Making Your Company Investment Ready - What You Should Know

June 20, 2018

Making Your Company Investment Ready - What You Should Know

More capital is available than there are good deals looking for funding. Investors are only looking for good investments and barely a small percentage of funding applications succeed. As entrepreneurs, we all have questions about how funding can take our business to the next level. Is now the right time? What are my options? How much will I need? Actually, where do I start?How shall I make my company investment ready?

Investors want to see proposals presented in their language, to meet their criteria and expectations. They receive hundreds of proposals and won’t waste time if a business plan doesn’t get to the point quickly and cover all the details the investor want to know. All investors want to make a swift and reasonable judgment.

Getting a fundraising strategy right is about understanding your business’ own growth potential empowering you to approach investors with conviction about your brand’s ability to grow and deliver a fantastic return.

How do you get your company investment ready?


Company investment


1.It’s Time To Bring Financial Experts & Mentors In Your Team

First, you need seasoned business mentors who know the ins and outs of everything involved in scaling a business. Not only can these people act as advocates and sounding boards, they can help connect you to others who you need to know. Second, since financials are what investors are going to focus on, your team needs to include financial and accounting experts who can prove your business model can withstand intense vetting.

2.Have  A Solid Successful Business Plan Ready

Your plan needs to be put to paper and must demonstrate your business has lifetime value, even if you’re not yet at the point of profitability. Get in touch with Olson Superior Plumbing company when you need an experienced plumber in California. A strong leadership team must be in place, as well. This means you have thought carefully about your weaknesses as a founder or CEO, and surrounded yourself with others who can fill in those gaps.

3.Non-Binding Document/Agreement

Given the potential impact legislation, regulation, risk, and globalization can have on a firm’s strategy and reputation, investment firms need to prioritize regulatory readiness.

This is legally a non-binding document which highlights the main portions of the deal and is subject to a due diligence.  What does Due Diligence agreement/document comprises? 

  • Evaluation of your management information systems that comprises of your financial statements
  • Secretarial compliances reports
  • Legal and employee compliances analysis
  • Environmental clearances (if necessary)

Given the potential impact legislation, regulation, risk, and globalization can have on a firm’s strategy and reputation, investment firms need to prioritize regulatory readiness.

4.Information About Your Offerings

Ensure to provide a descriptive analysis of your products and services in your business plan, so that your potential investors for venture capital investment can understand what exactly you are giving to the people with your business venture.

Furthermore, you can furnish details about your vendors and other sources through which you will manufacture your products or offer your services to the customers. These things will further strengthen the plan you design to make your business venture capital investment ready.


When you are making your company investment ready means it is about explaining how an injection of money can produce both mission and financial returns. Investment readiness means you can demonstrate that an investor will get a return, both financial and impact that is consummate with the risk. Any organisation interested in taking on investment needs to ensure their investor is comfortable with not only the opportunity but also the risks and returns of the enterprise.

MARC can help you with all of your new venture formalities, giving you guidance and expert suggestions. 

June 20, 2018

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