How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audience To Get More Leads

April 25, 2018

How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audience To Get More Leads



You’ve got profitable “Facebook Campaign” delivering amazing ROI and at par leads. Congratulations!!!  Creating a facebook advertising campaign is not easy and making it profitable means you have done an amazing job.  You deserve a pat on your back – Good Job. 

So; what’s next …you want to scale your Facebook campaigns even higher.  Your obvious reply will be:  Increase the Facebook ad budget!! Why dear?? Maybe that would work for a while. But; that’s a common practice that you fuel your ad campaign with money and it shoots up the results. We don’t want that. Furthermore; your audiences have been looking at your ads for a while and it has reached an exhausting level. You have burnt out your target audience…so what will you do?? Facebook Lookalike audiences allow you to build new audiences using an established source audience such as people who have viewed your video or previously purchased from you.

There inevitably comes a time when the vast majority of your target audience have seen what you’re advertising and they are either interested or not. If you keep advertising to that same group of people, your profitable Facebook advertising campaign will eventually become not so profitable. But; there’s no need to panic because that’s where Facebook lookalike audience come in.

What Is Facebook Lookalike Audience?

Facebook custom audiences also known as lookalike audiences are the branch of custom audiences. Facebook ad campaign gives you an option to create lookalike audiences from custom audiences. In doing so, Facebook will identify the key similarities between members of the original custom audiences and find similar users for you to target in a new campaign.

Facebook Lookalike Audience


Facebook lookalike audiences tool is the most effective way to reach your ideal target audience even if they’ve never heard of your brand. And since you are creating lookalike audiences from custom audiences, you’ll have a basic idea of the type of users you’re targeting and what sort of products and messaging they’ll be most receptive to.

Facebook lookalike audience is one of the easiest possible way to reach new users who are likely to be interested in your business because; they’re similiar to the target audience who already are.

Let’s Understand It In A Basic Way…

When you set up targeting on Facebook based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors or any of the other options Facebook provides you are building a regular audience. As you select targeting options you’ll see your potential reach grow or shrink. 

When you build a custom audience you do not select any of Facebook’s built-in targeting options. Instead you upload a database of emails or phone numbers and Facebook matches those up with Facebook users.

We understand it with a concrete example…

Suppose you have a company that organizes kids parties. Parents who are intensively engaged in looking for a kid’s party often do not decide immediately when visiting your website that they will book their kids party with you.

To reach these people again you can create a Custom Facebook audience of people who have visited specific webpages on your website and you exclude people who have been on the thank you page. This way you spend the advertising budget optimally and get more results from your investment.

Learn How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

Now that you know how important it is for your Facebook marketing ad campaign to have a targeted audience we show you exactly how to create.

Step 1: Load your Facebook ad manager account.

facebook lookalike audiences


Step 2: Click on the “Tools” tabs which will have a drop-down menu showing various options

Step3: Go to “Audiences” tab from the drop-down menu

Facebook ads manager audiences




Step4: Under the “Audiences” tab, click on the ” Create audiences” and choose “Lookalike audiences”


Step5: Now choose your source lookalike audience and choose the country. However; remember that your source audience should not be less than 100 people in the country you are choosing. If it doesn’t, Facebook will not let you create “Lookalike audience” for that particular country.

Step6:  Like shown in the above image, select the size you wish to use. This will be the % of the country that you wish to reach. The higher you choose, the more people there will be in the audience. However; remember that the similiarities will be loosely matched.

For e.g. if you choose 1% you’ll end up getting around 2 million people. Also; you should keep in mind that the smaller the country; meager the audience size.

Step7:  (A detailed version image explaining) A window will pop-up, next you will need to enter:

Source – Choose the custom audience you want to create a Lookalike audience from this can be your Facebook page, or a custom audience you previously created.
Country – Select the Country you want to target
Optimize For – Adjust this slider to indicate how much like your source audience you want the lookalike audience to be.

enter audience details

How To Target Facebook Lookalike Audience With Your Ad?

When you wish to show your Facebook Ad to a given lookalike audience, simply choose that audience from within the custom audience section when creating your ad targeting.

using a lookalike audience in an ad


Why You Should Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

When it comes to direct response advertising, re-targeting marketing is amazing. Because; the people being shown your Facebook ads have already interacted with your brand and shown some interest in it. They are your next best audience which are added to your current customer lists. Once they’ve purchased from you, they have already become your customer and less likely to go elsewhere. 

But what if you’ve exhausted both of these audiences, and they’re simply not responding to your Facebook ads?

That’s where lookalikes audience come in. When you are uploading the list of your customers, you can ask Facebook to find more people which are similar to them. This makes it a lot easier than trying to find specific interests to target and hoping that it works.

It makes sense!!!  For e.g. If you have an audience and they’re all into stitching and sewing, then wouldn’t you want to find other people that have a high probability of liking stitching and sewing?

This actually works if you are thinking to scale up your campaigns without straining your marketing budget. There are lots of marketing techniques when it comes to scaling Facebook ads but; not everything works for everyone. Facebook lookalike audiences are one of those custom audiences that you should at least attempt to hit when scaling up your campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Lookalike audiences are an exceptional way to reach new users.  When use this technique strategically, you can connect with the new users who are similar to your potential customers. This will help you generate high quality leads in an efficient way than doing lot of guesswork. This way you can then run re-targeting campaigns in order to keep them engaged and push them towards sales funnel.

By the way, if you’d like help creating your own custom audiences on Facebook, let us know here or in the comments. We’d love to help.


April 25, 2018

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