Create Facebook Story For Your FB Business Page For More Conversions

September 20, 2018

Create Facebook Story For Your FB Business Page For More Conversions

With Facebook Story the business pages’ organic reach continuing to decrease. The time has come to experiment with different ways to get your business page stories posts in front of as many people as you possibly can.

Facebook recently rolled out Stories to business pages, which provides another opportunity to showcase your brand and increase your Facebook engagement. While many brands are using disappearing Instagram and Snapchat stories to reach their audience, Facebook Stories has previously been limited to personal profiles, with very little uptick in usage.


Facebook story


The lack of people using Stories on Facebook presents an opportunity for brands to fill that void. Currently only a few businesses are using this feature despite its prime real estate: Stories appear at the top of users’ Facebook News Feed on both desktop and the mobile app.

Before jumping into Facebook Stories, it’s important to understand the difference between content that makes a good Story versus content that makes a good post. Much like on Instagram, Stories tend to lend themselves better to behind-the-scenes content and often have a more “marketing” feel than the professional photography you’re more likely to use with posts.

You want viewers to watch your story from the beginning to the end by guiding them through a journey. 

What Is Business Facebook Story?

Facebook story for your business page


Stories for Pages is now a new feature that is in an early beta stage. We push new ideas and features out to small groups in the early stages to test for stability and other bugs before releasing them platform-wide. Sometimes these features have a full release and sometimes they are discarded. At this time, Stories are only available for Pages that are not owned by a Business Manager. 

The feature will allow businesses to post their own string of video clips that disappear after 24 hours, with the Story popping up in the same location as current Facebook Stories, displayed for users who follow the page.

How To Create Facebook Story For Your Business Page 

Facebook Stories sits at the top of your mobile news feed and has two distinct parts: Direct and Stories.

You’ll find Direct at the top left-hand side of your news feed and you can access it by tapping the paper airplane icon.

Direct is a new private messaging feature linked with the Facebook Stories, and it allows you to view any story images or videos sent to you directly. You can also see any replies to your own stories. 

However; Direct is a separate feature from Messenger, and unlike Messenger, you can only start a conversation with a story image or video, not with text.

  • Plan out what you want to showcase to your audience and create a storyboard
  • Decide what story you want to tell your audience
  • Do you want to share behind-the-scenes photos showing your audience what goes on in your business?
  • Do you want to educate your audience with your expertise? Facebook Story can be a great way to deliver tips and short how-to tutorials.
  • Are you trying to discover more about your audience? Ask for your fans’ feedback and use them to focus group new products or services
  • Come up with an overall theme/idea and include a combination of video and images to keep the Story visually appealing.
  • Decorate your Facebook Story with elements such as filters, stickers and text to keep it visually interesting
  • Start with no more than 1 Story per day


Benefit Your Business With Facebook Stories

Get Your Story Heard 

There’s another reason, and it’s all in the name. With Stories, you bring a storytelling flair to your posts. People love stories, especially when they’re entertaining. They’re a more authentic perspective on what’s happening.

Engage With People

You can give audiences an insider’s look into your business. If you’re hosting a company outing, capture the moment. Your audience will love to see how you work and play. It will also humanize your brand, as people see who you are.

Showcase Your Product

You can showcase your product with text, photos, videos, and cool special effects through Facebook Story. Display your product in its element, so people see it in action. If you want to highlight your product’s versatility, show people using it differently. You can get people excited about what you do using this feature.

Spread the Word

Have an event or initiative you want to highlight? Record a video, or take photos, and add special effects. Make your audience feel like they’re right there with you, taking in the sights and sounds of the experience. Make it viral.

Creating on a Whole Other Level

One of the best parts about Facebook Stories is that it gives you new ways to share and express yourself. Because it’s a mobile app, you have freedom to create from anywhere at any time. With its design capabilities, you can create Stay Classy posts that entertain and provide value that stands out. All in all, it’s a more immersive and engaging way for your business to connect with people.

Transform Your Facebook Campaigns With Stories

Facebook’s track record is established among marketers — nearly 96% said the platform produces more ROI than any other social network — so getting in on the ground floor of a Facebook feature is probably worth a shot. That’s especially true for a feature that’s always present at the top of a user’s feed, essentially marketing itself to users all day every day.

Facebook houses Stories in prime real estate- right at the top of its mobile app. Users can either click on, scroll through or breeze past them, but they can’t make them go away. In other words, Facebooky Story posting is the free advertising in one of the most-viewed places on the most-accessed app in the world.

Finally Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing has a huge impact on how a business performs in the virtual marketplace and the kind of recognition and awareness it achieves. While there is a risk of consumer complaints and negative feedback taking a toll on your business, the benefits will definitely surpass the negative effects and help you restore and improve your business taking your customers with you as you grow.



September 20, 2018

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