How Can HRMS Software Help Your Small Business Grow?

October 06, 2015

How Can HRMS Software Help Your Small Business  Grow?

The small business environment is becoming contagious. The right kind of business environment has an ability to inspire the staff, thus keeping them motivated. To remain excited and accepting the new challenges on the daily basis can have a great impact on the employee morale. Hence, there comes a time for a change- a change for betterment.  It is high time that you think beyond just being a start-up. There comes a time when small businesses has to outgrow Excel-sheet. HRMS Software can help your small business grow- it comes with extended benefits like handling your entire HR operations, staff development and increases productivity.

Need For HRMS Software

When companies starts moving from start-up to established, the work-force is going to grow- and so does their paperwork. The professional/executive in charge may be shuffling from resumes, and files feeling trapped of not getting it streamlined. And disorderly paperwork keeps your data put to waste.

Other significant signs you need HRMS software for your small business:

  • Administrative personnel is overworked and not able to streamline it
  • A high turnover rate
  • The team is unable to produce the detailed reports when required

To help you decide whether HRMS Software might be good for your small business, here are 4 of its primary benefits:

1.Top HRMS Software comes with employee scheduling feature

It is one of the known feature of HRMS Software, that provides a platform for the employees to track and manage projects in collaborative settings. The managers and employees access the software on different levels according to the company’s structure, connecting employees seamlessly  for executing projects. The employees can keep track of their productivity while documenting the tasks, allowing small businesses to advance with quick decision making after each project’s completion.

2.Best HRMS software will have time and attendance feature within

The best HRMS software comes with time and attendance feature – employee scheduling structure and time management. The team strengths and weaknesses are recorded in manageable format for the performance review on an individual scale and this way your small business can predict and improve the company future. Modules that support employee scheduling enhance communication between employees and managers, giving a clear and accessible platform to keep employees on track with company goals.

3.Recruitment and applicant tracking for small business HRMS

Advanced applicant tracking HRMS software specializes in talent acquisition, giving you access to select talent pools while saving you time by combing through databases to fill your vacant positions.  Today’s most talented applicant pools are found through tech-savvy searches. Luckily, HRMS recruiting software makes these job candidates accessible for any size company in any industry. Small companies have the same access to top talent as the biggest enterprise firms.

4. HRMS software with payroll and compensation features

Payroll software can be as simple as calculating wages and integrating with accounting software. Calculating salaries while including tax deductions saves administrative time, and headaches.

Payroll can also be included under a company’s human capital management expenses. Even for small businesses, recording paycheck information provides the opportunity for advanced reporting. With the right software, you can have a visible comparison of your resources going towards each employee.

Big companies might have endless options right from having in-house HR department to getting high-end HRMS software, but what about small businesses? Don’t get stuck with an HRMS solutions that can’t scale up with your business requirements.

Apart from the above mentioned primary benefits that small business can avail to grow and expand by having HRMS software, it also provides other advantages such as:

  • Making training easy
  • Deliver employee development
  • Increase efficiency and automate processes
  • Superior user experience
  • Improve compliance
  • Retain your best people
  • Configures and easy set-up

When you are looking to upgrade your small business to the tech era of HRMS Software, look for ways to enhance the practice in your business. How?  Identifying the pain points:


The very much first step to buy HR Software is to find specific areas when you company needs solution. Before choosing a vendor, start identifying cases to meet your company’s challenges. For the small your pain points might include:

  • Your workforce lacks the right talent for your next major project. Talent acquisition software connects you with a deep applicant pool for finding the best candidates.
  • Employees don’t feel in the loop, and can’t relate to company goals. Employee scheduling software provides a platform for aligning team objectives.
  • Managers are unable to conduct performance reviews because of lost records or a lack of time. Performance reviews use data compiled through employee tracking for a detailed job history.
  • There is a performance gap between employees, but you don’t have the reporting to strategize needed training. Analytic features provide advanced reports for comparing any aspect of your data all in one place.
  • Employees have inadequate communication or are physically divided between office locations. Collaboration features can be accessed from mobile devices for real-time communication.
  • Records for employee information are outdated and spread across department filing cabinets. With web-based software, all you need is the internet for access to all of your records.

Sum totaling everything, your small business get the talent, learning and the work force management solution that is just right for your company – HRMS Software from top trusted vendors:

Grey Tip is a  specialist HR Software company with almost 20 years of domain expertise. The Greytip difference is our pure HR focus (obsession?) and a rare blend of technical competence, quality service, and pragmatic design.

You can expect effective & simple solutions developed with cutting edge technology and backed by reliable tech support. Their award winning HR solutions are highly appreciated by their customers.

To review Grey Tip’s case studies, click here.

Their greatest source of satisfaction is the praise that they receive from their clients. Here is a small sample of the heartfelt comments from their long lasting clients:

Greytip’s service is appreciable…the team is available when ever we are in need of their assistance to resolve our queries.Customizing the software as per our requirement is one of the best service they are providing…which is ultimately making the software a very user-friendly- P R Saibabu, PRIMUS Global Technologies

We have been using this software from last four years and have found it to be one of the best HR products available in market. The reports that are generated from the system are excellent. It is the most user friendly tool that we have come across. The support provided by your team has been prompt, apt and effective. Thanks to Greytip Team – Sushant Sawant, S2 Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Other than Grey Tip, there are other leading names when it comes to offering HRMS Software services to the clients of India. They are Seed Management, RH Factor and Intero Solutions. It keep yourself secured by buying a fully web based, scalable and fully parameterised world class HRMS software which gives you savings over 10 times it cost.

You are going to be buying such an HR software just once for your company across the country and thus it is very critical that you opt for the most comprehensive and user friendly HR, Payroll and administration management software. If you do not want to opt for modules like payroll or PMS immediately you can do so as it is modular in nature-you cal always add such modules later on if required. In case you buy a featureless HR software, you will not be able to tell the management later on, that you took such a HR software  just to save couple of lakhs of rupees because the management will expect the entire HR & Payroll department automation for faster decision making.

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October 06, 2015

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