Branding Tips for your Business from Top Branding Services Companies

May 12, 2017

Branding Tips for your Business from Top Branding Services Companies

Do I need the help of a branding services company? How much of branding does my business require? Are these some questions on your mind right now? Fret not, you have landed on the right page. Branding is a very vast concept and depending on how much of it is required for your business and how much your business can afford to invest on, there are various branding services in India which can help you ease your worries pertaining to strategic branding.


Branding is essential for big and small businesses alike. As top branding services in India would rightly point out, branding doesn’t essentially require too much of investment and you can do a lot even with a small budget if you strategize and plan it effectively.


There is a research which points that almost 75% of all purchasing decisions are based on psychological factors and brand perception. You must know how to create your brand image and position your business brand in such a way that it forms the right kind of perception among your consumers and the target audience. For this, you must first define your business clearly and efficiently to yourself, to your internal and external stakeholders and your customers. The benefits of a strategic branding are too much to be ignored as such. Considering the fact that brand building doesn’t work overnight and needs meticulous planning, let us look at few tips that would help you in effectively handling your business branding and making it a success.


Branding Services Company Offers Tips for your Business


In the first step to brand your business effectively you need to review and understand your products and offerings completely. You need to check how to connect with your target audience on an emotional level.

1.    Consider your business as a person

Your business should be considered a real live person with a unique set of traits, attributes, values, beliefs and purpose of existence. When you start the process of strategic branding, it is important that you connect with your business first and understand what works in your business, what is unique and where can it be improved. This initial SWOT analysis can help you target your branding strategy effectively. Think of it as making a friend. Wouldn’t you want to know the traits of the person you are befriending or getting to know?


2.    Build your Community not your Advertising Bill

It is often observed that during the process of branding, the first thing one does to their business is advertising. A Huge amount of advertising and promotion is just useful for promoting your brand and doesn’t help in improving your customer’s perception of your business. Instead, a better branding strategy would be to build your brand’s community both online and offline. It can be your Facebook page, your business blog, or a discussion forum on LinkedIn. You just have to understand your target audience and create a community on a social platform they frequently visit. These are great ways to connect with them personally and improve their perception towards your brand.


  1. Colour Scheme and Logo

This is a very important part of consumer behaviour which impacts your branding strategy. Your brand website colour scheme, logo, and tagline say a lot about your business. Your colour scheme plays a vital role in your customer’s memory and perception of your business. The human brain is designed to connect with images, colours and other visual aids better than textual ones. That is probably the first thing human brain records before understanding anything about a business. You can connect with your target audience better with the right kind of colour coding. There is a colour to invoke a certain kind of emotion from your audience. Red for passion or vigour, black for mystery, white for purity; the list is endless. Taking help from a branding services company for start-ups will help you demystify this concept and build your brand image better.


4.    Create a Voice for your Business

Ever wondered how some successful brands make their communication impactful and compelling for their audience? What you communicate to your audience is important but even more important is how you do it. Setting the right tone and message is crucial in the strategic branding process


5.    Maintaining Consistency

Maintain your tone and consumer experience throughout and ensure it is always consistent. Mixing up messages and tone often confuses your audience and they lose trust in your business. In other words, they tend to get confused about what your brand actually represents. You must ensure that every aspect of your brand image is consistent and remains the same in the eyes of your consumers and is designed to give the same user experience every time. Consistency should not only be restricted to the tone, products, and services but also to the logo, color coding, aesthetic appearance of the web page, marketing materials and everything else pertaining to the brand.

6.    Support some Cause or View

Often, a business with a strong brand image is seen to promote a certain social cause or support a viewpoint. This helps the business in connecting with the customers emotionally by sharing their views and opinions. You must ensure that your business does something to back the opinion or standpoint to improve credibility and brand perception. Customers who feel that your business shares their opinion and viewpoint, tend to be more loyal and connect with your business better.


7.    Provide Value to your Customers

By this, we don’t essentially mean low price or discounts and offers. In fact, your customers don’t actually fall for that! Ensure that whatever you promise your customers, you deliver. It can be anything from a unique product, process excellence, service satisfaction, competitive price or anything else under the sun which could help you establish your brand perception in your customer’s mind. You emotionally connect with your audience when you deliver whatever you promise them.

Branding services for start-ups can prove to be very effective way of establishing your business and should never be ignored. A well planned and executed branding strategy can do wonders for your business and your customer perception.



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May 12, 2017

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