How Does Business Blogging Help You Boost Traffic And Generate Sales?

January 20, 2016

How Does Business Blogging Help You Boost Traffic And Generate Sales?

You may be surprised by the way business blogging works for you and drive more traffic to your website. Any business blogging can start generating results immediately after sharing. It’s up to you how you fetch the traffic data and turning it into sales leads.

What is Business Blog and Why Do You Need One?

Business blogging a simple way to stay connected with customers by sharing relevant information. It gives you a voice to share about your company, product, services and fuels ROI with high sale generation. It acts as an important ingredient of online marketing and tells you what potential clients like and dislike about you through their comments and feedback. It is a cost effective technique aid to stay ahead in the market competition.

As SMEjoinup is one of the top companies with great and successful business blogs. It highlights itself, vendors’ products and services in blogging and ropes to become a leader by reaching potential customers.

sme joinup logo SMEjoinup -Power You to Build a Great Network through Business Blogging

Since the day SMEjoinup has started its business blogging it has received overwhelmed response. The company knows which vendor is a perfect fit for the topic or services and it put together all the related information to help you out in networking and finding a right business blogging associate.

Here are some truly amazing business blogs published by SMEjoinup in the month on Dec 2015:

  1. Boost Your Sales with Your Own Corporate Video and Films
  2. Cloud IVR – Why SME’s/Start-ups Stand To Gain the Most from It
  3. Is Twitter Marketing effective for Small Business in India

This list goes on with many other remarkable blogs on SMEjoinup social pages and website. The company is amazed with the number of visitors on its website and the business queries it is receiving through business blogging.

Apart from this, you could spotlight a list of vendors like Rss Squarz, Innoserve, Maximus Leads and many others with whom you can think of partnering for business blogging. It is imperative to know that all these vendors and SMEjoinup can help you to do winning business blogging to boost traffic and sales leads. Following this, they can help you to summarize your business, products, sales and marketing strategies to explore tremendous scope for business leads generation.

Additionally, Eculiea, SHROFF GROUP and DBS SME Banking are some finest examples of the companies for whom SMEjoinup did business blogging recently and it is giving them benefits for a long run. You can decide on selecting SMEjoinup which has a dedicated business blogging team for your help through effective business blogging.

How Does Blogging Help In Leads Generation?

Blogging is simple way to lead generation with every post you use for online promotion of your brand. The information shared below will help you to understand how it helps for increasing sales leads.

blogging for lead generation

“As shown in the below given figure, Hubspot reveals some more interesting facts about blogging and its role in business lead generation.”

blogging image 2


  • About 60 % of businesses that have blog and post blogs frequently attain 62% more customers.
  • Blogging reduces cost by 62% per lead in comparison to traditional marketing.
  • It is a cost effective online marketing technique which promotes you with low investment.
  • The study confirms blogs of over 400 words do wonders to increase leads.
  • Blog with word count between 400-1000 words get 6x more leads.
  • Blogging is a long-time advantage which helps in SEO rankings results.
  • Blogging supports in SEO and SMM campaigns by providing relevant content to share within all social media channels.
  • Blogging make businesses alive and active and increase conversion rates and overall ROI.
  • Blogging help businesses hugely especially the ones that highlight company profile, services, products and many more.
  • Communication can be improved between you and your potential customers by developing business community blog.

Wide-Ranging Tips –How to make Blogging More Interesting

There are thousands of ways to make blogging interesting and good read.  SMEjoinup has given some of them below to help you out. So, get started with these smart tips and generate more business leads through more traffic.

Start Writing Unique Content for Sharing

Blog should be unique, informative, entertaining and inspiring enough to get more traffic from different channel.

  • Use interesting headline and facts with giving excellent information on the selected topic.
  • Write longer posts all along impressive content.
  • Do good research for adding informative content in your blog.
  • Write shorter and sweet posts more frequently.
  • Write on the current market updates with exclusive information for business community.
  • You can start writing on something controversial topic for debate.
  • Interview and quotes of influential people can be included in your blog page as people like to read those most.
  • See your analytics to get to know that which post is liked most by readers and write more on the same topic.

Key Ingredients for Making Blogging More Effective

Insert videos for blogging 

Whenever you start writing a blog spot, think about using videos. It is likely that with the videos three times more visitors can be attracted than a simple text post. Just find out great examples of related topics and use them. You can also use homemade videos to use within your blog post.

 Use Multimedia to Make Your Post Engaging

To draw target audience attention, use noticeable pictures and graphics related to the topics in your post. However they should be eye catchy and relevant.

Sharing for Audience Involvement

Consider your reader as an important part of your blog strategy. You can invite them to share their opinion in the form of comments at the end of the blog.

Quick Respond to Comments

Your quick response to the audience who commented on your post will encourage them and it definitely lead to a healthy discussion and regular follow-ups questions and counter points. Just keep in mind that it is very important to share your blog on different social networks to interact with more audience.

SEO Interlinking

Interlinking of your blogs is very important. So write the related content in different post so that can be connected. Use keyword research tool to find out the most relevant and high researched keywords to optimize your blog.

Use Interesting Infographics

Use creative infographics and share in your network all along the blogs. For example you can see “the Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation” (article link) and many others in the SMEjoinup news section.

What you should know About Blog Sharing?

  • Try to generate more and more content to produce maximum number of business leads.
  • A consistent schedule of writing creates interest among readers and they keep waiting for new blog sharing.
  • Sharing of blog through mailers, newsletters, and social media is very important to grab the attention of target audience.
  • Promote your blog through massive sharing and link bait technique.
  • Ask your readers what they would like to add in your shared post in comments so that they feel connected.
  • Different search engines and social media assets like LinkedIn, facebook and twitter increase the value of your blog. Sharing of your blog on all these places is important.

WordPress – a Humble Blogging Website

Wordpress has grown as the largest blogging website across the world which is used by millions of people daily for expressing their thoughts and views in the form of blogs. You can also use this platform or self promotion.

Why Choosing SMEjoinup is a good Decision?

In conclusion, business blogging helps small businesses leverage the huge potential of online media including blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. which support in organic research. Might be you not see immediate results, but over the time, you will start getting expected results in the form of high traffic and business leads.

Needless to say, not every visitor to your blog is a lead, but with the time it will improve the number of visitors to your website. Just look for a right business blogger for yourself and improve the website traffic every month.

If you would like to know more about business blogging, just fill the attached form to connect with the SMEjoinup experts’ team or call on 07838006101 for any other service information.

As discussed earlier, SMEjoinup do business blogging for small businesses. It reduces sales cost and shortens the sales time period as well.  So don’t think more, choose SMEjoinup as partner for quick results.

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January 20, 2016

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