How A Digital Marketing Consulting Firm Can Improve Your ROI Efficiency

September 22, 2015

How A Digital Marketing Consulting Firm Can Improve Your ROI Efficiency

Let’s be honest. Buyers are changing, they are more educated and more self-reliant than ever. Digital marketers require getting more personal and must show their presence wherever their customers are. They must deliver more relevant and helpful content. Digital Marketing Consulting firm roles are changing – they are doing more with less.

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ROI – “Return on Investment” It is still an ALIEN term for many businesses and do not have the slightest idea how much important it is when it comes to increase business.

Return on Investment is what every businessman wants from a Digital marketing consulting agency. It is an easy thing to calculate if you are doing PPC advertising.

Digital marketing consulting firm that provide SEO services have traditionally reported ROI in a variety of ways. The most common approach to SEO ROI has been search engine ranking. If a company can get a client to perform well in organic SERPs, often times focusing on a handful of short-tail keywords, then they’ve done their job. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly SEO ROI. Instead, it’s a trophy that may not be worth anything at all.

The Anatomy Of True ROI

True ROI involves driving targeted traffic from SERPs, irrespective of how long or the short keyword tail is. It also includes targeted referral traffic. Targeted traffic means that accomplishes the goals and purpose of the website. That could be any of the following:

  • Registration
  • Subscriptions
  • Purchases
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Community involvement
  • Repeat traffic

What’s tricky about reporting ROI is that you have to connect the links that have been built with referral traffic from websites and search engines, and then connect that data with conversion results. Although Google Analytic can help connect the dots, it’s still difficult to sync, analyze and report on that data.

Each ROI reports should focus on and report the following key elements:

  • Conversions related to the campaign
  • Overall increase in conversions over time
  • Conversions related to search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in unique users and traffic

Why Digital Marketing Consulting Firm- What Is In For Me?

Digital marketing automation improves efficiency and allows marketers to deliver the personal, relevant and timely content that improves the buyer’s experience.

digital marketing consulting firm

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Increased ROI- At the end of the day, it is all about SALES. If a marketing initiative in unable to increase sales, provide qualified leads least offers brand awareness it’s value begins to fade. Digital Marketing firm offer excellent results and provide your business with high ROI.

How Digital Marketing Firm Involves In A Campaign To Improve Your ROI?

When running a digital marketing campaign for you, they are typically quite a few moving parts that makes or break the campaign especially when they are designed to improve ROI:

They include things in their campaign like:

  • Click cost
  • Click through rate
  • Creatives
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Lead cost
  • Average customer value
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Conversion%
  • Earnings per click

50% of the small businesses in India see improved sales from Social Media- All thanks to Digital Marketing Consulting firms in India.

As ROI has become more important there is a clear line to measuring sales impact. This number increased from 43% last year, which makes sense with an increase in measurement. There were several correlations to the ability to attribute sales impact.

“More than half of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least 3 years report it has helped them improve sales. More than half who spend 6 or more hours per week find the same results and 74% of those who spend 40+ hours earn new business through their efforts. Conversely, 50% of all marketers taking this survey report social media has not helped them improve sales. This may be because they lack the needed tools to track sales.”

How Digital Marketing Consultancy Firm Helps Improve ROI?

The first stage to generating sales is to increase leads. The good news is that it looks like at least 6 hours per week is the magic number to start seeing results. For companies of any size this seems like a palatable number.


As little as 6 hours on social media per week can result in an increase in leads…

By spending as little as 6 hours per week, 67% of businesses see the prime benefits by hiring digital marketing consulting firm. Another interesting findings behind getting successful ROI derived by digital marketing consulting agencies are:

  • 83% of marketers say they have integrated social media into traditional marketing up from 79%.
  • 43% of marketers now have a mobile optimized blog up from 28%.
  • 94% of marketers are using Facebook.
  • Only 43% of marketers feel like their Facebook marketing is working. Most don’t know or feel that Facebook isn’t working.
  • Facebook is the most important platform for B2C marketers 68% while LinkedIn is the most important for B2B marketers (33%).
  • 68% of marketers plan to increase their use of blogging. The first time since 2010 that blogging has topped the charts.
  • 90% of marketers who use paid social media buy ads on Facebook.

There are some really interesting stats that give you a clear perspective of where digital marketing consulting agencies’s heads are when it comes to social. It also includes break downs of the differences for B2C and B2B marketers, which helps to align it to your company’s plans based on your audience.

Apart from the above mentioned insights, there are few more tactics that these Digital Marketing Consulting firms apply when it comes to improving ROI such as:

  • Moving from backcasting to forecasting
  • Run ROI Scenarios
  • Prioritize Measurements
  • Make marketing more measurable
  • Assess incremental conversions and value
  • Understanding where the pay off stops
  • Factors playing in your favor that increases value of your brand
  • Getting involved with the analysis
  • Lastly, experiment frequently

Continuous Improvement By A Digital Marketing Firm 

Measurements of marketing initiatives show ROI results ranging from very negative to levels in excess of 1000%. While it is important to generate positive ROI levels above a required threshold, it is even more important to constantly support the process of measuring and improving ROI. This discipline of constantly improving effectiveness builds confidence and credibility that marketing can deliver results for the organization.

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Improved ROI is very much important in today’s marketplace since it is the primary thing that would deliver the results – or you could find yourself betting on a wrong horse.

Expert Guidance From “Trusted Vendors”

When it comes to finding a right “Digital Marketing Firm” business owners especially small businesses are finding it hard to locate one. Googling to find a digital marketing consulting firm will land you with multiple results, rather than why not go with the “Trusted Vendors” that are known for offering enhanced ROI results.

Nebula Tech is a full service digital marketing consulting company that is known for offering innovative solutions, providing 360 degree digital marketing products and services.

Their esteem client list includes names like Raymond, Aditya Birla Group, Future Group, Pantaloons, Pigeon, Gilma, T24.

Amongst other Digital marketing consulting firm names, there are other remarkable names like Webzol, Contify, Midas Touch offers the most trusted service when it comes to improving ROI for your business.

Contify has the most comprehensive sourcing methodology. Their platform processes information from high-caliber sources on the Internet making for the most exhaustive repository of insights on topics, competitors, or business terms. It provides the most advanced and powerful analysis tools that dramatically improve reporting. The platform supports a wide range of data visualization options like bar graphs, pie charts, time lines, trend graphs, world map, etc.

To know more about Contify, and read their blogs click here.


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