Google Apps for Work Now at a 20% Discount

December 14, 2015

Google Apps for Work Now at a 20% Discount

Google Apps for Work Now Cost 20% less

Now Get  20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar

Protostar Consulting Services is a technology startup based in Pune and specializes in cloud-based services through Google Apps for Work. Protostar is now offering a 20% discount on Google Apps for Work subscription fee. This offer is available exclusively through, is applicable for firms from all over India and valid up to only January 31st, 2016. Click Grab the Offer button to claim your offer NOW!


Google Apps for Work is a cloud-based productivity suite that offers a group of applications to organizations for highly efficient collaboration and communication. You will be able to shift from a personal email ID for all your employees to a professional one in the format of Not just that, Google Apps for Work provides higher cloud storage space, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime,  enhanced security features, and complete control over apps and data. So go on, give your company a professional image.

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What can Google Apps for Work Do For You?

Now Get 20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar

Google Apps for Work is a cloud-based office productivity suite. It offers all the basic apps of Google – Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Drive, Hangouts & much more – but customized for your business. Many small business owners run their business through multiple apps and use their personal gmail ID for official mails. They check both personal and official mail from the same ID. It requires considerable amount of effort in setting up your folders so that you can work peacefully.

As your business grows, it adds employees and more customers. There eventually comes a point in time where you will feel the need of a professional solution for your work. The best part of Google Apps for Work is that it has the assurance of the Google brand. You can be rest assured of the quality and professionalism of the apps. Besides, Google is trusted by millions of businesses and individual users.

But, of course, due diligence is an integral part of any major change. So, let’s have a look at the reason why you should adopt Google Apps for Work.

How is Google Apps for Work Different?

The advantage of keeping your data on Google’s cloud is that you are guaranteed of 99% up-time for your business account. Besides, Google offers 24/7 email and phone support in case you run into any trouble. When you are using a business gmail account, you can keep your personal email separate without any overhead effort to organize your mails in folders. Google Apps for work provides ubiquitous access to all your apps and data, seamlessly across all devices.

Keep your personal and professional life separate

A lot of professionals opt to keep their personal and professional life separate. It helps them tackle any problems without ever mixing up or getting confused. Hosting providers don’t provide a whole of space for email. Even if they do provide, their upgrade plans are not very budget-friendly most of the times

Google Apps for Work enables gmail access attached to your official domain email ID. It not only gives you more space, but also provides an image makeover because of having your company’s name in your email ID.

Get large storage space by adopting Google Apps for Work

Another disadvantage is that personal email has limited space. While you don’t want to keep mails from the past (which are not required), cleaning such mails only takes up your time. Besides as a principle, all business data should be only archived, not deleted. When you’re business mails and attachments start filling up your space, you have to spend extra from your pocket to get more space.

Google Apps for Work offers up to 30 GB of storage space per user. Also, you can easily upgrade whenever you need more space – at competitive prices. 

Access your data from anywhere and on any device

Consistency and comfort is a non-negotiable when it comes to cloud apps. Google Apps for work users can upload from, download to and access all their documents from any device. They get to enjoy the same experience across different devices, operating systems and browsers.

Besides, it comes with built-in offline support. If you are using one of the Google Apps for work from your smartphone, it automatically saves the data offline when you get disconnected from the network and syncs it back when you reconnect. 

Tap into the power of distributed cloud computing with Google Apps for Work

Being a cloud-based solution, your employees will be able to access the data from anywhere. A sales team from Amsterdam can collaborate in real-time with the team of analysts sitting offshore in Delhi. Multiple users can edit documents simultaneously. Eliminating attachment round-trips by storing data in the cloud saves time and reduces frustrations for teams who need to work together efficiently.

Working simultaneously from different locations means you spend less time in waiting and more time in collaborating.

How is it different from using these apps separately

Businesses which intend to grow must maintain a professional image. More than businesses, its the brands which stick into the minds of the users. The key component of a brand is consistency in usage of brand name. With Google Apps for Work, you can finally migrate your email to your professional domain.

You’ll also receive a number of additional business-grade services like additional storage across Gmail and Drive, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, enhanced security features, and full administration of all user accounts.  These services are not included in the free consumer product.

