like.
  • Cost Saving and consultation on your brand promotion activities.
  • Generally good design agencies have hierarchy with the teams they put work into your design project. Starting from research, copyrighting till product development phase, people get hired based on their proven track records and exceptional talent. They put their work in your project and the best part is that, just pay for what you get not for the talented people they put in.

GRAPHIC DESIGNING is a part of product development and marketing, hiring an agency can help you in many ways to promote your brand. Design Agencies are a one stop solution for your Brand promotional needs. It can be a simple design, your promotional campaigns, and different method of marketing options to connect with.

What to look for when selecting a company which is into graphic designing?

To hire a GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY could be painful sometimes as people generally go with the glittering low cost offers or discounts offered, however they end up with a painful experience of getting not even close to what they expected from them. Few are the points you may look before hiring such agencies-

  • Try finding the possible options using multiple methods like referrals, online platforms, local listings in different medias like newspapers, TV, event functions, magazines etc. to find a design agency.
  • Always check for the depth of agency operations using online search engines or locally about the reputation and trustworthiness. You may take help of different social media as well as the users/ clients give genuine feedback about their experience with agencies they hire. Do remember people update their experiences online most likely when they are unhappy and in happy state they enjoy the benefits rather commenting on such platforms. So check the frequency of their positive and negative feedback and decide accordingly.
  • Many companies avoid marketing on social media due to many reasons. In such cases, you may personally call an executive of your desired agency and ask them about the previous client works and proofs of company operations.
  • Never compromise on a contract for required and expected services from them. Sometimes expectations may clash due to different terms of service proposed by company that you may sort out by mutual understanding with the agency. Signing a contract can save you from many unwanted damages may have caused in terms of time, monetary benefits etc.

You may check with the different agencies about the cost they quote to set a balance on your budget however sometime finding an expensive agency but in budget may help you earn more benefits in long run. Always follow above points to differentiate between the right and wrong choice for you.

These are some points we thought might be helpful for you all to decide on choosing a right design agency and what refers to the design in real world. If we left anything please comment to add in the list. Help us will help others too.


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June 24, 2015

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