How To Create a Successful Core Team - Insights From HR Services

August 04, 2017

How To Create a Successful Core Team - Insights From HR Services

Any successful HR services provider would tell you that behind every successful business there is a committed and dedicated team which believes in your business idea. When you start a business, it is natural that you have a limited budget and a huge dream to achieve. Many of you might feel that you are in control and would be more comfortable working alone without a team to support.

It is very difficult to grow your business while learning and managing new things every day. Though there are a lot of HR Solutions for start-ups and newer HR technology in order, none of it can replace the productivity and expertise which a core team can offer you. You can just not do everything and also build your business.


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Your core team is the best investment for your time and resources as they are the ones who would be helping in laying the foundation for your business. They are also the ones who believe in your business as much as you do. However, building a core team manifests itself with a lot of challenges and struggles. It is because, with a tight budget and a huge workload, you don’t present a very lucrative or interesting career for the potential candidates.

It is very important that you present yourself the right way to the talent pool after a thorough self-analysis to get the right kind of employees for your core team. If you are wondering how; let us help you understand it better.

Find below some expert tips from leading HR services providers to help you create a successful core team for your business.

Experts tips from HR services providers to create a successful core team

The first set of employees you hire can impact the way you do your business either positively or negatively. So it is very important to put a great deal of effort in creating a successful team. Let us now uncomplicated and demystify the process of finding and creating that special core team for your start-up company which will enable and facilitate your growth in the industry.

#1. Analyze your business values

The very first step in creating a strong core team is to understand what your business stands for and the values you uphold. You should also analyze yourself and introspect about your skill sets and those that you lack. Those you lack would give you a better idea about the kind of talent pool you need to hire for your business. Also, you need to analyze if you would prefer to outsource part of the HR services rather than take it up all by yourself.

#2. Hire people who share your vision

A perfect hire is someone who can envision your dreams exactly like you. For a start-up money will not be the luring factor for potential candidates. It is thus very important to see if they can envision the business growth and understand the prospects. This would ensure a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer and also ensure a long-term relationship with them.

#3. Look at the right place for the right people

Before building your team understand the vacancies you need to fill and the job roles you want to delegate. Understanding the skill-set required and the kind of position it is going to be (entry-level, managerial or executive) will help you deduce how much of experience you require, the professional and academic background the talent pool needs to come from. You also need to go back and run down the traditional key positions you would have to fill and the responsibilities attached to their positions. Some of the key positions you need to run down would be:

CEO or the Chief Executive Officer: The highest person of authority to whom every other employee would directly or indirectly report to and leads the organizational management.

CFO or the Chief Financial Officer: Is involved in all financial decisions, data analysis, and planning.

COO or the Chief Operations Officer: Responsible for the company’s operations and all day-to-day activities and inventory management.

CMO or the Chief Marketing Officer: This is an additional role which some organizations prefer to have. This person is responsible for all marketing decisions and product development activities.

#4. Interview Procedure

To get the right answer, ask the right questions! Any HR services provider would tell you that the key to creating a successful team is in the effort you put in interviewing them. Plan about what kind of expectations you need to set and the response you are expecting out of the ideal candidate. Bear in mind, that these first set of employees are going to be the face of your company. Ensure that they are the best and fit comfortably in your organization.

#5 Training and Mentoring

After hiring the best fit for your business, equip them with the necessary skills that would enable them to perform their duties efficiently. Inducting them in the organization would enable them to understand your business better and connect with it on a personal level. Letting them know their career progression and the evaluation process is the best way to ensure job security.

During the initial phase of induction, having a more experienced employee mentor the new inductees would help them get acquainted and settled in the new organizational culture and foster effective ways of doing business.


#6 Software and Hardware Support

It might sound absurd to many, but this makes a huge impact on your employee’s morale. Ensuring that an employee has the required software and hardware support right from the day, he starts working for you sends a positive message to the employee. It shows that their productivity means something for your business and you have invested in the employee’s career in your company. This has the power to build an employee’s perception of your business and pushes them to perform better right from the beginning.

It is also a wise decision to invest in affordable HR automation software that can help you manage and monitor your team more efficiently and keep you ready for any scaling up in the future.

To conclude, creating a successful core team is all about finding the right kind of talent and keeping them happy and engaged in your business. Most HR Services providers suggest that if you can’t promise financial prospects, you should compensate in terms of job security, better career, learning, and growth prospects so that your team is not only engaged but also dedicated, loyal and ready to take up any new challenges within the organization.


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August 04, 2017

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