Google Apps Resellers Make It Easier for You

Now Get 20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar

Once you’ve decided to adopt Google Apps for Work, it is important to find a suitable Google Apps Reseller – in terms of price and services.

Google Apps resellers are companies with considerable experience in deployment and administration of Google Apps for wide variety of businesses. The role of a Google Apps for Work reseller is primarily to handle the setup and migration of your data to the Cloud. A reseller typically performs following functions for you:

  • Deployment management
  • Technical setup
  • Data migration
  • User training
  • Systems integration
  • Custom app extensions
  • Support
  • Best practices

What to look for in a Google Apps for Work resller? Let’s have a look.

Does the reseller have experience experience with deployments of your scale?

A reseller who has only worked with smaller companies (with less than 50 or 100 employees) will likely find it difficult to complete your work in time if you are a company of 200+ employees. Conversely, a reseller which has primarily worked with mid-sized companies over over 500 employees will be expensive for a startup.

So, it is important to find a reseller which has experience with businesses of your company’s size.

Does the reseller have experience in your own industry?

If you are going to integrate functions like payroll and HR, you will need someone with expertise pertaining to your specific industry. The additional software integration (such as financial or legal compliance software) required besides the Google Apps for Work framework is also better known to resellers specializing in your specific industry.

Does the reseller provide onsite services?

For a large deployment, you would need someone to train your in-house staff. It will be much easier to negotiate with your reseller about possibility of onsite services. Therefore, you should first analyze if your team requires onsite services. If the answer to this question is yes, then it makes no sense to hire a reseller in another part of your country (or world) even if they offer cheaper service rates.

Another advantage of having a reseller closer to your own office location is that it makes easier to schedule offline meetings or visits.

Does the reseller have migration experience with legacy software?

Most of the times startups have been using a lot of disparate apps already, before they decide to migrate to Google Apps for Work. And if this usage of non-Google apps has spanned a long time, it becomes necessary to have all this data on to your new platform.

A quality reseller will have good migration experience with all major servers such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes. If you have been using any different platform or apps, be sure to check with your reseller if they provide migration for such data as well.

Now Get  20% Discount on Google Apps for Work from Protostar

Protostar as Your Google Apps for Work Reseller


Protostar specializes in in software product development and technology services. We take pride in helping our customers work with latest, evolving and affordable technology solutions. We have industry’s best and brightest software engineers and technology consultants whose expertise spans from niche technologies, to the most advanced next generation BPM & Analytics, Cloud, Social and Mobile technologies.

We are a part of Google Apps Reseller Program enable local and international businesses and institutes increase their productivity and efficiency through Google Apps for Work. Designed for improving efficiency and effectiveness of any size organization, Google Apps for Work provides best-in-class collaboration and communication services for distributed teams.

Working with several client from across industries, Protostar has gathered a rich experience in administration, deployment and support for Google Apps for Work. Our clients have been using Google apps to digitize their internal and external communication and collaboration with the help of Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other apps. The employees of these firms are using mobile, tablets and computers to gain anytime, anywhere access to information and documents. 

FAQs from Protostar

Q1. I am an owner of a new business which is just 6 months old. What are the benefits Google Apps for Work can provide me?

The first and foremost benefit of Google Apps for Work is a professional email ID. You can get an email address in the format of All your employees get such email ID. Since these IDs are owned by your company – so all the data and mails that your employees have had throughout their tenure with you will stay in your own servers and you will have full control over it.

Also, Google Apps for Work have added advantages of higher cloud storage space, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime,  and enhanced security features, and complete control over apps and data.

Q2. If I decide to opt for Google Apps for Work services from Protostar, how will I be charged?

Protostar’s plans are purely subscription based. Means you pay only for the services that you avail from us, and you will never be overcharged.

Protostar’s Google Apps for Work subscriptions starts at just Rs. 150 per user per month.

Success Stories from Protostar’s Satisfied Clients

“Protostar have always delivered an extremely positive experience whether this be deploying cloud apps, sharing ideas surrounded technology, or delivering requested services and support. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by Protostar” – Dr. Amol Lawande, Manager, Amclin Life Sciences.

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December 14, 2015

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