Hire Ecommerce Experts To Create The Most Functional Ecommerce Store

November 14, 2016

Hire Ecommerce Experts To Create The Most Functional Ecommerce Store

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Why Companies Should Be Doing Business Online?????   To be online or not to be!!! An average growth of e-commerce is around 25 % per year. 81% of small businesses that have an online presence during last year reached new customers, leading to an increase in sales and profitability. 35% of small businesses with a web presence and fewer than 25 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online.

If this does not convince you to take your business online, below are pointed out important reasons why you should start doing business online right now.

  • Web serves as a perfect venue for business
  • Company awareness
  • New economy trend to flourish
  • Offers better customer support
  • Offers to do business globally, 24/7
  • An easy way to provide information to the customers

Now a days, having your business in the digital space to join a vast number of entities, both big and small, already there. Going online means getting a bigger and wider market to tap into. It also breaks you free from any geographical restrictions and lets even those market be accessed which your business could not earlier.


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In this day and age, your business card is your WEBSITE.  When people hear of your company or wish to seek further information on it, they want to do so on their own time, it’s online. From there they can e-mail you with questions, or place an order if you offer products online as well. In fact, with the amount of trade that can be achieved through a website, it’s no wonder that so many brick-&-mortar small businesses have made the jump to e-commerce.


The decision to launch an Ecommerce Store for a business owner has gone from “if” to “when,” in just a decade. However, the expectations of your average site visitor have also changed in that time. Cheap, homemade websites are no longer acceptable. The site you create for your business is a stamp on its credibility; therefore, the process of designing and launching one must be taken seriously and considered to be an earnest business investment.

If you were to invest in new equipment, new vehicles or even new employees for your business, you would take the time necessary to seek out the best, most cost-effective, most-qualified selection. You certainly wouldn’t buy the first truck you saw at the dealership, or hire the first person who walked into your office. The same time and care must be taken when choosing a ecommerce company.

Top Reasons To Hire Ecommerce Expert Company For Your Ecommerce Store





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  • Ecommerce expert company offers you with proper decision making on the design, Functionality which ease up the customer experience while surfing your website.
  • Due to good number of experience in handling ecommerce websites, these experts helps you in understanding your needs properly and offer you with your dream online store.
  • Ecommerce store specialist or expert team helps you in providing proper number of resources after analysis of your requirements; proper project timelines and phases with perfect methodology that allow you with best results in the given time frame.
  • Hiring a ecommerce expert company compare to freelancer avoids project failures and it ensure you with long term support even after the website is live.
  • A professional ecommerce company like “LeoMetric” helps you in offering end to end solution, from designing, coding, training, support till SEO (Search Ending optimization) ensuring high sales and customer satisfaction.



Image result for tips icon     Here are Top 5 tips to find the right ecommerce company, and what to expect when launching an ecommerce store for your business.

1. Don’t Race To Find Ecommerce Developer For Your Ecommerce Store

What’s the rush? Finding the right ecommerce company is like finding the right architect to build a new business office. The time you spend looking at websites, asking friends and colleagues, and viewing portfolios is well worth it if you consider what it would cost to rebuild your site with someone else when the designer you hastily hired fails to meet your needs.

2. Should I Use An Independent Ecommerce Expert Or Hire An E-commerce Firm?

Independent programmers may be less expensive, but you’re limited to receiving only the service that particular programmer is skilled in. If you decide to add a component to your site that your programmer can’t develop for you, you’ll have to pay someone else to do it. Most design firms employ programmers of all capabilities in order to meet customer requests, and their services are part of the deal when you hire the firm.

3. Understand What Your Are Paying For

Determining the look and feel of your ecommerce store design and actually building the site are two different processes of launching a site. Be sure to understand what’s included in your contract and what’ll cost extra. If you wish to add an e-newsletter sign-up, will it cost more? Will you be charged for every e-commerce transaction? What will it cost to accept credit-card payments on your site? These are the questions you need to ask when negotiating prices and deliverable because you may be responsible for handling some of this on your own.


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4. Imagine Your Ecommerce Website As A Store Front

If you were to build a brick-&-mortar business on main street, you will: 1) find the right contractor; 2) have an idea of how you want your business to look and what you want it to contain; 3) expect the project to take time; and 4) be prepared for set-backs in scheduling. These are the same responsibilities and obstacles you will encounter while designing your business’s website.

5. Get Things In Writing

As with any other business partnership, you must get everything in writing. This means going beyond the initial contract you and your designer sign. Keep notes during meetings and save every e-mail and written communication. There may be times when things are decided during “casual” meetings, such as when certain site elements will be completed, or something as simple as adding a graphic or two. By tracking these conversations, you’ll have a record to return to if things go off track or off schedule.


Image result       Benefits Of Hiring An Expert Ecommerce Company For Your Ecommerce Store


  • Enhanced business
  • Better visibility in the search engines
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Multiple web store management through single backend
  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Comprehensive online store


LeoMetric Technology     Why Hire LeoMetric For Your Ecommerce Store?

LeoMetric Technology is an Indian company that helps Startups, SMEs and Enterprises achieve their business goals by defining their mobile-based business initiatives and helping them gather benefits from the latest technologies in this space.

With the years of experience in ecommerce development, they have built incredible experience of managing magento platform. Their ecommerce development solutions have helped all size of organizations from setting up their online business to expand reach and visibility. With an expert team of ecommerce developers, they offer you a complete stack of ecommerce solutions starting from eCommerce implementation to migration and maintenance.

LeoMetric Technology is focused on addressing the opportunities and challenges enterprises face with the dynamic mobility landscape and rapidly changing technology. Their 35+ strong Mobility Excellence Team is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions in UI/UX design, App development, Mobile strategy, Cloud solutions and large-scale deployments.

They are working on all major platforms with special emphasis on Android, iOS and Hybrid, we have built more than 60+ successful applications for a diverse portfolio of global clients in the real estate, retail, fitness, education, medical, Manufacturing and energy verticals. They help enterprises improve their internal business efficiency while enabling them in largely enhancing external customer engagements.


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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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