(Founder and CEO of Virtual CFO)

Brief About Prakash Agrawal

Prakash is Founder and CEO of Virtual CFO with vast experience in financial management. He has a progressive expertise in finance and operation management within start-ups and global multi-million organization.

Prakash has strong qualification in developing and implementing financial controls and processes in addition to productive improvements and change management. He possesses solid leadership and interpersonal skills to establish rapport.

What Makes Prakash Expert In His Field?

Prakash is good MIS, strategic decisions, increasing profits through financial expertise. Creating a strategy to improve earnings by diversifying funding sources that results in improving financial resources for the company.

Prakash has been investor in start-up companies which has combination of great idea and team. Look for more substance oriented start up rather than valuation focused. Have invested in few companies until now including Wow Momos which is now valued at 94 crore & have led several leads for initial due diligence.

What Were The Struggles ?

Hardships were to convince owners & accountants to change the existing way. Developing and suggesting several plan to increase profitability ratio of the company and to manage the finances.

What Are The Changes That You Will Like To Bring Within Organization?

Looking for ethical ways to increase profit. Not only to motivate employees, but to increase their connection to the business and each other and increase productivity, but to also align it to financial and business requirements.