Ashutosh Masgoa

(Managing Director at Mangal Analytics and Research Consulting, Pvt. Ltd. (MARC))

About Ashutosh:

AshutoshKharangate is the founder and Managing Director. Prior to incorporating MARC, Ashutosh worked in the financial advisory division of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Mumbai). In his three and half year stint at PwC, Ashutosh worked with several private equities and companies across sectors.

His key skills include due diligence and financial analysis.

Education: Ashutosh is a Chartered Accountant and holds a certificate in business finance.

What Makes Ashutosh “Pro” At Financial Analytics, M & A?

Project Feasibility Services – They say the biggest cost is the cost of your failed business venture. MARC makes an effort to reduce failures. Prior to one commencing a venture, MARC conducts a thorough research on it. This research entails making an assessment of revenue one can generate over a period of next 3-5 years. It also includes a detailed assessment of costs, both initial and operational. Hence, the businessman knows his expected profitability and returns on investment. Most of this study involves primary research.

An example of our study could be that of an Indian Pharma Company which wanted to gets its products contract manufactured in USA and export to 5 different countries. MARC helped identify the appropriate contract manufacturer after detailed scrutiny based on several criteria. It further assessed several markets with relevance to the products proposed to be exported to suggest the top 5 countries. MARC conducted a complete PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal) analyses to deliver results.
MARC does not shy away from providing localised service too. It helps several businesses start up shops at different locations by doing a primary research to assess revenues and costs.

Financial Analytics – MARC works with several SME’s to enable an increase in profitability. MARC uses its financial knowledge to assess the financial statements and other records of the organisation to identify loopholes and suggest ways and means of improving profitability. MARC also specialises in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) which help to guard against income leakages and ensures smooth operations.
An example of this study could be the superstore chain MARC consults for. Based on our analyses MARC suggests the SKU’s be maintained store by store, opening or closing of stores, advises on strategies to improve sales etc. Due to close monitoring, MARC is able to suggest the results of any new schemes/offers launched which helps in future decision making. We also outsource financial analytics of our global clients. We primarily expertise in developing complex financial models for them and across sectors.

Mergers and acquisitions – MARC are more focused on the services domain of M&A. It enables several entrepreneur’s prepare the right documents for investors and obtains the right valuation. MARC also provides legal support to ensure that as clauses affecting the financial interest of the client are well protected. Due diligence is our core forte and we are hired across the country to execute challenging assignments. Very recently we did a project which had a group of companies spread across 5 continents. Hence we needed to comment on the accounting process and procedures across these areas which were challenging, to say the least.

Internationalization – we enable companies to find markets across borders. Both inbound and outbound. Depending on the product/service our counterparts look for the right match after a thorough research and also suggest the best entry strategy.

Highlight Your Struggles While Setting-up Company?

I believe the biggest setback or challenge in analytics is the awareness which needs to be created amongst the entrepreneurs. In India unfortunately, businessman only focuses on those items which are regulatory in nature. They are not keen on putting in their time and attention to financial detailing which can help them improve profitability. In addition, even if they are convinced the willingness to pay is a challenge. Hence at times, a good quality service to render at a reasonable price becomes a challenge. We believe in a long-term relation to counter this. We start slow. Develop confidence in the entrepreneur and look to grow with him. Our motto is Delivering Excellence, Partnering Success and we stick to that vision.

Share Your Work Experience In Various Segments

Ashutosh have worked in different sectors; below mentioned are his work experience shared

  • Assessment of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing in USA and 5 target countries.
  • Financial Due Diligence for 5th largest financial service provider in the world
  • B-plan preparation for Canadian pharmaceutical automated optical control system
  • Profitability analysis for largest organized bakery chain in Goa
  • Profitability analysis for largest supermarket chain in Goa
  • Financial Due Diligence of Amusement Park in Delhi
  • B-plan preparation for the first franchisee of a French beauty and slimming concept in India

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Tasks/Accomplishments That You Wish To Highlight

At the time of our entry, there was not even a need expressed of our kind of services. We created the awareness. We helped several small and medium scale businesses prosper and grow. We find happiness in helping business evaluate new opportunities. A lot of money is wasted when a wrong business proposition is commenced. We have over the last few years helped so many budding entrepreneurs’ put the right foot forward. We have also modeled our services as per the requirement of the clients. For example for the hospitality sector, we work closely with renowned architects to design concepts. Based on the location of the land parcel we evaluate the guest profile around the area, average length of stay, average room realization, competitor offering and accordingly suggest the concept most suited for the area. The architect then puts together the concept. We then put numbers to it and help the client understand the future profitability. Just like this, we have made tailor made services based on the specific needs of the client. Delivering Excellence: Partnering Success is our motto.

We have helped create about 50 new entrepreneurs in the last 2-3 years.

We have enabled an investment of approx. INR 1000 crore and jobs of approx. 2000 number by successfully getting projects approved through the Goa Investment Promotion Board.

We helped in getting an international Optical System in Pharmaceutical company. This project has been the flagship project of Goa Government under IPB.

We helped a Delhi-based real estate company to get approval for Largest Convention Centre in Goa.

What Are The Changes You Like To Bring Within Your Organization?

Not really within but the following is in my mind:

MARC plans to expand its roots in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities mainly in the Western Region. It also plans to collaborate with other traditional consulting firms and provide their clients with niche business advisory support. MARC is also keen on making Goa and India the hub of execution of complex analytics for the world. We are working on a network internationally to achieve the same. Through this, we are also looking at supporting our Honourable Prime Ministers dream of Make in India. We recently successfully got a Canadian company into pharma control equipment to set up a manufacturing unit in India. We are also keen on developing our own proprietary software which can help smaller firms be more financially literate for better decision making.