By 2016 Why 70% of Small Businesses Will Depend On Social Media Tool To Reach New Customers

December 30, 2015

By 2016 Why 70% of Small Businesses Will Depend On Social Media Tool To Reach New Customers

Social media reaches are becoming powerful!!! Struggling with social media techniques and referral traffic is always been like playing tag-tag, you happen to catch the trend, you succeed and then new social media terms gets in and you start learning again.

With so many emerging trends coming up in the year 2016 – Start-ups and small-medium business entrepreneurs have been hopeful to gain better and profitable exposure for their businesses. There is no doubt that by the year 2016, 70% of small-medium businesses/start-ups will be depending on social media as their primary tool to reach new customers.

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For any start-up, making most of the marketing investments is critical – I’m sure it is for you too.

Before we head on to the most trending social media techniques for 2016, we need to understand few things ahead: 

  • Decision journey of online customer

  • Why social media is the most important thing

  • 2016 Social Media trends that boost traffic to your website

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Yes, it is important to know the buying behavior of people who purchase online

What people think when they are browsing Internet to buy something online? To help with a better understanding how can social media journey impacts your potential customers. We are sharing with a Facebook example:

Evaluation Phase

Your company Facebook  page could be the 1st interaction that a user has with your products/services or brand. For instance, the post you shared on the Facebook, also serves as a platform where you start to build relationship with prospective customers. 

Your aim is to

  • To get new fans
  • Demonstrating your products and services, and let them learn about your products and services
  • You through social media post continue to inform them with new updates.
  • If you happen to nail them (make sure to have actionable, insightful content)  you move them to the next stage….

This is the moment when your visitor checks out your products and services and you happen to build enough interest and credibility with them. Though it’s a tough nut to crack……… that the awesome content you are sharing is working. Optimize your CTA – Call to action on your website that will drive more visitors.

What you need to do now

The awesome content you’re sharing is working. It’s a tough nut to crack, but timing is everything if you’re going to ask them. I prefer the subtle approach. Optimize your calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website and drive Fans there with great content.

  • Your timing is important – know the pattern by now of your consumer. If every post of yours is more of like “Please-buy-my-products and services” you are sure to shooo away your fans any time soon.
  • There is more and beyond in your consumer’s/client’s mind when they are thinking to purchase. The visitors on Facebook are connected to your page because  they love products and services you offer.
  • Customers/clients will be taking more time to make decision if you haven’t been successful in building a good relationship.
  • Always remember it is very easy for them to get into 2nd or 3rd option with just few clicks.

Hurray!!!!! Your Fan Is Now You Client

It accumulates your efforts that you made with your social media post now finally showing. Your fan has become your client/customer, but the story doesn’t ends here……

  • Again your customer/client will certainly consider the stages and evaluate before making the final decision
  • This sale conversion happens “OFF” your social media website, so this post conversion is very tricky.  Your aim is to continue your fan turned customer/client to nurture them with latest updates and messages.


The Next Big Things Of Social Media 2016

It is important to stay on top and with these new social media trends of the year 2016 you are sure to rock the competition.  So, what can we expect in 2016? Let’s have a look

1. Real time will get “realer.”

Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope shows that the on-the-go, real-time sharing of video and content is going to get faster and better, so get your videos ready to get viral on various social media channels

2. Buy buttons will be everywhere.

Facebook and Pinterest will have added buy features to their platforms. Other social media platforms are sure to follow suit and the trend will only grow as people’s buying habits change.

3. More will go on inside social media apps.

Facebook allows you to view articles, videos, and even websites from inside their app. Get ready for apps to become even more one-stop as Twitter and Instagram follow suit.

4. Advertising will get smarter.

As social media channels continue to try to monetize, the amount of ads will increase. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that they are getting smarter about the ads they display. Big data allows them to very accurately target ads to your interests. The downside is they may be a little intrusive at times.

Our Thoughts

With the social media market continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, it is safe to say that a lot of things changed throughout 2015. The rapid growth seen in social media has allowed us to make suitable social media trend predictions. 2016 is undoubtedly set to be another fantastic year and one which we are keen to see how it develops and whether our predictions come to fruition.

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December 30, 2015

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