Do's And Don'ts Of Landing Page That Gets You High Quality Leads

July 04, 2018


Landing Page – A page to convert your visitors into leads and further into potential clients/customers. A high performing landing page plays a vital role in making your online campaign success. A potential landing page not only helps in gathering more leads for your business, but helps you put your website ahead on Google because of increased web traffic. Witnessing the potentials of landing page, digital marketers are yet to identify in getting a successful landing page need to read Do’s and Dont’s of landing page. 


Do’s and Dont’s Of Landing Page To Follow

Do's and Dont's Of Landing Page



Related image   The Do’s Of Landing Page

Do Customize Your Landing Page 

When it comes to landing page there’s no “one size fit” rule here. For every mailer/ newsletters you need to have a customized landing page.Your goal may be more sales, more leads or more subscriptions. To maximize your page’s performance, it’ll need a dedicated layout to match.

Do Highlight Why Your Customers Should Choose You Over Competitors

Tell your customers they made the right decision by coming to you instead of going to your competitors. Keep it brief, and ideally use bullet points and short sentences to drive your point home.

Do Highlight Your Content That Grabs Your Readers Attention

It is one of the primary when you are considering the do’s and dont’s of landing page factor – The first thing viewers will see on your landing page is the headline. So make sure it’s engaging, intriguing and poised to grab their attention. Headlines that are awkward, boring, confusing or a mixture of all three won’t get you leads. 

Do Make Your Landing Page Simple & Straightforward

A clean appearance of your landing page is probably the most critical aspect. 

If a lead doesn’t like what they see within a fraction of a second, they’re clicking back and you lose the sale. Develop a page that loads quickly, and features streamlined graphics, easy navigation and clear headers.

Guide them through the process and provide a brief description of what they will be getting along with the form.

Do Optimize Your Landing Page For Mobile Users

When designing and developing the landing page for your business, make sure you account for the increasing number of leads who access it through hand-handled devices. If it loads improperly or is difficult to navigate, they won’t stick around long enough to enter their information.

Do Make Your Landing Page Attractive 

Many platforms as well as outsourcing landing page services like SME Network are offering terrific layouts for landing pages that help you whip up handsome pages in a jiffy. Include relevant images to boost the allure without visually overloading the page.

Do Remain Consistent

If your ad copy is blue and yellow with large, bold font, and your visitor clicks to a landing page that shows up pink and purple with small font, it’s going to look like they’ve come to the wrong place. Ensure that your website, advertisements and landing page designs are consistent and compliment with each other, with a professional feel. The last thing you want is for your landing page to give ” SPAM” feeling.

Do Keep On Testing

What may work for one company, may not work for you. What may work for one offer, may not work for the second. You’ll only know if a red CTA button vs. a green CTA button works better for your visitors when you test it out. There is always room to improve.

For more statistics on the success of inbound marketing campaigns and how they can help your business increase its leads and generate more revenue.


Dos and Donts landing page  The Don’ts Of Landing Page 

Don’t Include Lot Of Text

Landing page design should be short and sweet. Keep the text to the minimum, telling what you are offering and what’s the purpose of the landing page.

You can direct visitors to an appropriate page on your site if they want more information, but your landing page isn’t the place for long text pieces. Get to the point with a brief form, using graphics if appropriate. Keep in mind that less is more, and err on the side of caution when incorporating text.

Don’t Make Fake Promises

Committing to something that you will not be able to deliver will only make you unreliable. 

Landing pages that promises a spectacular offer but, takes you absolutely nowhere once you fill out the form and click to retrieve that offer.

You instead end up on the same page with the word “Thanks” below the form you’ve just completed. Not good, not for business, trust and especially your landing page. 

Don’t Ask Lot Of Information

If you’re using a form on your landing page, don’t scare away potential conversions with pushy information-gathering fields. Decide in advance what information is absolutely necessary such as name, email address, company name, etc. and ditch the rest.

The more valuable the offer, the more questions you can ask, but make sure to keep this as minimal as possible.

Don’t Add Too Many Links

While click-through links connecting users to other pieces of content can be extremely productive, on the landing page they will simply divert visitors from your primary goal: converting their landing to a sales prospect.

It would be like a rival estate agent arriving at a show house appointment with all the other viewers, and pitching alternatives to them while you were conducting your tour.

Don’t Forget To Add Social Media Buttons

Marketers are quick to include social media sharing icons on the blog posts as well as other areas throughout their site, but forget to include them on their landing pages.

Including the share buttons makes it super easy for your audience to pass your landing page along to others who may be interested.

Doesn’t Provide Trust Value

If a visitor landed on your page motivated to make a purchase or request a quote, they need to feel like they can trust your website. Testimonials are a best practice that can be helpful in this regard, but even better.

Certification logos, such as partnerships with branded names can help tremendously in reassuring to people. If you have these badges, show them proudly.

Don’t Fail To Re-direct Your Lead

Once they complete the form, make sure you have the proper follow-up. You might re-direct them to a thank you screen, generate an email with additional information, or let them know an agent will be in touch. The important thing is to let them know what to expect next so they’re not left wondering.

Wrapping Up

SME Networks focuses on all development services connected with online campaigns, internet marketing support services, we also provide landing page development services. Our digital marketing team can produce high yielding landing pages for any kind of internet marketing campaigns.

We have dedicated development team to create suitable responsive landing page templates and designs suitable for your business. There are certain design criteria for development of a landing page for different types of business categories. Get in touch with us for your next landing page development requirements and we would be more than happy to give you the best of both worlds – affordable landing page development cost and awesome landing page that converts. 



July 04, 2018

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