Top 10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting?

April 23, 2018

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren

We all have FB accounts, which let us connect with the outer world anytime, anywhere. Facebook isn’t limited to a personal use anymore. Social media platforms like Facebook have made it possible for the companies to do business globally. It is easy to reach out to your targeted audience which are located at the other end of the world through Facebook.  Your audience is on Facebook and this platform is important to reach your users. Facebook Ads are effective if your goal is to use majority of users for a quick brand awareness and reach. Facebook Advertising cost is still low compared to other advertising options.

Facebook Ads!! When it goes well; you see those Facebook Ad campaign conversions coming in, counting on potential leads and turning them into potential customers. However; that’s one story – what about when those Facebook ad conversions don’t convert? And the advertising money you invested seems to be disappearing fast. At times it is impossible to find out why your Facebook Ads are not working like they should. To help you get the bottom line, we’hve listed top 10 important reasons here:

10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don’t Work?

Facebook ads don’t work for my business”.That’d sound crazy, right? Here’s the truth, Facebook ads work. You just aren’t using them properly. That’s why they’re huge revenue sources for most e-commerce companies. Facebook ads are one of the most popular and profitable ways to promote an e-commerce business. The problem is, it’s tough to get them right. And if you lack the patience, you’ll give up too soon.

We don’t want let that to happen to you….


1.You Don’t Understand Your Customer Preferences/Choices/Taste

Targeting is by far the easiest area to mess up on.Facebook has over 1.8 BILLION active users on the platform and you can practically reach every single one of them via Facebook ads. The problem is you only want to reach the people who are interesting in your product or services.

This research process begins from learning about their demographics, interests and behaviors, and it ends with knowing how to reach them on Facebook. An often common mistake marketers make is defining their target too broadly. Hence; they try to include all of their audiences under one umbrella, instead of segmenting them into multiple ad campaigns.

2. You Are Not Creating Ad In Correct Format

Facebook Ads offer a rich variety of different ad formats. If one doesn’t work, try considering another so to connect with your targetd audience. 

For instance you can try:

  • Website Conversions
  • Click-to-Website Ads
  • Local awareness ads
  • Page Like Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Offer Claims Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Event Response Ads
  • Video Views

When you are considering in how many ways you can target and promote your ad? The opportunities and combinations are endless when it comes to Facebook marketing.

3.Your Content Is Not SEO Optimized

Yes, True!! You may seem how does a content matter here but; the fact is when writing Facebook ads, you have to come up with some sharp, snappy copy that will grab users’ attention in immediately. You have to be able to convey what you’re offering in a clear way, while still expressing personality and using your brand tone of voice. Furthermore; try using SEO optimized keywords as to help reach targeted audience in a better way.

4.Using More Of The Text In Your Facebook Ads

You are all set with creating an amazing FB ads with a killer custom image featuring it with heavy text. It looks great and you are queuing up for your next ad campaign only to have it rejected by the Facebook text rule. Why??

Though; the present rule is somewhat ambiguous, the key takeaway is that text heavy images suffer moderated results when compared to those with no or low text. Hence; you can save time on rejected Facebook ads by keeping text to a minimum.

5.Your Facebook Ads Images Aren’t Optimized

Social media marketers especially the newcomers struggle with setting up their Facebook ad campaigns, simply because putting the incorrect sized image which causes your ads to display strangely. And since; unoptimized images can sink your engagement rates, stick to the list of ideal image sizes provided by Facebook.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have an in-house designer who can design personalised images for your ads, then make the most of that.
  • When it comes to selecting photos for ads, there are a few best practices to follow to avoid the primary level mistakes and the reasons behind of your Facebook ads not working properly.
  • Use imagery which reflects the industry/topic of the content behind your ad to make sure your message is clear straight away.
  • Images which are too abstract will confuse your audience and won’t get you those conversions you are after
  • Choose light, bright and clean imagery – you want your ad to stand out.
  • Always check how your Facebook images look across every placement type such as on desktop, mobile, right column etc. so that nothing is cut off or distorted.

6. Saturating Your Audience With Too Many Facebook Ads

Users browse Facebook as a social experience; for relaxation. They aren’t there to see ads, and if they start to see yours too many times, they’ll start tuning you out. It’s tough to determine when and if you’re crossing that saturation threshold but; one warning sign is reduced or no engagement is one way to know to slow down your bombarding ad frequency. Hence; if you suspect saturation, pause your campaigns for a bit and come back only when you have something truly valuable to offer your audience.

It’s fine if you talk something else than business on your Facebook company page. You can engage your audience by posting variety of content.

7. Learn Quick….Implement Quickly

The digital world is changing and no wonder to keep up the face with the ever evolving business scenarios and to keep up with their increasing demands, social media platforms are constantly reviving their manner of work, posting guidelines, format and other such. Facebook ad is one of them – it is practically changing every month. Metrics are changed, new formats are added, various marketing tools are out…the list is endless.

It will be helpful to you if you keep up with the changing policies and rules for the same.

8. Not A/B Testing

You need to keep on experimenting with your ads. With the changing formats, preferences and tastes of your audience you need to see which ad format is working well with your audience and bringing in results. You constantly have to launch new ads with different headlines, creatives, landing pages and target audiences to find optimal performance.

You can do this through Facebook Ads manager by manually creating a variety of ad  within one ad campaign. Once they are up and running, regularly check the performances of each and disable any ads which aren’t performing. Give it a couple of days to make sure the results are good.

9. You Haven’t Tried Re-targeting

Re-targeting is a common marketing practice, who want to make sure that they’re serving ads to people who are already familiar with the brand. If you use re-targeting on Facebook ad, ensure that your ads are seen by your website visitors. By connecting these 2 experiences, you are targeting people who are already familiar with your brand and your product, so there’s a higher chance for conversions.

10. Customer or User-centric Ads

Your users are better at selling your product than a fancy ad. The same applies with FB ads. However; 87%  of the users trust content from other users more than content from the brands. Therefore; try promoting a customer testimonials, videos or a use casestudy on Facebook and see how well it performs.


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April 23, 2018

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