Content Marketing Services - The Future Marketing For Small Businesses

December 11, 2015

Content Marketing Services - The Future Marketing For Small Businesses

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There are lots of smaller businesses who are mastering the art of content marketing and using it to win fans and customers. They are proving that you don’t have to in the big leagues to reach a vast audience and build real relationships with customers.
importance of content marketing
They are writing blogs, interacting with customers through social media, creating videos and even designing infographics. Most importantly, companies who are doing content marketing well understand it requires a commitment. They know it takes time, resources, organizational support and talent in order to get the job done right.

A whopping 75 % of customers prefer to get information about a company from content rather than through advertising. 77 % of small businesses are investing in content marketing methodologies to convert online visitors into customers.

How Content Marketing Can Help Small Businesses and Push The Sales Process?

That blog post you wrote just wrote, it could be your key to landing new clients. Here’s why.

Let’s guess: you met with your potential client, they asked questions, you answered them well, you shook hands and headed back to your office where you wrote a nicely worded follow-up email that closed with, “If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me”.


Guess what? That’s exactly what the other four people who also met with your potential client said in their emails.

With that stock-standard email, you missed a great opportunity to stand out, demonstrate your expertise and build more trust.

You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of content marketing in attracting customers, but one of the little-known and most powerful abilities of content marketing is to help in the later stages of the sales process.

“When meeting with potential clients, every question they ask can be turned into a piece of content. “

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When meeting with potential clients, every question they ask can be turned into a piece of content. If it is a question that’s been asked before, then hopefully – if you have a blog up and running – you will already have some related content in the bank. During the meeting, you should make a note of pieces of content you’ve written that align to questions being asked or topics being discussed.

Then, when you return to your desk post-meeting, include links to useful website content in the closing statement of your follow-up email.

It happened like this, in a client meeting the other day was asked whether testimonials should be included on their site. We spoke to them about how they should be, but that most businesses find it hard to obtain decent ones. We spoke briefly about the approach to writing awesome testimonials and promised a link to the blog post – How to write awesome testimonials.

“I love the name of the blog post,” was the client’s response. I guarantee they clicked on the link in the follow-up email you sent them and have read the blog post.

The beauty of this approach is that if you are a business that is shy about giving away all your secrets to the public through your content, then you can create pieces of content that are only ever sent to potential clients – specifically crafted to demonstrate your expertise, build trust and move the prospective client closer to choosing you.

Want to boost up your sales process? Checkout our below mentioned top content marketing vendors

If you get asked lots of questions and don’t have a piece of content for each one then there’s no better time to start writing.

content marketing buying

What Content Marketing Methods are Working for Small Businesses

  • Email Marketing – 80% of small businesses are converting online visitors to customers utilizing e-newsletters.
  • Articles – 78% of small businesses are converting online visitors to customers by publishing articles online.
  • Image Sharing – 75% of small businesses are converting online visitors to customers by sharing photos and illustrations online.
  • Videos – 74% of small businesses are converting online visitors to customers by publishing videos online.
.SeoWave | One-Stop Digital MarketingMaximus Leads- Content Marketing service provider from Pune
Maximus Leads is leading digital marketing agency, with a proven record for delivering results and new business for our clients. It specializes in:

  • Custom web solutions
  •  Website design & implementation
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Content marketing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Social strategies and conversion optimization

Their professionals understand the depth of target audience, touching untapped markets that gives a boost to existing commercial scenario. By working with us you can get the most of an experienced and talented team that are dedicated to enhance your brand awareness through Concept designing for generating maximum convertible leads.

SME Joinup recommends MaximusLeads because it understands that the greatest content ever written won’t provide much value for your company if no one can find it. Promotion is just as important for content marketing as the content creation is because the more eyeballs you can get on your content the more likely it is to earn natural links. As a full service content marketing client, they takes your unique content and distribute it across a variety of mediums to reach more of your target audience.
 Click n Join- Content Marketing service provider from Mumbai Established in the year 2015, Click n Join is here with a mission to enhance the value of your Brand and reach out to your customers in today’s modern era of Digitalization which is now also known to us as Digital Marketing. Good business needs strong introduction. The company is here to serve from emerging to established brands in various industries.
 To learn more about Click n Join and their latest news, click here.
Their client list include names like: Gangamani Fashion, E-classified, Property Walk, Laiba, Real Hub, Shaadi Plan,  Adizsoft Technologies, MAKGEO Tech. SME Joinup have known and worked with Click n Join, and recommends small businesses for their content marketing services because it is done with a complete different perspective. It believes that if you have to “say something, say it well and say it often”.
EWALL Ewall Solutions – Content management service provider from Chennai
EWALL Solutions Private Limited, is a web development solution company in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. They have an excellent client base across the globe in SME segment. The company has a work force of professionals who are engaged in a variety of International web assignments. EWALL Solutions have professionals in providing
Open Source Technology solutions.
Beyond clients who have repeatedly sought out EWALL Solutions’s services, the company’s commitment to provide quality service is further confirmed by our continuous growth.
EWALL Solutions offers solutions that encompass Content Management/marketing, Educational apps, E-Commerce, Extension Development, Social Networking apps, Intranet & Extranet and CRM. SME Joinup recommends EWall solutions for your content marketing and management work because  it provide content management and search capabilities for over 35 languages, including the right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. A robust full text search engine supports metadata and keyword searches, and returns results based on the user’s access permissions.
Branding Services Bangalore  Design Juice – Content Marketing service provider from Bengaluru
DESIGN JUICE has a flavor of creativity, pinch of ingenuity, dollop of skills, heaps of imagination garnished with professionalism and blended with technology. DESIGN JUICE is a leading provider of offshore creative services with a focus on the Design and Web development. Their services include – Web development, Website design, Development of sales and marketing collateral, Development of corporate identity, Branding, Digital Marketing, SEO, Logo and other graphic design services.
To read their latest updates and news, click here.
Their customers include software companies, advertising agencies, health care organization and associations, hospitals, architects, enterprises, traveling, builders and developers and SMEs.
To read their latest blogs, click here.
The fragments of creative thought flows are consciously channeled by keystrokes and clicks to give a tangible form.They are a different kind of design consultants. They create experiences and communicate valuable ideas.

SME Joinup believes in Design Juice services because it  produces, publishes, distributes and advertises content that delivers real value to visitors and establishes your business as an expert in your niche. By consistently publishing high quality content, we bring potential customers close to your business.

Digimethods Digi Methods- Content Marketing service provider from Bengaluru

Work with them and soon you will start seeing DIGI METHODS as an extension of your in house marketing team. They have done this for a while now so we do not take a very long time to understand your business, your marketplace and the way you manage all your interactions with your clients and customers.

Backed with an in-house team of marketing professionals and developers, they are always looking out for latest technology in the digital sphere. They will keep you one step ahead of your competitors and develop solutions that will meet your ever changing marketing needs.

What their client says about them:

“I like three things in you guys. Reliability, flexibility and more importantly freshness in the ideas. I wish you all the best.” – Manjunath Bhatta, Director. Soukhayada Healthcare For more testimonials, read here

Want to give your business exposure …outsourcing content marketing service is the best option
SME Joinup has lined up best of the content marketing service providers for the small businesses in India. Content marketing is the back bone of any online marketing campaign that helps your business give maximum exposure by scoring you links, page ranking and of course generating revenue.
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Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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