Should Small Business Owners Forget about Marketing and Focus on Public Relations?

January 04, 2016

Should Small Business Owners Forget about Marketing and Focus on Public Relations?

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Marketing essentially is viewed as a way for products and services to be  sold to a consumer for a profit. On the other hand a Public Relation campaign is mainly about spreading goodwill and creating a channel of communication between the company and the customer. A good public relations strategy helps a company build relationships with their customers which in the long run will only be profitable to your company.

A Public Relation company also plays a vital role in maintaining an organization’s image and a positive perception of a company can increase it’s sales. Another reason why small businesses should turn to a Public Relations agency is because it is much cheaper than a straight out marketing or advertising campaign.

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Also, PR is not just limited to press releases but in fact cover social media, events, investor relations, public press conferences, media events, internal communications and crisis communications. Public Relation Agencies are also beneficial to small companies for a variety of factors.

Creating a Public Image Strategy through a Public Relations Campaign

An essential part for any business to grow is to craft an overview of how the company is perceived and what message is sent out to customers and investors. A Public Relations Agency helps design a image of the company and how it will come across to the outside world.

Using a Public Relations Company for Organizing Outreach Events

One factor that really promotes customer relations with a company is by organizing or getting involved with the community. A PR Agency will help organize an event or put the companies name on a charitable cause that matches with the philosophy of the company. This will only further portray the company in a positive light and show consumers a more human side.

Media Relations Through a Public Relations Company

Talking to the media is something that is bound to happen for any company. Be it announcing the launch of a new product or announcing an achievement, one has to interact with the press at some point. This where a Public Relations Agency plays an extremely important role as they serve as a liaison between the company and the media. They field questions from reporters, arrange for interviews with key individuals in the organization and organize press conferences.

Defining Social Media strategies Through a Public Relations Agency

These days an excellent marketing tool for companies is Social Media. Most Public Relations Companies maximize an organization’s use of social media. They manage the Facebook page, YouTube channels, Twitter feed and so on. Monitoring user comments about the organization can help give feedback to the company and allow the PR professionals to keep track of emerging trends.

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PR Companies Handle Emergencies

It can happen at some point where a company no matter how big or small can get hit by a disastrous event or make a mistake that ruins it’s public image.

At this point having a Public Relations Company on your side can be extremely beneficial as they can help repair the damage to the companies image, communicate with people as to how the company is dealing with the situation and ensure that the organization regains it’s credibility. SMEJoinup lists some of the best PR Companies in India.

These PR Agencies are veterans in the field of Public Relations and are excellent options to consider when deciding on a Public Relations Agency.

      Promozsquare – Chennai

Promozsquare is an organization, with the team of young professionals – a collective experience from the diversified sector, all connecting at Promozsquare for value addition. The company’s marketing and communication team is crazy on newer marketing and PR ideas. Fresh, unique and creative key points to drive more attention and offer quality solutions to the clients.

Promozsquare is an idea house otherwise, with a team of young professionals. This Marketing and Communications team is crazy on Newer Marketing Ideas, Fresh Creative and Unique selling Key Points to Drive more attention and provide quality solution to our clients.


  Saroj Ads – Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru

Saroj Ads stands tall as the finest and the most effective ad agency in the advertising world. The company is committed to one thing, i.e. driving customer’s business to flourish by creating niche markets for their products or services through multiple channels of advertising.

The team of professionals loves brainstorming sessions, with the clients to find out what their needs are. The creative team then huddles together, conceptualize the idea, strategize things and create logistics with dedicated and commitment deliver the campaign that leaves a deep impact on the people.

 Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd. – Pune

Aspire Communications provides the professionalism, strategic thinking and experience of a large global agency, but functions with the nimbleness and hands on client focus of a small firm.

Through their public relation practice, Aspire Communications executes a complete range of public relations services supporting a national client base across the wide range of industry sectors. With the strengths that extend from research to strategy, to creative ideas, to execution our core capabilities go beyond the average list of PR services:

  • Brand development
  • Media relations
  • Program development
  • Communication strategies
  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing communications

  Sambandh PR & Media Management – Delhi

Among the top PR agencies of Delhi Sambandh PR is a leading full service Public Relations agency offering media relations, image management, brand management, marketing communication, digital PR, SEO and Crisis management, services to clients from diverse fields with focus on hard deliverables. They believes in providing personalised attention so as to add value to the client both quantitatively & qualitatively.

Sambandh PR sticks to its core area of specialisation – Public Relations (PR) and Media Marketing Services.They create PR strategies and PR campaigns keeping in mind what will fit into editorial scheme of things.They strongly believe in outcomes and feel best PR services and media management would not suffice, if the PR strategy evolved at the beginning has holes in it.

Media relations was an evolving thing even with print and electronic media, now with online PR, it changes even faster than the time you have taken to read it. So you need dedicated media specialist like SambandhPR to keep track of the editorial space and implement ways and means to crack the editorial space in the background of increasingly marketing driven editorial.

Sambandh PR values relationship as strong relationship with both clients and the media are integral to success of any PR firm.There is no gain saying that what is put out by the newspapers, news channels and online platforms collectively make or mar an entity or an individual’s perception or reputation.Image plays an important role in building brand and ultimately all sales and profitability of the business rests on it.,,

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