Cloud IVR - Why SME's/Start-ups Stand To Gain the Most from It

December 22, 2015

Cloud IVR - Why SME

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We keep getting regular queries regarding Cloud IVR tools and technology. Most of the time we find many SMEs and start-ups confused about how to gain the most from a cloud IVR system and what are its basic use in their business? So, we decided to write this post to offer a critical insight about this amazing technology all along making available the information of some affordable systems of our vendors here.

Nowadays, IVR has become an essential tool to run businesses smartly! Thousands of SMEs like you are relying on cloud IVR platform to automate businesses virtually anytime, anywhere. Basically, this technology allows you to stay connected with all your customers and clients 24/7, 365 days in a year via a computer and telephone system.

Whenever, a caller call on telephone numbers of your office, IVR computer system start recording his voice with answering promptly for initial queries. Basically, this system makes possible the delivery of high quality call center services to your customers at affordable cost.

Though, before rushing to purchase a cloud IVR system, it’s better to understand, how a cloud IVR system works? Mostly, a cloud based service can be connected easily to the regular telephone line and you can stay connected to your clients and customers from anywhere. It is cost effective too as is managed in the cloud and you need not to invest in the development of any other physical system.

What are the common uses of cloud IVR?

Earlier, IVR was limited to account balance inquiries and finding some stores locations but now you can use it to stay connected with the customers and clients easily. If you are in online business, it will act as great tool for customer satisfaction. It keeps track of all calls and makes caller identification and routing simple and easy. You just need to get a virtual number to display and soon you will start getting business leads calls on it. IVR systems are user friendly and can be used by any average person with no technical knowledge.

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How Cloud IVR Services Can Benefit You?

If you are a startup or SME with limited budget, this technique can make your life easier in many ways:


  • It stores voice mails and massages from thousands of perspective business clients and customers easily.
  • If you are a startup in e retailing, the advantages of this technology are more, as it saves you from a higher investment required in hiring customer support staff to handle customers efficiently for their satisfaction.
  • It protects you from a long series of challenges that you face during managing a call center.
  • Despite the fact that cloud IVR tool is very efficient in handling customers, it also reduces many other expenses too.
  • It is the best way to segregate callers as per their queries and transfer them to the concerned department or person directly rather than wasting time of other employees and resources as well.
  • Cloud IVR scalability is easy because it is a wireless system with no hardware for adding or removing from a system. It is simply a web based services which is easy to operate and make changes with many advanced features which varies system wise.
  • For a cloud IVR solution, you can select any plan as per your current business needs and easily shift to other, when business requirements changed.
  • This system makes you able to deliver high- level customer support with no extra burden on your budget.
  • It helps you to cut down bad customer response and enhance your performance as well. You can track the callers’ record with their location, numbers and time etc. and can make employee scheduling accordingly.
  • You can also keep record of your employees’ performance and identify the problems areas.
  • Cloud IVR solutions are better than traditional IVR solutions as they can be personalized with added features as per your business needs.
  • The data and information provided by this system is mostly error free, as it is generated automatically with no manual intervention from anybody.


If you are wondering for a new IVR system for your business, contact to team and feel free to get more information about any of the following described vendors:


 Variforrm Solutions

It is one of the top cloud IVR vendors with us. Its package starts from 10000 and best suited for rapidly growing SMEs and startups! Its name describes it better as it stands on the meaning of two words. “Vari” stands for “various” and “form” describes “forms”. It means it offers business solutions in various forms and business owners can choose any of them as per their requirements. This service provider company was started in 2010 and growing rapidly with delivery of effective business solutions to others in the areas like website design, bulks SMS and many other modern branding solutions. Notably, the team works at Variforrm is full of energy and committed to deliver best solutions to solve their clients’ problems.


  Big V Telecom

Under same budget, you can checkout Big V Telecom IVR cloud system! Its YOCC product will help you to develop your own trusted call center at low cost and delivers key information which will help to improve business operations. If you choose this product, your entire organization communication lines can be directed to a single number. YOCC can generate caller report automatically and you to make a database of your perspective clients easily. YOCC can also help you in future advertisement campaigns and to reach more number of potential customers.

The company is one of the oldest IVR solutions providers in India and known for delivering a wide range of strong, efficient and customizable telephonic technology at affordable prices to ensure faster business growth. Its product YOCC is high selling customized IVR solution which is used by thousands of organizations to enable seamless business opportunity easily.  Principally, this company aims to power the traditional industries make telephony solutions affordable and adaptable for all traditional industries. Big V was launched by Keshor Daga in 2008 to provide call centers’ facility to all small and big enterprises through advanced telephony technology. Since its launch, the company has proved that it could be a good partner to convert business opportunities into profit.


If you are a startup and a single penny matters you, choose Ozonetel! You can get this system for just Rs. 900 to avail some limited services! It can be a great support system to run a call centre within a limited budget. The service provider company is a leading name in the Indian SMEs industry and helps to develop cost effective communication setup. Murthy Chintalapati, Atul Sharma, Chaitanya Chokkareddy and Rajiv Bharathan are key members in its top management team.


Knowlarity, India’s first and biggest communication technology provider cloud based IVR system lets your clients or customers calls route directly to the right person. This could be a best solution for early e- business startups as it will give impression on customers that you have a well established infrastructure and you work professionally and efficiently. It could be a great support system for marketing and sales in the industries like real estate, hospitality and others as it makes easy to transfer calls directly to the concerned person and get customers feedback.

Knowlarity was started in 2009 with a few engineers who worked hard to achieve a common aim. As a result of their efforts, today Knowlarity has became one of the most successful IVR provider companies in India and supported by the world best venture capitalists like Mayfield Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Its headquartered is in Singapore with an extended network in more than 65 countries.

Here is what Knowlarity’s customers say:

With Knowlarity, we have dramatically improved our customer experience because of the real-time feedback we now get.

Soumyadeep Barman, Director, FAASO’S

“We are very happy with Knowlarity’s ability to deliver on time and suggest solutions to make the best use of their products.

Shruti Garg, Chief Manager – Client Engagement, Times Group

At last, cloud IVR technology is handier and make easy for business owners to stay connected with the people from around the world.  If you are not using a cloud IVR tool, it means there are 100% chances of losing potential customers and perspective clients. So, hurry up! Select any of the above mentioned IVR cloud packages as per your business needs and keep a record of all business leads with no hassle.







Connect with Service Provider

Get connected within 24 hours to pre-screened, trustworthy and small business friendly service providers for Services in top Indian cities

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