How To Choose Best Public Relations (PR) Agency- Answers By Catalystpr For Small Business

June 18, 2015

How To Choose Best Public Relations (PR) Agency- Answers By Catalystpr For Small Business

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PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) is the way companies, organizations and individuals communicate with media and public. PUBLIC RELATION AGENCIES communicates with the target audience through media with an aim to maintain a positive image and develop a strong relationship with the audiences.

When small business owners create a business plan they often include advertising, but completely neglect PUBLIC RELATIONS. PR services do a wonderful job to raise awareness for your business. Small businesses have a tight budget and will typically get more for their money when choosing PR over ADVERTISING.

  1. What comprises PR services?

Whether you are looking to build your business credibility and awareness with investors, gain new customers or be seen as an industry expert, PR SERVICES can help you achieve your goals.

PR SERVICES are utilized by several small businesses who want to create a better image of themselves in the public.

We act as mediators between client and the media on the editorial side. The services include:

  • Press releases
  • Press meet
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Media conferences
  • Company and product launches
  • Media communications campaigns
  1. What is generally the cost for availing PR services?

Having your PR services OUTSOURCED significantly reduces the cost when compared to in-house PR department. In fact, small and medium sized companies cannot afford to hire PR professionals/team hence, the only wise option is to hire outside PR services which can help you boost your business. The costing for outsourcing PR services varies as per the client requirements. It is approximately, between INR 25k – 1 Lac.

3. Which is a good option, In-house PR or Outsourcing the same?

Most of the small business decides to outsource PR SERVICES; the primary reason to do so is cost. It includes numerous tasks such as communication with the public, media campaigns, presentations, events etc. which could be time consuming and expensive to build own PR department within the company. You will require dedicated PR professionals to get your work done, not just one or two but you may require having a team to do the job. Plus they should be great with their networking skills. Small businesses should hire a PUBLIC RELATION AGENCY when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations through media. A good PR agency will analyze the organization, find the positive messages and translate those into positive media stories.
4. What are the Benefits of availing PR services?

PUBLIC RELATIONS COMPANIES are professionals who have the knowledge and skills to communicate with the public and media. The key to success is to attract public attention in this increasingly competitive world. Also, they know how to respond in critical situations and protect their client’s public image and reputations. The benefits of hiring PR services are:

  1. An increase in awareness of your business that could help in proportional growth and more revenue
  2. It provides a comprehensive financial picture about your business to banks, financial institutions, and other institutions & aspects involved with the business
  3. It helps to convince new dealers, traders, agents and to sustain old ones
  4. It helps to promote goodwill and creates a sense of esteem among your employees
  5. Due to its growing publicity, it is easy for an organization to recruit people
  6. It indirectly helps to promote the sales of your product
  7. It helps you raise a step above your competitors

5. What to look for when selecting a company which is into different PR services?

Whom you hire to carry out PR for you, of course it matters a lot in the overall effect of the PR CAMPAIGN.  When you will be choosing between many PR firms, you are therefore recommended to pay attention to the below mentioned tips:

1. The company should have vast experience in handling PR services, especially with the publicity of similar products/services to whose publicity the client is looking for.

2. It should have well experienced copywriters and translators to create English & Tamil press releases, the trump card of the outreach procedures.

3. It should be aware of the changes that take place in almost all departments, and in accordance should help you create news about your businesses.

4. It should leverage its contacts in the media effectively to give your business a cutting edge over its competition.


About Catalystpr    

Catalystpr is a leading PUBLIC RELATION AGENCY in Chennai and South India that focuses on to deliver prolific PR Consultancy services for the augmentation of the clients image amongst the public. The agency also offers customized services and solutions on media relations, press release dissemination, media conference and web medias.


Mr.Ramkumar Singaram  is a PR professional at Catalystpr, taking care of varied client requisites related to PR. With in-depth experience in the diverse field, Mr. Ramkumar Singaram has effectively build relationships with more than 400 clients in India.


June 18, 2015

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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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