Build a Better Business by Outsourcing Business Consulting Services

January 13, 2016

Build a Better Business by Outsourcing Business Consulting Services

20 percent of businesses fail within the 1st year, and 50 percent of them fail in the next 3 years. But this percentage can be lessening by business consultancy services.

The Financial Times reveals,

“20% of failed businesses would still be in business after 2.5 years if they had sought advice at the outset”.

It mean business consulting help SMEs to grow and succeed fast. When you start your business, you face a number of problems to run it proficiently. At this stage, business consulting services come up as alternative solutions as they are dedicated in providing strategic services and solutions to help you in improving productivity and performance. They have specialists team and it is always good to get a work done from professional for high productivity.

Usually, a hire business consulting service gives you an expert who works for you without employing or paying on regular basis. These firms are cost effective as you just need to pay for a particular service or expert whom you hired for a short time period. For example, you can hire a HR consultancy only for staff recruitment at the start, instead of hiring an in-house HR team whom you need to pay every month’s salary. No doubt, outsourcing of business consulting services is good but before hiring, you need to decide which one is suited well to your business requirement.

Key Areas in Which You can Hire a Business Consultant

The business consulting is a diverse market with wide range of services. If we consider staffing & hiring, in 2013 more than 2 million jobs were outsourced with 43 percent jobs in IT sector, 38 percent in R & D, 26 percent in offshore distribution and 12 percent outsourced in overseas call centres (source: business2community website). Though business consulting is not limited to the hiring of employees but it is long-drawn-out in many other areas. Let’s start here with an overview about the key areas of business consulting services within which you can think of hiring a consultant for your small business:



business consulting image

HR Consultancy

You can hire HR consultancy to deal with human capital issues. The key areas covered by these firms include short listing of candidates, hiring, training and employees payroll etc. as per the set employment law and orders. They bridge the gap between you and your employees so that you can remain more focused on major issues of your business. These business consulting firms also help in talent management, employee retention, training and learning, employees’ compensation and benefits and many other areas. You can read a detailed information on how HR outsourcing can benefit to small business and helps save more.

Financial & Accounting Consultancy

Financial & accounting consultancy provides a range of benefits for small businesses. These business consulting firms have licensed professionals who work for your company as a financial advisor and analyst. They inform you about the current market state, taxes and many other economic factors so that you can take a right decision for investment in your business expansion and M&As.


kennis   Kennis-Offer Tailor Made Financial & Accounting Services


Though the company has a comprehensive range of services which ensure that you will grow fast with no hassle but it is considered as an expert in finance and accounting domain. The company is offering Financial & Accounting services to different segments of the industry. The company understands different financial set-ups and suggests best investment opportunities for profit making. The company is an expert in investment banking, Business Finance and business advisory. Led by well qualified experts, the firm is helping a number of SMEs through its tailor-made solutions and quality services.


Marketing Consultancy

Online marketing business consulting is an integrated technique to become a brand. It helps you in establishing a unique position online with an innovative branding strategy. There are many firms who are offering marketing consulting services to promote the business online. They help you to become a brand name and promote your products and services directly to the potential market.

optimized Optimized Infotech –For Innovative Online Marketing


Pune based Optimized Infotech is one of the best companies in business consulting and online branding. The company has developed a unique position for itself in digital marketing space and helping a number of SMEs to enhance new business prospects. It has been established 2011 and since that time period it is following a well designed online branding and consulting practices that has helped business owners to reach potential customers. The client list of Optimized Infotech includes the names like Healing Hands Clinic, Saraswat Bank, City Dentist, Zylax computers, eDoubts, Acme Landmark, Las Vegas dry cleaners, Olympus and many other SMEs.

Clientele praised Optimized Infotech for offering the best SEO, SMO and PPC services.

 “I got Various Concepts of Digital Marketing & E-Marketing from Optimized Infotech and thanks a lot for giving me beautiful touch with SEO SMO and PPC.” Santosh Pandagale

“Optimized Infotech is optimised our life in Digital Marketing. And it gives new idea to explore my business. It was great experience with TIP. It gave us practicle knowledge about all the terms of SEO, SEM, SMO. And lastly it is one of the BEST institutes in Pune for SEO training”. –Parmeshwar Swami

Strategy Consultancy

You can think of hiring a strategy consultant to catch the problems in your business operations and work strategy. It will help you to improve your working style after a complete analysis of your organization and finding the week areas. The consultancy also helps you to hit upon that what is right and wrong for your business.


euclieaEucliea Consulting- Serves Through Framework Validation Model

You can think of hiring a strategy consultant to catch the problems in your business operations and work strategy. This business consulting service will help you to improve your working style after a complete analysis of your organization and finding the week areas. The consultancy also helps you to find out what is right and wrong for your business.

Information Technology Consultancy

Eucliea Consultany, a strategy consulting company was started in 2013 to help SMEs and MSMEs to get better performance. It has developed “The Framework Validation Model” to identify the factors that lead to failure and delay the expected results in businesses. The framework is majorly applied to inspect marketing and finance cases and find out the factors responsible for making a company unable to capitalize.

virtual cio Virtual CIO Consulting Services- A Great Technical Support

With Virtual CIO Consulting Services, you can make the right technology selection to enable transformation.  It provides your business a set of different information that help in the budgeting, staffing, infrastructure development, vendor management and many other areas which are allied to the IT services.  The company is not limited to IT advice only but it also contributes for strategy development and act as a great support system for any organization.

Law Consultancy

To become a public interest organization, go for a law consultancy! They provide legal help at cost effective prices. They help you to deal in areas like consumer protection, government regulation implementation and employees hiring according to standard law and orders. Additionally help to identify legal issues and advise on how to handle them.


chugh  TCF Consulting Services (India) Private Limited (TCF) – A complete Solution Provider for Legal Issues

The TFC consultancy was established by the Chugh firm in 2004 to bring a boutique of legal services near to small business owners. The company caters areas like corporate law, banking and finance, real estate and business process outsourcing. With the specialization in business plan making, it helps Startups and well established companies to attract investments. The company is known worldwide for best integrated legal solutions and great client services.


If you want to implement management decisions, operation consultancy is a good help. This actually helps to make the changes happen and assess the impact of implementations. Then, offers you a bunch of services which help companies to achieve full potential of operations.

Well, these are just a few of the countless Business Consulting Services! We are sure that you will create a great value for your small business with the selection of a right business consulting firm from the above mentioned ones.

The business consulting companies are very wide in range and the service provider or consultants do not approved by any authority. It make more difficult for you to choose the one as per your requirements. Would you like to know more about the business consulting services? Just fill the information about yourself in the given form, someone from SMEjoinup team will contact you soon and help you to find a right business consulting service for your business.







January 13, 2016

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