Choosing the Right Website Designer and Developer for Your Business

September 21, 2016

Choosing the Right Website Designer and Developer for Your Business

Websites are pretty common for businesses to create a front for transactions and increasing sales. In such a competitive market it is mandatory to display the product on a medium like a website which facilitates higher conversion rate of target customers. But is it easy to create a website that has all the ingredients for successful implementation? Creating a website is a science that takes into consideration the intuitiveness, customer requirements, and efficiency of the landing pages built. Creating the perfect website is the first step towards broadening your customer base, and it is imperative you start on the right note. Look here for the advantages of creating a website, and web development for your business.


Essential Characteristics of the Perfect Business Website Design:

  1. High on Functionality

One of the primary objectives is that the website should be aesthetically appealing, but prioritize functionality over beautification of the website. Before choosing a variant of the HTML tag, create a road map of the website and how it should perform when the user clicks on certain links. The importance of this will reflect in the SEO rating your website receives by Google. Also, an intuitive website would help customers navigate easily from one page to another.

  1. Business Information

Never deviate from the sole purpose and the USP of the business. For example, if you are marketing your restaurant, create content that highlights the menu, not the music and ambience of the restaurant. Deviating from the USP disengages the customers, which reduces the conversion rates of your business. This idea was brilliantly put forward by web page designer Josh Frankel, who stated “The biggest failure by businesses is they create the website they want and not the one they need.”

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  1. Contact Information

So why did you create the website in the first place? The primary motive is to build a better pool of target audience. To ensure a wider audience, you need to share your details with them, which can include your email id, phone number, address, etc. How you share these details also matters. Never conceal this data; try to create a website that provides good exposure to this information through intuitive designing. While uploading this page, never upload the contact details in the form of a picture, create a clickable link which allows smartphones to create direct calls.

  1. Easy Navigation

Effective navigation is to a web page what a legend is to a map.  Without proper navigation, the user may not be satisfied with the product.  While deciding the headings and titles, make sure to use unambiguous names which can be easily understood by the user. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what the purpose of him visiting your site is and how he plans to go about it. Such reverse engineering thinking will help you analyse the problems associated with your site and create a dynamic website in the future.

These are some of the key aspects you need to ensure while creating a website. Let us now take a look at how you can choose the right designer to develop your website.

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  1. Focused Approach

Creating a website that is conducive to your needs should be your primary focus. Analyse the needs of the company and carefully list the points that will help you choose a web design service and web developer professionals. For example, if you are targeting the e-commerce segment then you need a website that has potential for good conversion rates, strong ROI structure, and building and retaining your customer base. Creating a website for brand awareness and educating the customers about your product has a different design and content altogether.

  1. Cost Vs. Value

The cost of hiring a website developer company can be the deal maker or the deal breaker in the equation. Before choosing web services for business, always weigh the value output from the website and the cost for the website. Before choosing a website designing agency, ask them for evidence of tangible results or for estimated traffic inflow. This inflow flux will help you understand the risk and help you understand which developer to choose. A trusted website developing company will validate the risk assessment by asserting evidence before taking up the project which will justify investing in them.

  1. Track Record

Experience does count when you are choosing a third party company to handle your business. This experience will build your trust in the company. As the recruiter, you can ask them for past client testimonials to validate their services. But is it mandatory to hire the services of an agency that has immense experience in the business? No, you also have the option to invest in offbeat website designers who are new in the business. Hire a web developer and website designer who share the same idea as the company and follow the advice of the visionary.

  1. Complete Communication

When you hire the team of developers, everyone should be on the same side. As the visionary, the developers should support your ideas and implement them into your website. The lingo used in your presence should be comprehendible which keeps you in the loop.

These traits will be understood after you hire the team, so how should you choose the perfect team? The best way is to have a casual meeting with the team and ask some technical questions and observe how easily they can make you understand the concept. The easier they make it, the more competent they are.  Always ask the right questions before you hire the agency.

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  1. Content First

If the developers discuss the model and design of the website rather than concentrate on the content, then you are looking at the wrong agency to solve your problems. The content part of your website should be discussed before tackling the artistic part of the website.

The right company will address the core problems your product is tackling, the solution, the reaction from the customer base, and other relevant questions. Although this point has come way down the list, it is the most pivotal point while creating a website. Never be fooled that an artistic website without compelling content can garner you more crowd.

  1. Realistic Goals

The SEO and traffic generation methods can be deceptive in the long run. A novice may have goals of being number one on the Google list or have larger target audiences. But you need to think beyond these false numbers. Set goals like:

  • Increase percentage conversions
  • Increase online sales
  • Do not taint the brand name
  • Interactive customer base

Choose business website services that can solve the problems of lead generations, increase traffic, and improve sales. Never consider agencies that set unrealistic goals.

  1. Future Strategy

Creating a website and maintaining it are two different stories. Make sure that you choose an agency that will help in maintaining your website by posting your content regularly, completing analytical reports, and reaching the target. You can take a look at their past or existing clients they service to understand the competency of the agency. Get your company assessed by a web consulting firm to understand the needs of your company.


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These are some of the steps you need to ensure before hiring the services of a developer and designer for your website. There are various small business website designers too who will help you establish a website for the SME. There should be complete trust and synchronization between the three of you while developing the product. Never focus entirely on the traffic your website will generate, disregarding the quality it will provide.

This is a futile attempt to increase your business. Build a whole website that includes the right design, the right content, and is customized to meet customers’ preferences.

Click here for the top 10 web page designer companies in India.


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September 21, 2016

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