7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Agency Is Better Than In-house Team

March 06, 2018

7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Agency Is Better Than In-house Team

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses” ……”Digital Marketing For Startups” are the major searches on Google that business owners are looking for. For any small business, or startup there is a cost factor plays a major role. But; as an entrepreneuer you are always looking for the next opportunities that helps your business grow. More and more business owners are looking to outsource their marketing function and digital marketing seems seems to be the most preferred choice. Hiring a DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY to work on your online marketing campaigns can be the wisest option when looking at the cost, time and efforts that as a business owner require putting in to make an efficient in-house digital marketing team.


“Survival” is not the word for the online marketplace, your business needs more than just doing okay….of course unless you are not an ambitious entrepreneur. In order to make the most of the opportunities online, you’d need that extra which only the best digital marketing agency will provide.

Still not convinced??? We show how exactly hiring a digital marketing agency can work wonders for your business when compared to your in-house team

If You Are Thinking To Hire In-House Digital Marketing Team……

There are 4 important factors to consider before hiring in-house digital marketing team.

1) Time, because marketing is often a round-the-clock endeavour and may possibly traverse different time zones;

2) Space, because you need a suitably large office infrastructure to house additional staff, along with a good remote-working system;

3) Resources, because there are definitely tools and applications that are needed for worthwhile online marketing efforts, not to mention a staff member’s computer, laptop, tablet, company car etc.; and

4) Money, as the representative will need to be paid according to the skills they offer, as well as being funded for any marketing training necessary.

You Need To Hire Right People

  • Finding the right professional to efficiently run your digital marketing campaigns isn’t easy. And when there is a match, highly qualified digital marketing professionals are in such demand that you are likely to face stiff competition.
  • Furthermore; the cost of hiring a digital marketing pro full time can be tough with ever-tightening budget restrictions.
  • Hiring an in-house professional also comes with job-specific requirements which includes sick leaves, holidays and other offs which can be tricky to manage when handling ongoing online marketing campaigns.
  • Should they choose to leave at a later date, you will then be faced with hiring headaches and skills shortages. To employ a whole marketing team to cover the digital marketing skills you require having a huge investment in terms of time and money, probably requiring  digital marketing manager to oversee the project full-time over a period of several months.


Why Outsourcing To Digital Marketing Agency Works


As a business, you have Digital marketing campaign requirements that are just as unique as you are. Your choice of digital marketing strategy will depend on your exact needs. For the majority of companies hiring an outsourcing digital marketing services can be incredibly beneficial. Let’s have a look at why companies prefer hiring digital marketing services company than getting an in-house team. 

1.Wide Range Of Skillset 

Using our own example here; at Collaborating Minds we have web designers, copywriters, advertising specialists, graphic designers, Google AdWords specialists, SEO experts, Social media geeks, and several other specialists offering 100% commitment to the project.


Digital marketing agency


Collaborating Minds has an expert team of digital marketing professionals with niche skills and varied industry experience to bring to bear on your digital marketing campaigns. It simply is not possible to get the same level of expertise in-house without an enormous investment.

2.Flexibility & Faster Process

Furthermore; working with a professional digital marketing agency like Collaborating Minds gives you flexibility and work timeliness which you miss with the in-house team.

Image result for flexible working hours gif


Work with Collaborating Minds to fulfil your digital marketing goals, with a bespoke suite of services that can be scaled up or scaled down depending on your requirements.

3.Avoid Potential Staffing Problems

As your business needs changes, so does the team’s approach towards your marketing strategy. This is less easy with an in-house team, where you will have a fixed number of staff with specific skills only. You may find yourself having to outsource core functions that you don’t have in your team, even if you have most of the bases covered. When you have an outsourcing internet marketing company working on your assignment; they have a diverse pool of talents which makes it hassle free to accomplish the results that you are looking from your digital marketing campaigns.


Image result for staff problems gif


Furthermore; not every businesses will need all of these skills one at a time. Why spend thousands, for instance, hiring a SEO specialist or a Google Adword expert when you are not sure if you may need them in next 6 month;s time. Working with an agency which works on pure digital marketing products and services like Collaborating Minds provides the whole gamut of online marketing skills gives you access to the right tools to address your specific requirements, at any time you need.


4.Focus on Your Core Business

When you outsource to Collaborating Minds Digital marketing services in Pune, you are able to focus on the core of your business. The agency handles all your messaging, social media campaigns, emails, and online ads. 


Image result for Expert gif


The digital marketing firm will use multiple marketing channels to reach your larger audience. They will test their campaigns and messages to find the effective ones. Hence; they’ll be the right people providing you with the new online marketing solutions to help your business grow.

All the while, you will be working on your other business activities. You don’t have to worry about Ad Campaigns, you don’t have to spend time in correcting the content and so on. Everything is taken care of.


5. Guaranteed Return On Investment

Digital marketing service providers have tools to track their results. They know their adopting which digital marketing technique and practice will help in enhancing your brand and improve your conversion rates.


Image result for guaranteed returns gif


The team’s marketing efforts will attract new audiences and potential leads furthermore; engaging your current customers with information and tips. Furthermore; they know all the techniques that work well. They can implement these and others tailored to your business. This makes your internet marketing campaigns more effective.


6.Get Insights about Your Business and the Industry

No one knows the company better than you do. Yet, people from outside can give you a different view of your company’s product and services. When hiring digital marketing company like Collaborating Minds you can get insights into how people perceive your brand. You get to learn why some of your marketing strategies did not work. This is how hiring an agency can be beneficial in bringing fresh ideas to your marketing plans.


Image result for get information gif


Moreover, digital marketing professionals stay up-to-date on changes in the industry. They will explain the new techniques and update your content. For instance, Google’s algorithm keeps changing. Therefore; you need someone who is aware of the changes and knows what to do to follow the rules which is bit tough upgrading in-house team.



The wide range of expertise, experience and knowledge that a digital marketing agency like Collaborating Minds can provide is astonishing, given that the cost of hiring a full agency is a fraction of that needed to hire a full-time marketing employee.


Image result for save money gif



Companies will not lose out on precious marketing time for holidays or sick leave, as there will always be a pro team member ready to take over from the primary executive handling the online marketing campaigns.

Get What Is Right For You 

At the end of the day, it comes back to your business and your priorities. Whether you are a startup, small business owner or an established company, Collaborating Minds has worked on varied business sizes accomplishing online marketing campaigns under different segments.

As a one-stop agency digital marketing agency, you can count on TopRank Marketing for specialized marketing consulting services that include SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Brand Management, Email Marketing, Online Reputations, Blogging etc.


March 06, 2018

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